Qcopter QC1 Quadcopter


Qcopter QC1 Quadcopter

The Qcopter QC1 Quadcopter is a powerful and good looking drone that fits in the low budget drone category being a drone that costs less than 100$. It has a lot of benefits but mainly this drone is for hobby photographers and drone users. A professional photographer or filmmaker won’t enjoy it for sure. But for a person who would use it only occasionally, on vacation or when it’s boring it could be a perfect gift (for others or even yourself).

What’s in the box?

  • The Qcopter QC1 drone;
  • Remote control;
  • The battery and 1 extra battery;
  • USB charger;
  • Two extra propellers;
  • Screwdriver and screws;
  • User manual.
  • Flight experience

The fact that increases your fun with this drone is the fact that it is built with a brushless motor just like the Potensic D85, which is one of the greatest creations in the mid-range quality game. Having a brushless motor has so many benefits, so when looking for a drone pay attention to this aspect.  A brushless motor consumes less energy but produces more power and it’s way more silent than a brushed one. This is why the drone has quite a long flight time, around 15 minutes, and this is quite much for a drone with this metric. Also because of the powerful motor and the sturdy airframe, the drone can resist even a slight wind. But there’s even more, the drone has a pretty unique feature, the wind speed compensation switch, which allows the owner to have better control over the drone under windy conditions. So there is absolutely no benefit of having a drone with a brushed motor.

Qcopter QC1 Quadcopter Front

The drone is really solid in the air and it’s absolutely controllable. All this is due to the awesome aerodynamics and the 6-axis gyro. The drone is also capable of flying in a headless mode, this function allows the user to operate the drone with ease, regardless of its direction. Having a feature like this improves the quality of your footage and helps you a lot when you are flying at a high altitude. Another helpful feature is the return home option that you can enable by pressing only one button and the drone will return to the position where he took-off.


The comes in two vivid colors, red and green, this way the chances that you lose your drone are less. On the front, there is mounted a bright blue LED which you can enable anytime, so therefore your drone is safe even in the night time. Despite the fact that the quad’s airframe is made from plastic, it is surprisingly durable and massive. It’s able to withstand almost any minor crashes. For extra protection, the blades are guarded in 45 degrees by four white fan guards, which adapts to the quad’s look.

Remote Controller

The design of the RC is a bit old fashioned. The dominant color is white with little black details and a small LED screen that shows you info about the drone.  It doesn’t fit perfectly in your hands but it’s very responsive and easy to use. All the buttons and functionalities are easy to use. The major parts of the controller include the antenna which is a 2.4 GHz, 4-Channel wireless antenna, the headless mode/RTH button on the left side, and the barrel roll button situated on the right. With the two joysticks, you can control the pitch, speed, direction, and inclination. The RC also has a phone holder where you can hold your phone with the manufacturer’s app. If you have the app you can follow your camera’s action live, and you can also take videos or photos through your phone. 

Others opinion about the drone:

“This drone was very easy to fly for my daughters they figured out themselves how to fly. They each had their own drone but they were able to fly them at the same time. They each got the hang of flying the drones in the first couple of minutes. Their flight time was around 15 to 20 minutes.”

“Really enjoying my first drone, I would recommend this to everyone, easy to fly and the seller made good job making sure you are well informed ahead of its arrival by sending instructions in video format, exceptional customer service. I found the longer flight time a huge plus when shopping for a drone, and I’m glad I fount it, I plan on ordering two more for Christmas gifts for the grown-up kids.”

“The instructional video helped me a lot. Also, the SD card might already be in the camera if you don’t see it in the packaging. My teenager says he loves it and was shocked to receive this drone for his birthday. It does take good pictures and videos, but they aren’t viewable on the remote – you have to connect to a computer to view.”

Qcopter QC1 Quadcopter Up


The drone is one of the best choices for everyone who hasn’t owned a drone before. You can either buy it for yourself or for a beloved person. With this drone, everyone will be capable of learning the basics and having a taste of how’s life with a drone. And if you like it you can upgrade your drone to a better one. But first, definitely start with a cheaper one.

If you’re interested in purchasing this drone check out the Green Design and the Red Design.



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