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K5 Mini Nano Drone Review

K5 Mini Nano Drone New Review

K5 Mini Nano Drone Review

As drones are becoming more popular, more people show their interest in owning one. Not everybody was able to have such a vehicle in the beginning due to the higher prices. However, everybody can own a cheap beginner drone nowadays, like the K5 Mini Nano that we’ll show in this review. 

We are going to cover this toy drone from every possible angle, finding its strengths and weaknesses. Considering the dirt-cheap price of this drone, the K5 Mini Nano will surely prove to be a great choice, as we will prove through our review. 

Design and Build 

The design of this drone is quite unique when compared to some of its bigger and more popular brothers. However, the concept adopted is not that strange to other micro drones aiming to give the user full mobility. The K5 Mini has a foldable design with foldable motor arms that enables the drone to take up a compact size

This toy-grade vehicle is small enough to be brought anywhere. It is also small enough to be piloted in environments of any dimension, enabling the user to make some impressive maneuvers. The drone can be easily stored within the remote control, something that further enhances its mobility. 

It features an ABS plastic coating to enhance the durability of this tiny whoop. It also features a searchlight in the front, meant to enhance the visibility in case of darker environments. However, this drone doesn’t have a built-in camera but it’s understandable at its low price

K5 Mini Nano Drone Review


  • Altitude Hold Function
  • One Key Auto Take-off/ Landing
  • 3D Flips & High-Speed Spin
  • Alternative Charging Option
  • Portability
  • ABS Plastic Coating
  • 7 Minutes of Flight Time
  • 50 Meters Flying Range


The performance of a drone is quite a key point and the K5 Mini Nano comes with an interesting situation. On average, you can reach a maximum flight time of around 7 minutes. This is quite good for a drone of this size that can’t pack a large battery. However, the downside is that the battery is built-in and the replacement process is a bit complicated. 

If you want to get a few extra batteries and have the all-around flying experience, you would have to unscrew the body-frame, change the battery and then reassemble everything back. That seems like a bit of work and, with a 30-minutes battery charging time, the performances are not that ideal. 

Unlike some larger drones like the HS230 and Storm Racing SRD280 that come packed with three different flight speeds, the K5 only has two. This will still enable beginner pilots to get a good grip on how to use this toy-grade drone. The toy can be used both indoors and outdoors but, it is recommended to avoid the outdoors since the K5 can’t withstand windy conditions. 

The controlled rage of this drone is around 50 meters at maximum. This is not ideal when compared to professional drones but, when considering its use case scenario, 50 meters should be enough for any beginner. 


Although the performances of this quad can’t compete with the top brands, the K5 still makes up for all that in the features department. This compact package is ideal for training and learning the ropes of drone piloting before buying something more professional and expensive. Its quiet and lightweight nature, packed with features makes the K5 ideal for beginners. 

K5 Mini Nano Headless Mode

The drone has a combination of beginner-friendly and entertaining features. If you want to have a bit of fun and perform some eye-catching maneuvers, you can always use the 360-degree feature. Simply push the button and the drone will do the rest of the work. 

Moreover, the drone packs a headless mode and altitude hold. The headless mode will automatically change the orientation of your drone while the altitude hold will keep the drone stable in the air. Both of these features will make the K5 easier to fly and greatly minimize the chances of a crash ever occurring.

Remote Controller

The remote controller of a drone is an essential element since. It represents the one thing that you will interact with the most. Most controllers on the market are built in the same manner, with a bulky design and a phone stand at the best. However, the team behind K5 rethought this concept and designed a unique-looking controller.

The controller has a round design with plenty of stylish elements that make it stand out. Unfortunately, you can’t control your phone but, that wouldn’t be necessary as the drone doesn’t have a camera. All of the essential buttons are located under the controllers, giving you a lot of mobility. Strong plastic protects the remote control.


The K5 Mini Nano Drone showcased in the above review certainly has a lot of potential. It is not as feature and performance-packed as some professional alternatives but it is good enough for its price tag. With decent performances and entertaining features, at a price of only $19 on Amazon, this toy could represent a great beginner and training drone for many.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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k5-mini-nano-drone-review K5 Mini Nano Drone Review As drones are becoming more popular, more people show their interest in owning one. Not everybody was able to have such a vehicle in the beginning due to the higher prices. However, everybody can own a cheap beginner drone nowadays,...


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