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UVify Draco Review

UVify Draco Review

UVify Draco Review: Professional Racing Drone for $600

We reviewed quite a large number of beginner drones on this website so far, both for racing but also for photography purposes. However, most beginner drones are quite limited and don’t represent a viable option if you’re trying to turn pro. For that reason, we’re going to review the UVify Draco, a professional racing drone that comes with some impressive performances.

This is a high-end quadcopter similar in many ways to popular drones like the Mavic 2 and Phantom 4 due to the UVify Draco’s upgradeable parts. This UVify Draco review will cover all of the main features of this vehicle and underline the things that make it worth its above-average price tag.


The drone has a professional but also eye-catching design that comes with increased durability. The framework of the body is situated in a jet black case to ensure its protection in case of any crashes. Due to the high speeds at which such drones usually travel, that casing can prove to be quite useful.

The durability of the drone is ensured by the carbon fiber material it is built out of. Carbon fiber coating provides an extra level of durability that can’t be found in regular plastic drones. It feels like utilizing a high-grade drone like a DJI but at a far lower entry-point.

The UVify Draco comes with a built-in 720p HD camera situated in the front of the drone. The video footage is transmitted live in a lightning-fast manner, enabling pilots to control the flying vehicle in real-time. The quality of the footage is also quite high thanks to the powerful receiver located in the back.

UVify Draco Quad Racing Drone Review


When it comes to photography and videography, the 720p HD integrated camera might not be the best. However, due to the low latency and good frame rate it delivers, the 720p resolution is ideal for drone racing. The high-resolution images generated by the camera are of pretty good quality with clear and defined details.

You can pair the drone with a VR set and get that 720p high-resolution delivered to you in a truly immersive manner. This feature will make it easier to pilot the drone and quite entertaining. Even if the camera can’t be adjusted remotely, the performances it delivers are quite sturdy for racing purposes.


If you’re interested in buying a racing drone, high performance is the main thing you’re most certainly looking for. This high-end drone has some of the highest flight speeds on the market. As shown in this review, the UVify Draco can reach up to 100 miles (160km) per hour. For a ready-to-fly drone in this price range, the maximum speed it can reach is truly impressive.

As great as the high speed might be, the drone has a couple of limitations when it comes to the battery department. If used at its maximum performance you can expect a flight time of only around 7 minutes. But, if used casually you might be able to reach up to 14-15 minutes in a single charge. The flight time is not all that bad. If paired with a few spare batteries, the UVify Draco can reach exceptional performances.

However, this drone has a flying advantage due to its increased stability and precision. It features one of the most beneficial flight controls for beginners due to the precision it experiences even at top speeds. The drone also has GPS / GLONASS integrated for better control.

UVify Draco Arm


As shown in the above review, if you want to get a more professional experience, the UVify Draco might prove a viable option. As a ready-to-fly quadcopter, the flying performances it delivers are quite useful both for beginners but also for experienced users. Its price is around $600 on Amazon.

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