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Syma X8 Pro Quadcopter Review

Syma X8 Pro

Syma X8 Pro Quadcopter Review

With more than 10 years of experience, Syma shows us that it is not in vain to be among the market leaders in terms of the drones world. Innovations are the basis of a major status when you want your name to be known in the world. This is why Syma has earned its well-deserved place in the leading manufacturers of flying gadgets, so now in this Syma X8 Pro quadcopter review we will present one of the most suitable drones for beginners and why not for kids.


Even if it looks like other well-known drone models, the X8 Pro is somehow unique. Made of plastic like most of the drones, the X8 Pro can be bought in two versions red or white. Made of lightweight materials, the Syma X8 Pro has a total weight of 2.1kg with battery. It measures 50 x 50 x 19cm assembled, indicating a fairly large drone, yet you will see how simple it is to use it.

Alongside each arm there is a LED, red and green, indicating the head and tail of the drone.


Design and Built-in

Syme X8 Pro Quadcopter will capture your attention from first sight. It has a unique professional design that makes it outstand the other drones at a similar price. Due to its sleeker and stylish design X8, Pro is one of the most flexible drones. It is perfect not only for beginners but also for more experienced users. 

The drone is made of high-quality ABS plastic that will offer it a longer resistance. It will also make the drone survive the small impacts that might occur. Also, you can enjoy flying this drone in darker areas also. The drone is equipped with some bright LED lights that will help you identify it easily. Syma X8 Pro Quadcopter is also well protected by its landing legs. They will offer a smooth take-off and landing to the drone. They will also protect the drone’s camera and the bottom side of it as well. 


Here’s what you will find in the Syma X8 Pro package:

  • Syma X8 Pro quadcopter without the camera
  • FPV camera
  • Remote control
  • Charger
  • Four propeller and propeller guards
  • SD card reader
  • Battery
  • Screwdriver and a small wrench
  • User manual

The X8 Pro is an improved version of Syma X8 SW, where it remained the same:

  • Camera: 720p video and 1 MP photos
  • Height control
  • Headless flight mode
  • A battery of 7.4 Volts of 2000mAh
  • Platform and dimensions

After all, let’s see what’s new with the Syma X8 Pro

The first and most important thing, we have GPS. The precision and safety will be the first, so the X8 Pro is able to return to the starting point with the help of the GPS with a single touch of a button, also in case of losing signal.

Another change from the previous model, the flight distance is improved. If the X8 SW has only 70 meters, the X8 Pro can reach 150 and 300 meters.

The simplicity with which you can use Syma X8 Pro is incredible, so it’s recommended for beginners, and even for kids under the supervision of an adult can learn the secrets of flying the drones. This may also be due to the fact that the Syma X8 Pro can be used with the smartphone via the available app.

X8 Pro Specs

Battery and flight time. 

One of the things that makes this drone so special is its modular elegant batteries. They have a very futuristic design being not only easier to use but also safer. Syma X8 Pro comes along with a 7.4V battery with a capacity of 2000mAh. It is a great battery that will offer you a continuous flight time of around 15 minutes. Therefore, if you are interested in a longer flight time we recommend you purchase more batteries. 

As we can see the Syma X8 Pro Quadcopter offers a great flight time. And by comparing it with the other drones at a similar price, this one is one of the best. Having a good flight time makes it a perfect drone for beginners, offering them a great time in practicing their piloting skills.


  • GPS
  • Stability
  • Can carry an action camera


  • No Gimbal
  • Brushed Motors

Syma X8 Pro Quadcopter offers a smooth and easy to control flight experience. The drone is very responsive to the commands offered by its remote controller. The only downside is that it features brushed motors. Brushed motors are good and they are doing their job, but are not as good as the brushless ones. 

A great aspect when it comes to flying this drone is that it has some intelligent flight modes. Intelligent flight modes are a great help for every drone user, offering better control over the drone. Follow me mode is one of these modes. Simply activate this mode and the drone will start following an abject at your choice. It will also maintain a decent distance from it. 

The flight path is another interesting mode that will make the drone follow a path designed by its user. The great thing about this mode is that the user can focus better on capturing the best footage. Without worrying about controlling the drone at all. X* pro has also many other impressive features such as: return home, automatic landing and take off, and many other very helpful features.

The maximum control range of this drone is 200 meters. It is a great range, similar to the ranges offered by the drones at a similar budget.

Those who have little experience will take about 1 minute to assemble this drone, this is again in the PRO category for those who are looking for an easy to assemble and ready to fly as fast as a possible drone. The remote control is also easy to use but it is advisable to read the user manual.

In the end

It will be hard to find a better drone at this price than the Syma X8 Pro, with GPS also included and its great quality. The aerial photos will not disappear too soon and with the X8 Pro, you have the opportunity to practice and take advantage of the simplicity and quality of this gadget.

If you want to purchase the Syma X8 Pro Quadcopter, you can find it on Amazon.


Question: What is the warranty period for this product and how does one contact support? (Not found on the manufacturer’s website or product manual)

Answer: Well unfortunately you and Mister Google are going to have to dig real deep No Doubt it’s going to have a street address in feng shui China or something similar luckily I haven’t had to worry about that.

Question:Will it work with my android tablet?

Answer: It’ll work on any android operating system. Depending on size of tablet it may not fit in holder but android will run it

Question: Can this drone carry a 1 lb payload?

Answer: I would say not likely. It may be able to lift it, but is programed to hover at its current weight. It can be trimmed to a certain degree, but I doubt that much. 

Question: Can you purchase parts? I need the caps to keep the blades on.

Answer: Yes on the SYMA web site.

Question: What is the difference between syma gps fpv rc drone vs syma x8pro gps rc drone. they look and sound like the same.

Answer: they are the same products, why the price is different. as one of the asin with lower reviewer record, so we plan to Clearance.

Help this answer can help you.

thanks very much!

Question: Q. can I use a tablet in stead of a smart phone

Answer: Yes you can. You will find a clip on top of the handheld remote. It nicely holds a smartphone though. If you have a partner to hold the iPad though you both should have fun watching the video.

Question: Can this drone carry a 1 lb payload?

Answer: no

Question: How well does the drone fly in medium to mild wind is it worth while if i may ask?

Answer: That all depends upon your skill level. Now if you’re considered an Ace like me mild winds are no problem. However I would not recommend flying in winds over 7 mph unless of course you have a lot of spare cash for spare parts. Pun intended.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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syma-x8-pro-quadcopter-review Syma X8 Pro Quadcopter Review With more than 10 years of experience, Syma shows us that it is not in vain to be among the market leaders in terms of the drones world. Innovations are the basis of a major status when you want your...


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