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Potensic D58 Quadcopter Review

Potensic D58

Potensic D58 Quadcopter Review

The use case scenarios of drones are quite limitless since they are ideal both just for mere entertainment but also for more professional scenarios like content creation. However, if you’re just starting, you might want to get used to the drone environment before investing a sum of money that’s too big. You’d want a cheap quadcopter with professional features, like the Potensic D58 that we’re showcasing in this review. 

The Potensic D58 is a drone with a smart camera; equipped with a GPS module and the ability to perform complex flight maneuvers. This drone pack features resembling of top competitors at a fraction of the price. If you want to hone your piloting skills while risking a smaller amount of money, the Potensic D58 quadcopter is a solid choice, as we’ll show in our review. 


The Potensic D58 features a highly-professional design that is backed by its simple but effective black coating. The design of the drone is very reminiscent of its competitors form the DJI line of drones. However, the fine craftsmanship and the edgy curves present on the outlay of the D58 sets it apart. 

The motors of this drone are brushless to maximize the flight propulsion and ensure increased performance. Each arm features considerably large LEDs meant to ensure vision even in dark conditions. This aspect is especially useful for beginners that are not used to flying at night time. 

Potensic D58 Controller

The D58 also possesses a built-in camera that has a rather unique and innovative design. Around the camera, the drone is equipped with a handful of landing legs meant to both ensure a safe landing for beginners but also to protect the camera in the case that any damage occurs. 


The camera represents an essential element and selling-point of any drone. Many such devices allow you to mount an external camera but, a few others are coming with built-in cameras. Although the latter category of drones allow you to save a few bucks, they are not able to always deliver the best results. However, the quadcopter featured in this review, the Potensic D58 has a good-enough camera for most use case scenarios. 

At first glance, the camera doesn’t seem too different from its competitors. However, the built-in 1080P HD camera on the D58 can easily deliver clear and crisp footage at an affordable entry-level price. The camera is mounted on a 1-axis gimbal meant to increase stability and reduce shakiness in order to deliver content that is of a higher quality. 

Although the gimbal will help the camera deliver smoother footage, you will still experience moderate shakiness under certain weather conditions. The footage will be best when the drone is hovering as the shakiness will be minimal. The results delivered by this camera are good enough for beginner use. However, if you want something pro, you should look at a drone in the above-average price point. 

The FPV mode, a feature so usual but at the same time so essential is also part of this D58 quad. If you connect the drone to its mobile app you will be able to watch the footage in real-time. After you establish the link, you will be able to stream the video directly to your smartphone. The streaming quality is ensured by the 5G Wi-Fi signal that transmits highly fast and reliable footage. 


Budget drones are highly beneficial for beginners as they enable them to practice their piloting skills and get used to the environment before investing money in a professional device. However, they often lack considerably in the performance department as certain corners have to be cut in the manufacturing process. Fortunately, this is not the case with the Potensic D58 quadcopter as we’ll showcase in the next part of our review. 

Considering the entry-level price of this quad, the D58 can deliver some top-notch performances, often met only in pro drones. This drone has a maximum flight time of about 18 minutes on a single battery charge, which is more than most drones regardless of the price range. If paired with one or two extra batteries and a remote charging hub, you could fly this vehicle non-stop

Moreover, this Potensic device can reach a maximum flight distance of around 500 meters. Such a flight range will enable you to freely perform most flight-related activities. If used with a signal booster, this cheap drone could easily surpass the 500-meter mark, beating most quads in its price range. 

The brushless motors mentioned above enables the drone to reach a high RPM. Such a thing will increase the maximum flight speed and stability of the drone considerably. These features will enable the D58 to deliver reliable performances even in the harshest and windiest of conditions. All of these great performances are topped up by the modularized battery featured in the camera that ensures more effective results.

Potensic D58 Quadcopter Review


Having a large variety of features in a budget drone it’s not something so unusual. Due to its GPS / GLONASS module, the Potensic D58 Quadcopter showcased in our review features a huge amount of smart features. It has a Follow Me Mode ideal for content creation as it enables the drone to record all of your movements. This is great if you want to record more dynamic activities and sports.

This quad also has a couple of beginner-friendly features able to enhance all of your flight sessions. The Orbit Mode and Waypoint Mode can be easily activated from within the app. You can also enjoy Automatic Takeoffs and Landings to ease your piloting. The three different Speed Modes are ideal for beginners as they allow you to get used to the drone’s capabilities while avoiding a crash. 


The D58 quadcopter from Potensic that we highlighted in this review represents one of the best budget-friendly devices in its price range. It has a smart design that maximizes flight performance and a good-enough camera for beginners. It excels in the flight performance department, being able to compete even with some of the most established top brands. Its features and capabilities make it a great option for beginners, especially at its price of $159.99 on Amazon.

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potensic-d58-quadcopter-review Potensic D58 Quadcopter Review The use case scenarios of drones are quite limitless since they are ideal both just for mere entertainment but also for more professional scenarios like content creation. However, if you’re just starting, you might want to get used to the drone...


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