Home Reviews about drones and mini of drones Tozo Q1012 X8TW Skyhunter Quadcopter Review

Tozo Q1012 X8TW Skyhunter Quadcopter Review

Tozo Q1012 X8TW Skyhunter Quadcopter Review

Tozo Q1012 X8TW Skyhunter Quadcopter Review

Folding drones are an older concept, yet still grasp the contours of everything that means convenience and comfort. Tozo Q1012 X8TW Skyhunter quadcopter review will describe in detail what benefits has a folding drone and what special features Tozo Skyhunter has.

Tozo Skyhunter for Beginners? Why not?

Tozo has renewed its line of products with a foldable drone that rephrases our ideas about this brand. In folded version, Tozo Q1012 X8TW Skyhunter measures 122 x 94 x 57 mm size that is very easy to carry with you anywhere. When the drone are to be put into use, the unfolded version has the following dimensions: 343 x 313 x 91 mm which may seem a big difference between the two variants.

The black color of the drone, with a single white stripe in the middle, offers an elegant design and durable ABS plastic material provides strength and power.

The TOZO Q1012 X8TW Skyhunter has 3 speed modes that help adapt a beginner to the drones, but at the same time is willing to meet the needs of a professional.

The camera of this drone uses Wi-Fi technology to transmit live moments to your mobile phone that you can capture from the air. Without a memory card slot, all your photos and video footage will be saved in your mobile phone memory. This is a minus point for Tozo Skyhunter, but it’s not such a negative thing to give up the opportunity to buy this drone.

With a powerful 3.7 x 650mAh Lithium Polymer battery, Skyhunter can fly around 9 minutes. It takes about 80 minutes to charge the battery, which is quite long, but you can extend the flight with an extra battery.

Tozo Q1012 X8TW Skyhunter

Other specs:

  • Camera: 720p HD Wi-Fi Camera
  • Operational Range: 100 Meters
  • Radio Transmission: 2.4GHz
  • Features: Headless Mode, Gravity Sensor, Altitude Hold Function, 360 Flips, One Key Return and Foldable.

Package Content:

  • TOZO Q1012 Quadcopter x 1
  • Transmitter x 1
  • Phone Holder x 1
  • USB Charger x 1
  • Battery x 1
  • Screws x 8
  • Extra Propellers x 4
  • Screwdriver x 1
  • Instruction Manual x 1

In conclusion

Portability, flexibility and all the other features made Tozo Q1012 X8TW Skyhunter the right drones for beginners, and an enjoyable one for professionals. All these details will help you choose a drone suitable for your needs, and they will get rid of the inconvenience of spending money.

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  1. I have a TOZO Q 1012 Drone which I wanted to fly over golf courses but unfortunately one battery does not last for 18 holes. Do you know where I can purchase 2 more batteries. I ordered 4 from Amazon but they do not fit, They are too big

  2. Hi Curtis, I had the same problem. Try “AliExpress”. The only problem is took over a month for delivery but was the correct batteries. I ordered a pack of 5 batteries with charger and if I remember cost me around £17 all in. Hope this helps
    Best regards


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