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Flysight F350 Combo Quadcopter

Flysight F350 Combo New Quadcopter

Flysight F350 Combo Quadcopter

The drone market is quite substantial with a countless stream of new vehicles getting released every month. As a beginner, you will want to get something that doesn’t require much setting up and can be used right away. That’s the reason why a ready-to-fly quadcopter like the Flysight F350 Combo is a great choice for beginners.

Ready-to-fly drones don’t require assembling and are usually working based on a plug-n-play concept. This means that you can use the drone from day one, without needing any extra parts or an enhanced skill level. This F350 drone is a basic model with a good camera and gimbal system plus a multitude of useful features. It all comes at an affordable price offering good value for money.


It is expected for the drone to come in three different colors. The one combination of colors that have been featured in all promotional materials are black and orange. The body frame has a black coating that comes with a nice number of orange details and elements. This combination offers the drone an eye-catching and unique look.

The overall design is quite bulky suggesting the durability of this flying vehicle. It looks nothing like the drones found in our 2019 top list. They all come with a classic design that is quite different from the unique approach Flysight took with this vehicle.

The F350 features a pair of landing legs covering the sides of the drone. This gives it an increased hight that can protect the drone in case of crashes. However, the hight is meant to enable the utilization of the camera which is mounted on a gimbal underneath the body of the drone.

Flysight F350 Combo Quadcopter

F350 Specifications:

  • F350 Drone with camera
  • Main Rotor: 9-inch Propeller
  • Gross Weight: 685g(including battery)
  • Motor Size: 2212 brushless
  • ESC: 18A brushless
  • Receiver: 8channels
  • RC Transmitter: 8channels 2.4Ghz
  • Battery: 11.1V 3600mAh LiPo
  • Flight time: 15-19 mins
  • Control Range: 1.3-1.5km
  • Brushless Gimble: 2-Axis brushless gimbal
  • Gimble Control Range: -45º~+45º(Roll) -135º~+90º(Pitch)
  • Charger Output Voltage Range: 15-20V
  • Current Output: 1000mA
  • Current Input: 0.6-1A


This is a drone that doesn’t feature a built-in camera. Such an aspect has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on the needs of the end-user. If you want something of high quality, being able to attach an external camera like a GoPro will prove helpful. However, that might increase the costs sometimes, making the drone less available to beginners.

The good part is that the Flysight F350 quadcopter combo comes with a GoPro camera in the package. This will enable users to record content that is of higher quality at a price point that is quite affordable. A standalone camera will always give out better performances than a built-in one.

The drone also comes with a gimbal system that holds the standalone camera. This will provide better image stability, resulting in more clear footage of an overall higher-quality. When using the drone in FPV mode, the calibration of the image will also prove helpful in understanding your surroundings.

The images recorded by the GoPro will be in a FullHD 1080p resolution. That will prove good enough both for drone piloting but also for content creation. As an FPV device, you will be able to fully operate the drone by using your mobile phone.

Flysight F350 Quadcopter Combo:

  • Complete FPV system
  • Optional 32CH 2W TX module for up to 9KM wireless video transmission
  • GoPro style action camera
  • 32CH 7″ FPV LCD screen with foldable sunshade
  • High landing skids;
  • Available in 3 different color combinations
Flysight F350


Although the price point of this drone is quite accessible to most people, the performances it delivers are right there at the top of the market. This drone packs a 3600mAh LiPo battery that will easily provide a maximum flight time of 15-19 minutes. That will prove satisfying for most users. If you want to fly your vehicle constantly, buying extra batteries it’s advised.

The transmitter found in this combination is also of a top-quality being able to transmit a highly-powerful signal. It is a 5.8GHz wireless transmitter capable of reaching out to a maximum transmitter range of 4-9km, depending on the version you choose. The transmitter itself packs a 1000mAh battery.


The drone also packs several useful features that will enable any beginner to use it from day one. The drone is most notably known for its Return Home function that can be applied by the switch of a single button. Once this function is on, the drone will automatically return to its starting point and land without any assistance from the pilot.

Such an automatic feature is ideal for beginners that aren’t ready to land the drone yet. Also, in case you lose signal for any reason, the Return Home function will take over and land your drone autonomously. This is very beneficial as it minimizes the chances of a crash occurring.


The Flysight F350 quadcopter combo package is quite a great choice for beginners looking to get a device packed with a quality standalone camera. It features some impressive performances and useful features. Although its flight capabilities are not that unusual, considering the extra GoPro you receive, its starting price of $246 on Alibaba is worth it.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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flysight-f350-combo-quadcopter Flysight F350 Combo Quadcopter The drone market is quite substantial with a countless stream of new vehicles getting released every month. As a beginner, you will want to get something that doesn’t require much setting up and can be used right away. That’s the reason...


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