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Potensic AW30 Quadcopter Review

Potensic AW30 Quadcopter Headless Mode

Are you looking for a drone and the Potensic AW30 Quadcopter is one of your options? Well, it has arrived, and it’s one of the manufacturer’s best product. But is this the drone you should buy? Well if you want to find out more read this Potensic AW30 Review where you will be able to read about the specs, his abilities, the design, the pros, and cons.


The Potensic AW30 Quadcopter also known as Navigator III is a drone with a built-in camera is a great tool for everyone. You and your family (yes, even your kids) will be able to use it without any problem, and they can take pictures or videos on their iOS or Android devices. The greatest thing about it, that you don’t even need a remote for that. You will be able to use it with your phone.

So those time when you didn’t find the remote for something is over. All you need now is to grab your cellphone from your pocket open an App and you are ready to take-off. And if you already have your cellphone in your hand you can open the Best Drone Apps for Drone Pilots which will help you to check the weather or the find the right place where to use the drone, and even more. Go check it!

The most important part, the price

The price of this product is $69.99. With this price is one of the cheapest drone in its category.

What’s inside the box?

Let’s presume you want to buy it. First of all, you’ll be able to choose from 5 colors, or if you can’t choose the perfect color you can buy 5 of this drone with different colors. After you finished the order and you got the box you will find these in your box:

  • AW30 / Navigator III drone
  • Spare set of propellers
  • Remote control with an instructional overlay
  • Phone mount for remote
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • USB A to micro USB charging cable
  • Multi-language instruction booklet
  • Quickstart strip
  • Thank you card.

If you can’t find a charger on the list its not a mistake. The charger doesn’t come with the kit, you have some options from where you can choose one. But I will talk about that later

Potensic AW30 Review


The Navigator III comes with the basic equipment a drone just like any other drone in its category. It has a fixed position propeller with motor arms. The propeller guards and the front-mounted camera is also fixed and has a removable lithium battery. It also has a remote control which has a phone holder as well. But as you read in the introduction You can use it a mobile app to control it, so you don’t have to bother with the remote batteries anymore. With the app, you could use some VR glasses as well for a better experience, but just on the right phone mount.


Before you conquer the sky and test the limits of the drone all you have to do is to charge the batteries, the kit doesn’t come with a charger but you can charge the batteries with any 2.4A per USB port you can find at home. Then you wait for the green light to pop up, that means the battery is fully charged and then you insert the battery on the bottom of the drone.

Then if you want to use your phone to see what the drone sees you have download an app and then to connect on a WiFi hotspot, it doesn’t matter if you use an iOS or Android phone.

Before every flight you will have to calibrate it, without that the drone won’t be able to fly, is like a warm-up for him before a sport activity.


If you go with the basic version and want to use the remote you will find two joysticks which are self-centered, and also two self-centering toggle switches mounted in the top of the remote in addition to the power button. The left toggle switch starts/stops video recording if pressed to the left and takes still photos if pressed to the right.

The right one switches toggle the smart controls, which will allow you to navigate the drone without worrying about what direction it is pointed when pressed to the left and activates the auto takeoff/landing feature when pressed to the right. The left joystick controls the rotation and altitude of the drone. The right joystick if for controlling the pitch and roll (nose up/down and left/right tilt). And if you forget about yourself and goes too far, where the remote is out of his range the remote will alert you.

Potensic AW30 Flight System


The basics:

  1. 1. Turning on the remote and then the drone
  2. 2. Pairing the remote and drone
  3. 3. Calibrating the drone
  4. 4. Connecting your phone to the onboard WiFi hotspot (optional)
  5. 5. A quick press of the automatic takeoff button and the drone is airborne  

After this, you may do another adjustment because the control trim may need to be adjusted. Unfortunately, this is a non- intuitive process where you will use one joystick to go into trim mode and then moving the appropriate joystick to adjust the control trim. A little advice: this little trick is so much easier to perform on a mobile phone.

The Potensic AW30 Quadcopter is very agile it’s very easy to move it in any given direction. The only thing is that the AW30 isn’t that responsive due to his small rotor size.

Final thoughts  

The experience with this drone was quite good, it was easy to enable or control. It’s also more massive then you can imagine even in rough landings due to its rotor guards. The only problem was that it doesn’t live up to the promises of it being a stable video/photo platform. And in a very few cases a part of the battery melted down, but in every case, the producer sent another battery. But probably at this time, the issue is already solved.

After all its a very good first drone for both kids and grown-up kids before upgrading to a more expensive and feature-packed aircraft. If you feel that you can master this drone with accuracy and you fell that his capacity is limiting you, you want something more, something even better (which is, of course, more expensive) you can change it to another one. But until then this drone may be the perfect one for you as illustrated in our Potensic AW30 Review.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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potensic-aw30-quadcopter-review Are you looking for a drone and the Potensic AW30 Quadcopter is one of your options? Well, it has arrived, and it’s one of the manufacturer's best product. But is this the drone you should buy? Well if you want to find out more...


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