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MJX Bugs 4W Foldable Quadcopter Review

MJX Bugs 4W Review

MJX Bugs 4W Foldable Quadcopter Review

The MJX is a Chinese manufacturer who already made some great drone, and now they came up with their first foldable quadcopter the MJX Bugs 4W or B4W that we’ll review in this article. The MJX for making affordable and smart drones. Therefore you can get the B4W for no more than 200$ and you get a drone with a 2K Ultra HD Camera, 22 minutes of flight time, a powerful brushless motor and a lot of new tech features that make the time using the drone really enjoyable. But we are going to take a deeper look in the drone’s specifications in the rest of the article so stay with us.

Info about the MJX B4W

  • Here are the main specs and features about the Bugs 4 W you need to know:
  • Triple positioning technique: Optical flow, Ultrasonic, and GPS system
  • Dual flight speeds: 8 or 11km/h
  • Status and positioning LED lights (Green and Red)
  • Strong & energy-saving with a brushless motor
  • 2K Ultra HD camera
  • WiFi real-time image transmission-FPV
  • Intelligent flight modes
  • GPS assisted automatic return (RTH)
  • Automatically returns home when is on Low battery or RC signal loss
  • APP control makes the operation easier, especially for beginners
  • Up to 1.6KM control distance
  • About 25 minutes of flight autonomy.


Nowadays for a drone, it’s not enough to be equipped with a lot of intelligent flight modes, it also has to be good looking. And the MJX is nailed this requirement. The look of the drone is more professional than the other drones made by the company. Lots of people say that it looks like the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. When you order the drone you can choose from two option: blue or black. But the truth is that only a small part of the top will be black or blue. Otherwise, the drone is covered with a matt black color, and the parts arts are made from ABS plastic, which makes the drone lighter and therefore much easier to control it. But it has a negative effect as well, which is it’s hard to control it in windy weather.

The drone measures 45.2 x 41.7 x 7 cm in its unfolded state. In its folded condition, it measures only 19.5 x 11.5 x 7 cm. So you can fit it even in your pocket if you have a bigger one. Because of the small size of the drone it’s really easy to transport it, so can take with you everywhere in a backpack, therefore, you don’t miss out any of the opportunities given to you.


Before we review the JMX Bugs 4W’s technical details, we are going to talk about its packaging. One of the great advantages offered by this drone is that it comes along with many helpful accessories. Inside the beautiful branded box you will find the drone itself. Along with to the drone, there will be its remote controller, two batteries, a travel case and a battery charging hub. JMX company is well known for being generous when it comes to offering accessories. As we can see they offer two batteries, which will double-up your flight time.

Battery and Flight Time

Another great aspect about this drone, that makes it a great competitor to the other on the market is the flight time. Believe it or not, MJX Bugs 4W stays in the air for more than 20 minutes. It is powered by a high quality 3400 mAh battery.

More than that, the drone comes along with a double battery charging system. This charging device does not only allow you to charge both of the batteries simultaneously, but it also has a LED screen that shows you if the battery is charging or if it is already full.

Also, as we previously said the drone comes along with 2 batteries. They will double up your total flight time. So, you will get almost 40 minutes of continuous flight time. Usually, you will get this amount of time only on more professional drones which are way more expensive. Because of that we can say that having such a long flight time represents an amazing strong point for this drone.

Remote Control

The remote control has a nice design with a phone holder included. You can find on the remote control two joysticks and three control buttons for making photos, videos and lock the drone. All the commands on the remote control are very intuitive and you can learn them fast. In the middle, there is an LCD display that shows you all the important pieces of information. You can see informations about battery lever, altitude, battery level, speed, signal strength, GPS mode, distance against Home Point, and many others. With all this information you can ensure your drone safety. So, it won’t go too far from you and won’t run out of batteries.


The drone’s camera is a 2K Ultra HD camera with a 2048 x 1152 pixel resolution. The camera is movable and you can have a 110-degree moving angle. The photos and videos are stored on a memory card that can be upgraded up to 32GB.

The MJX Bugs 4W’s camera is a really impressive one. It delivers images with a clear and sharp quality. We can say that it has a high level of attention to the small details. More than that it offers vibrant colors to the images or videos. Another important factor of this drone’s camera is that it features a 1-axis gimbal stabilizer. This stabilizer will help the camera to offer videos and imagines without being shaken. Of course it is not as efficient as a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer is, but it does a great job for sure.  

Flight modes

  • Follow me mode

With this mode you can lock the drone’s camera to a chosen object. The drone will follow it as much as he can and as fast as it can from a constant distance. So he will do all his best to give you smooth and enjoyable footage from anything you want.

  • Tap Fly

This is a very useful flight mode for vloggers but using this feature you can make smooth videos anytime. With this feature, you just have to tap the drone next direction on the screen and your little friend will fly in that direction.

  • Point of interest

You have a mode where you can set any object as a point of interest. That means that the drone will fly around that object in continuous circles. With this feature, you can make pretty cool videos and effects without making any effort. You can change the point of interest anytime in the settings.

  • 4-in-1 Responsive Esc

This is basically a speed controller that makes the racing aircraft easier to maneuver. So if you go at a high speed you don’t have to worry about the drone just about your flying skills.


MJX Bugs 4W is a very smart drone and the price is really affordable as well. You won’t get the best camera quality but if you’re not a cameraman I don’t think this will be a problem. The flight time is pretty good, and with a powerful motor like that, you can have pretty much fun.

You can buy the drone from: Amazon1 or Amazon2.


Question: Saw a video where u can change cam resolution from 2k to 1080p. But cant find it in software. Any body know how to change resolution?

Answer: The resolution will change automatically depending wether or not you are taking video or stills. In all cases video will always be 1080 and stills will be 2k

Question: Can anyone tell me why this drone’s fpv will work on an iphone 7 but not a Samsung Galaxy S9+?

Answer: Its an android update issue. I have a Galaxy S10+ and a 9+ and it works fine however there seems to be a comm issue between the Bugs Go app and android pie

Question: Does this drone have headless mode. I can’t find it listed on their website.

Answer: No don’t believe it does

Question: How do I get it to connect with my galaxy s9+.?

Answer: This mjx bugs 4w drone needs to be compatible with Android 5.0 and above and Apple 8.0 or higher. Please check and confirm your mobile phone system. If your mobile phone system is lower than this version, please update and try the link, thank you.

Question: where can I purchace another usbc cable for bugs charger?

Answer: You can use any USB-C cable

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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mjx-bugs-4w-foldable-quadcopter-review MJX Bugs 4W Foldable Quadcopter Review The MJX is a Chinese manufacturer who already made some great drone, and now they came up with their first foldable quadcopter the MJX Bugs 4W or B4W that we'll review in this article. The MJX for making affordable and...


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