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Force1 Blue Heron U49W Quadcopter Review

Force1 Blue Heron U49W Quadcopter Review

Force1 is a brand who is great making Remote Controlled machines. With their RC controlled cars, boats and drones they conquered the ground, the water, and the sky as well. They have no limit. But personally, I think that their most successful inventions are their drones just like the massive Force1 F100. They are well built, stable, equipped with useful features and they have a powerful look.

One of their most successful drones is the Force1 Blue Heron U49W. It’s an efficient and powerful drone which has all the latest features a drone in his price category needs. I suggest this drone for everyone from beginner to intermediate users. This thing is possible because the drone is capable to fly with some amazing speed but it can be adjusted to fly only on low speed so beginners can learn the basics without crashing the drone.

What’s in the box?

Let’s see what you will get in the box after you ordered the drone.

  • The Force1 U49WF Wi-Fi Drone
  • 720p HD Camera
  • Remote Controller – 2.4Ghz  
  • 2x 7.4V 1000mAh LI-PO Battery
  • USB Charger Cable
  • Micro USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • 4x Extra Propellers
  • Drone Tools

After you got the package you’ll have to screw in the landing gear. Don’t be lazy, take the time and do it. It’s better to lose 5 minutes of your life than the camera of your drone because it was unprotected. The screw may won’t fit in fully. In that case don’t force it, if you feel that the little legs are stable it’s all right.


As you can read in the name of the Force1 Blue Heron U49W it has some blue color in it which looks great on black. With that and the propellers on the top gives you a modern and powerful look just like a hunter helicopter. Everyone who sees the drone will admire the look. The drone also has a protective layer around the propellers which is a very efficient part of the drone. As a beginner, you may crash the drone a few times to a wall but with these your sensible propellers are safe.


The Blue Heron is equipped with a 720p camera which records in HD resolution. The camera is able to see 120 degrees almost like a human eye without giving a lame fish-eye effect to the footage. So your footage will look professional and real as possible. The cameras quality is not the best by far, but for this price range, you really shouldn’t expect more.


The drone can fly for 15 minutes with the 7.4V 1000mAh LI-PO Battery but since you have 2 of them you can double this time. Just make sure both of the batteries are charged. It takes some time to fully charge the batteries but if you could use the drone 24/7 you’ll get tired of the drone really soon.

The remote you get with the drone is as simple as possible. The black color gives him a more professional look and the phone holder on the top is just great. It only has a few buttons and two joysticks. One of the buttons is the take-off and landing button. At the start of the flight pressing that button takes the drone to air in a little height and from there the control it’s all yours.

And at the end of the flight, you just have to press that button a little longer and the drone will come back to his first landing point. It’s a useful feature because most of the beginners may have the initiative to crash the drone to the ground when they are landing. This can be because the drone is not even or you’re landing the drone with too much speed. But having this feature those days are over and your drone is safe.

Force1 Blue Heron U49W Specs

The most important part of the drone that makes him a better version that his little brother the Force1 U49C Red Heron is the FPV capability. FPV stands for First Person View, with this feature you can connect your drone to your phone. This aspect gives you many more options with the drone. First of all, you can see what your drones see, and take better photos. You don’t have to worry that the object you want to capture is in the middle of the photo or not.

You can control the Force1 Blue Heron U49W from your phone, so you don’t have to pack your remote as well if you wanna go somewhere with your drone. However, the remote has a much better grip so we recommend you start with that your drone experience. And a pro tip, if you feel that you haven’t mastered control of the drone and you still have to concentrate a lot to move it to the best spot better ask someone to do the photography part. This way you only control the drone and the other person just takes the photos when needed.

To make even better photos and videos with the amazing transition you can activate the “headless mode”, so your drone can in every way without turning his head that way.

That’s not all. The drone has some pretty amazing features to make the drone as beginner-friendly as possible. One of them the speed mode function. With that, you can adjust the speed of the drone. For beginners, you can lower the speed. For more experienced users you can faster up the speed. And I know you may think that you don’t need to adjust the speed. But if you want to save some money to yourself with not buying another drone be patient and start at a lower speed. It only takes a few hours to master the drone so be calm and start at the basics.

The second useful section is the altitude hold. With this, you just lock the drone into one position in the air and he can stay there until it has batteries. Whit this and your mobile phone connected to the drone you can take photos and videos of yourself without having the remote control in your hand.

Others opinion about the drone

“I was skeptical about all the 5-star reviews of this product. But I was looking for a drone that beginners could operate, but yet one of good quality and within a reasonable price range. I especially wanted one with more than the 7 – 10 minute flight time that most such drones had. So I decided to try this one. I’m glad I did. Only a little assembly was needed and this did not take long. The instructions were written in pretty good English and were not too difficult to follow.”

“I really enjoy the drone and the company. Everything came as stated in the ad. There are three speeds to use while learning. The different speeds allow you to learn to control the drone without crashing. My kids and I have crashed several times and the drone keeps ongoing. This was a present for my son, but I am using it more than him.

I do fly without the camera and have removed the landing gear. This allows for longer flying time and faster speeds. Keep it low to learn or else you may end up in a top of a tree.”

“Much better than expected!

This took all of 10 minutes to assemble. Super easy and really clear instructions.

I’ve had a tiny bit of drone experience with small ones that only last about 6 minutes in the air. This one says it will last like 15 minutes but on less than a half a charge it ran for 15 minutes.

I love that it came with two batteries and two extra motors plus the extra blades.

This drone would be great for beginners or experienced operators.

My husband got it out and was flying it with ease. It’s so steady and it was a little windy and he still was able to keep good control of it even when the battery got very low.”


Force1 Blue Heron Headless Mode

The Force1 Blue Heron U49W drone is a great deal for the price. It has all the features you need and a pretty amazing and responsive control setting. In my opinion, the only bad part is the camera, which has to be improved, and the big size which can give you some difficulties while transporting the drone. For that, the best advice I can give you is to buy a massive suitcase. Otherwise, I can’t complain about anything related to the drone.

If you want to buy the drone you can check the price and read even more reviews from Amazon.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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force1-blue-heron-u49w-quadcopter-review Force1 is a brand who is great making Remote Controlled machines. With their RC controlled cars, boats and drones they conquered the ground, the water, and the sky as well. They have no limit. But personally, I think that their most successful inventions are...


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