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GoolRC GW89 Review

GoolRC GW89 Drone Review

GoolRC GW89 Budget DJI Mavic 2 Pro Clone Review

DJI represents one of the most popular manufacturers of aerial vehicles. They have been producing top-quality drones such as the Mavic 2 for countless years now. The Mavic 2 Pro is still one of the best drones in its price range. However, the drone is a bit pricey, making it slightly inaccessible for beginners. Fortunately, users that still want a DJI-like experience can opt for a clone such as the GoolRC GW89 that we will review in here.

The performances the Mavic 2 Pro delivers are ideal both for beginner but also for professional use. Depending on your drone flying experience, the Mavic might be out of your skill range. For that reason, training yourself on a clone will allow you to replicate the Mavic experience without taking major risks on a pro drone. Although GoolRC’s performances are lower than DJI’s, the GW89 is still worth it considering its low entry-point.


The GoolRC GW89 is covered in a jet black coating built out of strong ABS plastic. Although it’s not built out of carbon fiber, the ABS plastic is still durable-enough to ensure the longevity of this machine. The longevity is reinforced by the motor arms protecting the inner elements. The arms are built in a foldable and highly-mobile manner. It has a compact and portable design making it ideal for travels.

GoolRC GW89 Package Review

When compared to the Mavic 2 from a visual perspective, the GoolRC is very alike. It has an eye-catching design with subtle yellow details and LED lights. The camera of the GW89 is built similarly to the Mavic 2. Although it can record in 1080p HD resolution, the quality of the images and videos are considerably lower than the ones generated by the DJI professional drones.


Considering the lower price range of the GoolRC GW89, the performances that we will review in this section represent a solid selling point. It can only fly for about half of the time the Mavic can. GoolRC’s drone can reach up to 13 minutes of flight time, which beats most drones in its price point. With a maximum range of 100 meters, the GW89 represents a viable option for beginners that don’t want to spend more than $100 on a quad.

Moreover, the drone is packed with plenty of beginner-friendly features that empower inexperienced users to create top-quality content. The GW89 can maintain a steady position even in hectic weather conditions due to its optical flow system. Such a thing enables even first-time users to pilot the drone seamlessly and to record high-quality footage from the first attempt.

This model is advantageous for beginners due to its gradual speeds and different flight modes. By default, the drone is set at minimum speed to encourage beginners to learn the basics of flying first. As you get used to drone piloting you can easily increase the speed and enjoy the adrenaline that comes with higher performances.


The GoolRC GW89 quadcopter comes with a large variety of pro features that you will hardly find in vehicles for this low price. It features advanced stabilization technology enabling beginners to quickly learn the ropes of drone piloting. The drone is also packed with a Gravity Sensor, Altitude Hold and Automatic Takeoffs and Landings to ensure a smoother flight experience.

GoolRC GW89 Features

To ensure a lower risk level, the GW89 features a Low Power Alarm and Out of Range Alarm. It notifies you in case something goes wrong. Fortunately, it has a Return to Home function in case you lose control. Headless Mode and Gesture Mode represent the other two fundamental features that are present in this drone.


You can find a large number of camera drones at entry-level prices. However, not all of them are packed with countless features and a design resembling of the Mavic 2 like the GoolRC GW89 that we featured in this review. With a built-in 1080p HD camera, 13 minutes of maximum flight time and a range of about 100 meters, this drone represents a great option for beginners desiring a DJI flying experience. At its price of only $63 on Amazon, you can’t go wrong.

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