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Storm Racing Drone SRD280 v5 Review


The 5th generation of the SRD280 Racing drone seems to be a real beast. With better specifications and overall components, Storm Racing Drone SRD280 v5 can be the perfect FPV racer. All the components and the carbon fiber frame are high-end features that ensure that the new SRD280 can be as fast as possible.

Overall looking drone racing is another league in the world of quadcopters. Is more like a DIY hobby, where you can upgrade the components or any other electronic parts of your drone. The goal is to be as lightweight and as fast as possible.

Storm Racing Drone SRD280 v5

Storm Racing Drone SRD280 v5 is more likely a BNF (Bind and Fly) drone kit than an RTF (Ready To Fly) one. It means that in the initial package you won’t find an RC controller, battery and charger. You have to purchase them separately and bind them with the SRD280 to obtain the performances you would like to have. More battery power means more agile behavior from the higher torque rate of the engine.

Storm Racing Drone SRD280 v5 is not only a beautiful looking racing quad but also a well built FPV racer. Let’s see in detail what lies under the hood, or in this case the canopy of this unique quadcopter.

In the Box

  • Fully Assembled SRD280
  • 6pcs CW HQ 6 x 4 2-blade propeller
  • 6pcs CCW HQ 6 x 4 2-blade propeller
  • Battery mat
  • Storm lipo strap
  • Storm neoprene landing pads
  • 3-in-1 Multi-nut Wrench (10mm / 8mm / 5.5mm)
  • SRD280 Stickers (Black and White)


The 5th version of SRD28 looks as good as the predecessors. Storm Racing Drone SRD280 v5 is truly a good looking machine. The futuristic design is part of the package. The canopy which is the main aspect of the look isn’t just a design element. It is part of the carbon fiber frame. You can pop up the hood easily to have access to the components of the drone. This solution of opening the cover is unique, you don ‘t notice at other drones.

Storm Racing Drone SRD280 v5 is lightweight than his predecessor. It measures only 459 grams. The light structure is very important at the racing drones, like in any other race sport. You gain more speed with less baggage to carry. The 6-inch propellers enhance the speed performance too.

On the arms, the LED light colors are changeable manually with simple DIP switches. Another interesting aspect is that the canopy is fully customizable. You initially get 2 decals out of the box, but you can purchase some extra stickers or paint it yourself. Storm Racing Drone SRD280 v5 can have thus a really unique design.


  • Matek F405-STD Flight Controller
  • FCHUB-6S W/ Current sensor, BEC 5V & 10V
  • Storm M2306 Updraft Cooling™ Motor (2200kv)
  • T-Motor F 30A V2 2-4S ESC BLHeli_S w/ Dshot
  • RunCam Swift 2 HS1177 FPV CCD Camera (600TVL)
  • Storm FX799T 5.8Ghz 200mw VTX
  • TBS TRIUMPH-STUB 5.8Ghz RHCP Antenna
  • HQ 6 x 4.5 2-Blade Propeller

Specifications & Features

Storm Racing Drone SRD280 v5 has absolutely high-end components under the hood.
The Storm M2306 2200kv Updraft Cooling™ brushless motors are powerful parts of the quadcopter. The unique cooling system gives to the motors an optimal operating temperature. The cool air from the bottom of the motor is sucked in and being propulsed to the upper portion, where it leaves. In this manner, the inner structure of the motors is chilled.

When you open the hood you will gain access to the flight controller module, the current sensor, and the 30A BLHeli_S ESC (Electronic Speed Controller). Also under the hood, you will find the 200mw VTX (Video Transmitter) module that works on a 5.8 GHz frequency for a better signal. On the edge of the canopy, you will notice the TBS Triumph antenna that also works on 5.8 GHz frequency.

Storm Racing Drone SRD280 v5 owns a RunCam CCD camera with a tiltable angle. It works great in any environment both at daylight and at low light conditions. The FPV feed is leg free, the transmission brings you clear images, fuzzy video transmissions are not tolerated in this range of racing drones.

SRD280 v5 has a large battery compartment. You can swap in 3S and 4S LiPo batteries, from a range of 1800mah to 2200mah in the 3S case and from 1300mah to 1800mah in the 4S case according to your flight performance needs.

Flight Performance

Storm Racing Drone SRD280 v5 in the air works perfectly as a race drone should be. It is easy to maneuver and has accurate handling capabilities. The pitch and roll axis is greatly balanced. The gravity center is positioned in the middle for perfect handling, even for freestyle pilots. You can make quick and sharp turns with the new SRD280.

The agile nature of the SRD280 is enhanced with the BetaFlight parameters form the manufacturer. This unique tuning contains three flight modes and three-speed rates. It is a perfect approach of use form the beginner to the expert pilot.

The angle mode is for beginner pilots. The quadcopter is leveling itself for a calmer behavior. In horizon mode, the angle limitation is not so obvious, you can do flips with full stick movement. In rate mode, the full control is on your hands. You can do flips and acrobatic movements with no angle limitation nor auto leveling.

Other than that there are three-speed rates, from low, medium to high, you can try out your piloting skills and exercise to be one of the best-skilled drone racing pilots.


The fifth generation of Storm Racing Drone SRD280 is a beautiful piece of design. With its unique look definitely will stir up some interesting remarks from the opponents. Storm Racing Drone SRD280 v5 is not only good looking but also agile and fast. You can customize the look, the components, you can add up a powerful battery, but in the box, you will have the Storm settings, the BetaFlight tuning and other Storm factors that make this quadcopter unique.

Paired with goggles this FPV racer can be a great fun to play with in any environment with any expertise level. If you are a beginner to drone racing here is a quick 101 in order to have a solid ground to start with.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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storm-racing-drone-srd280-v5-review The 5th generation of the SRD280 Racing drone seems to be a real beast. With better specifications and overall components, Storm Racing Drone SRD280 v5 can be the perfect FPV racer. All the components and the carbon fiber frame are high-end features that ensure that...



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