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Altair Aerial AA300 Quadcopter Review

Altair Aerial AA300 Quadcopter Review

Altair Aerial AA300 Quadcopter Review

The quadcopter that we’ll review in this article, the Altair Aerial AA300 comes with a handful of useful features and a top-notch camera that surely make its entry-level price worth it. It features a GPS / GLONASS dual-module that enables the drone to perform some advanced maneuvers among many others.

If you always desired to buy a DJI Spark or Mavic 2 but you couldn’t afford their prices, this camera drone might represent an alternative for you. Although its specs might not be at the same level as the DJI, it is still a good drone considering its reduced price.


Most drones in this price range feature an over-simplistic and cheap-looking design that is not anywhere close to the professionalism delivered by the AA300. The manufacturers paid close attention to details, crafting this drone with a sleek design consisted of a black coating and yellow details.

Unlike some of its direct competitors, it is built out of highly-durable ABS plastic to ensure increased protection. Most owners of drones that cost less than $200 are usually beginners. Considering that beginners tend to experience more crashes, in the beginning, that durability will prove useful.

The remote controller of this quadcopter is also built similarly. Although it might look complex at the start it’s quite straightforward once you get used to it. The remote features a phone holder to offer you some FPV functions. The buttons are pretty intuitive. The control buttons are in the center, whilst the special feature ones are located at the top. It should be easy enough for beginners to use it.

As a camera drone, the Altair Aerial AA300 quadcopter that we’re featuring in this review comes with a built-in 1080p HD camera. The camera is not able to compete at a professional level but it can deliver some great performance. It can offer first-person-view video and pictures of high resolution. The drone has 5G Wi-Fi transmission capabilities, allowing you to view the footage live on your phone in real-time.


Similar to some other top brands, Altair integrated a large number of useful features in this cheap quadcopter. The AA300 is designed in a beginner-friendly way, making it accessible to a wider range of people. A feature helpful for the beginners is the highly-accessible power button. You only have to turn on the drone and the remote and they will synchronize instantly.

Altair Aerial AA300 Quadcopter Review Specs

As mentioned at the beginning of this quadcopter review, the Altair Aerial AA300 features a GPS / GLONASS module. This module it’s meant to increase the usability of the drone. The GPS enables the users to adjust the camera remotely while flying the drone. This allows even beginners to capture high-quality content from their first flight.

Since the drone is meant to target beginners, it also comes with a variety of safety features. These are meant to minimize the likelihood of a crash ever occurring. It has an altitude hold feature and a flight navigation system that makes it easier to control while being in the air. Moreover, the smart return to home and the out of range and power alarms are meant to ensure a fall back plan in case things go south.

The Altair Aerial AA300 also integrates a few other fundamental features that you might have read about in any other quadcopter review. These features are the follow me mode and the customization waypoint mode. Both of them are meant to allow users to take impressive footage without even having to control the drone.


The increased durability that we already mentioned above in this Altair Aerial AA300 review is quite handy even when it comes to this quadcopter’s performance. Due to the durable materials, it is built out of, AA300 can operate in less-optimal and extreme circumstances. This makes it perfect for outdoor flying since this Altair drone can withstand even the harshest winds.

A nice surprise in this AA300 drone is the modularized battery. Because of it, the quadcopter can experience a maximum flight time of around 15 minutes in a single charge. This allows it to surpass most other drones in that price range, and maybe even to compete with some professional models. However, if you want to fly around for even longer, purchasing some spare batteries and other drone accessories beforehand will prove useful.

The hover position and altitude hold are also increasing the performance of this drone. They will maintain the height of the drone constant, enabling you to have a seamless flight experience. The brushless motors will also provide further propulsion, improving the performance. This means that the drone can fly more efficiently, consuming less power while having an increased maximum flight time.

Altair AA300

The drone has a maximum flight range of 100 meters. Although this range is not the best, it is quite common in budget beginner drones. If you use a signal booster you might be able to increase the maximum range. Nevertheless, for most beginners, the 100 meters will prove to be just about enough.


The ready-to-fly Altair Aerial AA300 quadcopter that we featured in this review constitutes an ideal option for beginners. Having multiple beginner-friendly features, above-average performance, and a high-resolution camera, the AA300 is worth it. Although such specs are not unusual in drones nowadays, considering its price of only $169 on Amazon, the AA300 is a good beginner drone.

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