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Eachine E016H Quadcopter

Eachine E016H Quadcopter For Kids

Eachine E016H Quadcopter For Kids

Nowadays, due to the ever-increasing competition, beginners have a large variety of great drones to pick from. These beginner drones are great, regardless of your age or piloting skill level. You can pretty much use them from day one without needing much knowledge. However, not many of quadcopters are specially designed for kids, unlike the Eachine E016H.

The Eachine E016H is not only a cheap beginner-friendly quadcopter but, it is one designed in a durable and efficient manner so it’s the best suit for kids. It is very affordable and extremely safe with features that will enable any newbie to have an entertaining flight experience. We will take a deeper look at E016H quadcopter in this article.

Design and Durability

Every drone features various points of failure and none of them are indestructible. You can bump them into things at high speeds and can crash them from considerable heights. The point is, drones can be destroyed quite easily. This might be the case of the E016H too but, this drone comes with effective design.

Since the E016H is a quadcopter designed for kids, Eachine thought well about most flight scenarios and reinforced this drone with a durable and safe design. Its smart design minimizes the chances of destroying your drone even in the case of a crash. It features a protective cover that is fully detachable and even a kid can remove it. The whole quad is built out of durable plastic that will increase its life span. These features will enable the drone to keep on flying even if it hits some objects.

Eachine E016H Quadcopter


In case you end up destroying your toy, Eachine offers users the luxury to buy any replacement parts for their vehicles. You can easily find spare parts for the controller board, the body frame, the protective cover and anything else you might need. This benefit is offered for most drones ever built by Eachine.

Besides the safety, it features, the E016H also has a highly-attractive look. It has a total size of 8.8 x 8.8 x 3 cm which makes it easily transportable, even if you’re a kid. The bottom part of the frame is black, whilst the top one has a light green color. Its colors and the LEDs it features make this drone ideal even for winter or night-time flying.

The remote controller is designed intuitively, featuring the same black and green colors present on the drone. It measures 10 x 6cm and it comes equipped with all of the basic buttons needed by a beginner. The drone is very easy to pilot as you can use both the controller or the native mobile app.


Even if the Eachine E016H might be a quadcopter designed for kids it still delivers some very promising performances. The performances are not as good as in a DJI drone but, they are top-notch for the price range of this toy.

At first glance, the drone has a maximum flight time of around 8 minutes. Considering its small size and the affordable price, 8 minutes is more than most beginner drones deliver. Fortunately, it comes with two, or even three batteries in the package, allowing you to have a total flight time of over 16 minutes. If you want to increase its performances you can detach the protecting cover or you can buy multiple other spare batteries.

Eachine E016H Features

Although the Eachine E016H is a slightly powerful quadcopter, you shouldn’t expect top speeds since it’s designed for kids. It features three different flight modes that can allow any beginner to learn the ropes of drone piloting. After you get used with the minimum speeds you can easily increase its performance by tapping a button and experiencing the true potential of this toy.


Even if the Eachine E016H quadcopter is designed for kids, its advanced features can satisfy the needs of any beginner, regardless of his age. Although its features are quite basic in the world of drones, they are rarely met in the vehicles from this price range. The following features are suitable for all skill levels, making the drone easy-to-use but also quite enjoyable.

Often, most beginners tend to struggle with the take-off and landing of the drone, this being the part where most crashes occur. Although those crashes are minimal, they can be easily avoided with a One Key Return mode. This feature enables the drone to take-off and land autonomously, minimizing the chances of a crash ever occurring. Moreover, once the batteries are out, the drone will return to its initial take-off place all by itself.

The “H” letter in the name of the drone gives out a very important feature, the Headless Mode. Although this mode is quite fundamental in the market, it is very important as beginners and kids find it hard to orient the drone while piloting it. With the headless mode, the controls stay consistent, regardless of the orientation of the drone. Moreover, you can use autonomous gyro calibration in case the drone starts to fly unusually.

If you want to bring a bit of fun into the mix, the drone also features autonomous Flips and 3D Rolls. Even if this feature is not essential for flight performance, it can be very entertaining, especially in a drone designed for kids. As long as you are at a good height you can perform this kind of maneuvers with the touch of a single button.


Eachine E016H Package

Eachine is a famous quadcopter manufacturer, and their E016H model designed for kids surely doesn’t disappoint. It comes with a smart and very safe design, making it an ideal option for beginners of all ages. It has quite an eye-catching look with very durable and easily changeable parts. Its performances are quite average in the overall market but a complete steal considering its dirt-cheap price.

The features are fundamental for any drone but quite useful and entertaining for beginners. This drone might not have a camera. But, that only enables Eachine to further lower the manufacturing price of this device. With a basic price of $15.99 with one battery or as high as $21.99 with three batteries, the E016H drone is an ideal choice for kids.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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