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Visuo Zen K1

Visuo Zen K1 Review

Visuo Zen K1

People all around the world have different ideas of why they are buying a drone. Some of them are movie makers that want to create awesome aerial footage, some of them are just vloggers, or maybe they want to be one. There are some people who just want to capture a memory. It doesn’t matter in which category you are in the Visuo Zen K1 is a good choice for you. The drone is built with a 4K camera, it has many intelligent flight modes, Optical Flow Positioning, GPS positioning and a great design. All that for under 200$. If you become interested to read this Visuo Zen K1 Quadcopter Review to take a deeper look into the pros and cons of this aircraft.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x RC Quadcopter ( Battery Included ),
  • 1x Remote Control,
  • 1 x USB Cable,
  • 2 x Blade ( 1 x A, 1 x B ),
  • 1 x 9.5cm Screwdriver,
  • 1 x User Manual

Specs and features:

  • Dual positioning system (GPS for outdoor & Optical flow for indoor);
  • 1806 1200KV brushless motors;
  • Smart flight modes (Intelligent following, Gesture control and Point of interest);
  • Up to 60KM/hour flight speed;
  • 4K frontal and 720P down looking camera;
  • Remote camera angle adjustment;
  • 5G WiFi real-time image transmission;
  • 2048 x 1088 video resolution and 4096 x 3072 photo resolution;
  • Super long flight time (up to 30 minutes);
  • Up to 1KM control distance.
Visuo Zen K1

Design and structure

At first look, you might notice that this drone has some similarities with the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. Which is perfectly normal, small drone manufacturers tend to the habit to copy the already successful drones. It might not be fair, or ethical but at least they won’t screw up with a badly designed drone.

As you know this is a foldable drone, which nowadays is becoming more and more popular among the drones. It’s very practical and gives the drone a big plus in the practicality and design section as well. The drone measures 28×23.5×7 cm in his unfolded form and having a weight of around 0.5 kg. When you fold it the drone becomes only 11x17x7 cm which gives you a great opportunity to transport in basically everywhere, maybe even in your pockets. The drone is built with durable plastic that guards him against smaller crashes and accidents. However, be very careful, you never know which one is your last crash with the drone.

At the front and the back, you can find 2-2 LEDs that indicate the front and the back of the drone. The drone is built with brushless motors that last longer, is more powerful and more quieter than a brushed motor. So if you buy a drone make sure to buy a brushless motor, otherwise your life together with your drone won’t be a long one.  

Remote control

The remote control basically looks like an Xbox or PlayStation controller with a phone holder. It looks really ergonomic and has a nice ergonomic design and feels really comfortable. The receiver has 4 buttons (headless mode, one-key return, power button, and geometrical calibration) and two joysticks (throttle and direction control) which are placed in perfect symmetry. In the middle, you have a little LED screen that shows you the following data about the drone: 2.4 signal, photo/video indicator, altitude, distance, direction, power.  In order to make the remote control work, you have to place in the receiver three AA batteries (not included).

Visuo Zen K1 Package

But if you connect the drone to your phone you can see even more info about the drone. Besides, the FPV ability that allows you to see what the camera sees you can find additional Infos about the speed, zoom, image clarity, lens rotation, etc;. And of course, you can access a variety of intelligent flight modes.


As we told you before the drone has a 4K camera, but only the photos will be in 4K, the videos taken will be the only 2K, but that is quite good as well, and it’s a great deal for a price like that. The camera has a 120° wide-angle lens which can be moved up or down. The camera can connect to your phone with a 5G strong signal, so in optimal conditions, you won’t have any lag or delay. But the camera has quite a big minus which is the fact that it doesn’t have a gimbal on the drone however, it has a stabilization feature in the app. Which maybe it’s not the best, but it’s more than nothing and believe it or not it helps a lot on the quality of the picture.

And if you thought that’s all for the camera section then you are wrong. Because this drone comes with another camera on the bottom of the drone. And this camera comes with the basic package, no additional payment needed. The second camera is a 720p camera. You can switch between the cameras with just one click. Having a secondary camera is a great opportunity to make great footage and transactions if you make a video about a certain subject. But if you want to synchronize the quality of the two cameras you have to reduce the main camera quality to 720p as well. You win some, you lose some.

Flight modes

Tracking – Lock the drones focus on any subject (in the move and still) and the drone will follow it and you can record at the same time. That subject can be you or any other moving object or person, just make sure that the object you are following isn’t going faster then your done. Making videos this way helps you a lot, and looks cool or any footage, but also allows you to make a good video about sport events.

Point of Interest – Select a point on the drone app and the drone will circuit that position. The height will be chosen by you. And you can switch the point of interest anytime you want.

Zen K1

Waypoint – This is a great feature that you can find in every other more expensive drone. For this feature, you need your phone and to draw a line on the screen of your phone and the drone will go on that route. This is an important feature because you don’t have to make any effort to make a smooth and interesting video. There is also a gesture control mode. It is mainly for taking video and images, however, for this, you have to be really close to your drone.

One Key Return – This is another great thing that just makes your life easier. When you want to land your drone you only have to press this button that you can find on the remote controller. The drone will automatically land on the point where he took off. This feature work passively as well, when the battery is low or the drone is too far from you the aircraft will return and land automatically. So it’s a great safety feature as well.

If you become interested check out the prices on the following websites: Banggood, Gearbest, Aliexpress.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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visuo-zen-k1 Visuo Zen K1 People all around the world have different ideas of why they are buying a drone. Some of them are movie makers that want to create awesome aerial footage, some of them are just vloggers, or maybe they want to be one. There...


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