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Riot 250R Pro Sport Quadcopter Review

Riot 250R Pro Sport Quadcopter Review

Riot 250R Pro Sport Quadcopter Review

No matter what product it is or what brand, the market is made to grow and always bring news to buyers. In this Riot 250R Pro Sport quadcopter review, for example, we will talk about a more developed drone than his predecessors, the Riot 250R and we will see the features that make it a true racing drone.

To begin with what is most important, and most obviously, we have a racing droning. This is nothing but speed and power.

The Riot 250R Pro Sport has been designed to look not just good, but to be practical and to possess all the qualities required for a racing drone. With a maximum speed of 75+ mph and a weight of no more than 1 kg, the Riot 250R Pro is also suited to keep the flight soft. Being so lightweight, you may have the impression that it will be inconvenient during the flight, but that’s not the case. Also, his weight makes the flight easier, it is incredibly fast.

Riot 250R Pro Sport Quadcopter

Riot 250R Pro Sport Design:

Covered in a 250mm white gel coated carbon fiber frame, it is extremely durable and colorful due to the LEDs that is being stamped during any flight. There are enough lights that make it so beautiful during the flight, 52 LEDs in number and the polycarbonate side skirts diffuse the hard LED lights and blend them together, giving it a smooth look.

With Betaflight-configurator software you can even set the game of lights in different ways. Whether you want them to flash, to light continuously or pulse, no matter which colors you choose, you will be fascinated by this game of lights and will tempt you to give it a new look again and again.

Riot 250R Pro was created for amazing performance. Being one of the lightest racing drones, he is willing to teach you the best flight tricks. Being easy to use, you don’t have to be professional in “the art of drones”.

Flight Controller

At the moment, the Riot 250R Pro has the most efficient flight controller with an XM20 20A multishot high-speed processor and a modular on-screen display.

The modular integrated flight system allows for quick and easy repairs, and we also remember that it is lighter than similar models.


Everything comes to life when the battery is inserted into the body, the lights signal that everything is OK, and this is done by a 3S to 4S LiPo battery.

Riot 250R Pro Sport Camera

Being an FPV, everything is within your reach immediately after lifting the drones in the air. On the display, you can see exactly what the 2.8mm CCD camera sees with the exceptionally wide dynamic range.

For all the information you need to have here, we have created a list of the most important specifications of the Riot 250R Pro:

Riot 250R Pro Sport


  • 250mm ARF FPV Racer
  • White gelcoat carbon fiber frame
  • Integrated flight system (IFS) including modular on-screen display (OSD) flight controller with STM F4 processor
  • 49 Customizable LEDs
  • 2.8 mm CCD wide dynamic range race tuned FPV camera
  • Extremely durable clear plastic risers in place of traditional nylon or aluminum standoffs
  • Easy to remove or replace carbon fiber arms
  • Extremely durable antenna connection (SMA connector)
  • Master Series, one of the most reliable shatterproof 5-inch props
  • Thrust UAV tuned DYS SE2205 2550kv motors
  • Max speed: 75+ mph

Mechanical And Electrical Design

  • STM F4 Flight Controller running a tailored version of Betaflight
  • Modular Integrated Flight System with on-screen display (OSD) to view battery voltage, battery capacity, and video frequency
  • Flight camera: 2.8mm CCD, exceptional wide dynamic range
  • Filtered power regulation
  • Integrated power distribution
  • 49 bright, customizable RGB LEDs, diffused through polycarbonate risers
  • Modular and Upgradable Flight Controller/OSD
  • Recommended 4S LiPo battery but capable of running 3S
  • Multishot enabled DYS XM20 Speed Controller
  • Thrust UAV tuned DYS SE2205 2550kv motors

Software Features

  • Control video frequency via radio transmitter using the OSD
  • Preconfigured and race tuned integrated flight system (plug and play)
  • Compatible with PPM, SBUS, XBUS, Spectrum R/C systems
  • Fully configurable flight parameters using the OSD, no PC required
  • ESC beeps when inactive for 5 minutes and can be used in a lost model situation
  • Configuration App: Betaflight

In conclusion

It’s nice to know that you have a drone so fast that is very easy to use. Everything installed, with a little later modification, you can fly with it right after you unbox it from the pack.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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