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Jettime JT63 Quadcopter Review

Jettime JT63 Quadcopter Review

Jettime JT63 Quadcopter Review

Nowadays the drone market is full of camera drones, like the Poweregg X 3, which has one the best camera out there. These drones are of course more expensive because of the camera. But maybe you’re here and you don’t need a camera drone, you just want to enjoy the sweet feeling of flying. Well, then I got good news for you. Because in this Jettime JT63 Quadcopter Review we will show you one of the best drones which don’t have a camera.

Because of that fact, this drone could be the perfect drone even for your children who maybe don’t care about the camera. Besides that, if there would be any camera on their drone they probably would make blurry photos and videos. That’s why it’s better for everyone to have a drone without a camera, especially for your wallet.


  • Max Control Range:50m
  • Battery Capacity:800mAh
  • Package Dimensions:8.2 x 6 x 2.7 inches
  • Manufacturer recommended age: up to 8 years old
  • Flight Time:10-12mins x 2 Charge type:USB charge
  • Charge time: About 45mins

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x RC Drone (with manual)
  • 1 x transmitter (batteries not included)
  • 2 x battery ( USB charging cable)
  • 2 x additionals blades
  • 4 x extra propeller guards
  • 1 x screwdriver

Who Should Buy this drone?

Jettime JT63 Quadcopter Package Review

The Jettime JT63 is a good quadcopter for people that want a perfect gift for their kids, their nephews, and nieces, people who don’t care about cameras and nice pics as we’ll show in this review. The best thing is that this drone does not cost much and so you can afford to buy a few of them to gift all of your kids. This is not a camera drone, but you already know that by now. Therefore, you can only buy it for the flips and rolls and the enjoyment to control an aircraft. It is small enough though to carry in your pockets or your backpack.

Design and build

We talk about a foldable drone that is small and lightweight enough to transport it pretty much anywhere. You don’t even need a foamed case for that. In his folded version it is even smaller than the palm of your hand, so you can even. You can toss it in your jacket pocket without feeling the weight. 

The exterior casing is made of strong ABS plastic to protect the hardware inside the drone, from minor crashes. You can also attach the prop guards if you feel that you’re going to break it. This part shields the drone even more and makes it possible for the beginners to use it without worrying about anything. However, note that don’t fly this drone in rain or wind because it is too light in weight and it can fly away and vanish.

Remote controller

The remote controller is made of high-quality ABS plastic, just like the drone. It uses AAA batteries that are not in the package, so you have to buy them separately. The controller does not have a smartphone holder because it doesn’t need one, as it doesn’t have a camera. This is a solid controller, with many functions on it. It has buttons for each and every flight option, and it has responsive joysticks that are easy to maneuver. There is no noticeable discontinuation when you are executing commands.

Flight experience

This drone comes with two batteries to maximize your flight time. These are powerful performance batteries, easy to handle, you can easily remove and attach them safely, without any effort. Both batteries give you a flight time of 10  minutes, more or less. Which is under the average flight time of the drones in this category, that’s why the company gives you 2 sets of batteries. With them, you’ve got a decent flight time. The charge time of the batteries is 45 minutes, just the time a longer episode of a series takes

Also, the drone has some built-in functions which will give you a lot of joy, like:

  • One key take-off and landing

Press this button and the drone either takes off or comes back to land. You can also return it with one key and the good thing is that you will have an easy time controlling it. As long as there is no wind to carry it away, you can bring the drone home before the battery goes off.

  • 3D flips and Rolls

This drone can execute 3D flips and rolls, turning in 360 degrees in all directions. This is just a fun feature, to compensate for the absence of the camera. Please note: don’t do this indoors, because when the drone is executing this trick it will raise altitude and also move a little aside. And this feature drains pretty much from the battery

  • Altitude Hold

Choose the height that you want to fly this drone at and it will always fly at that height. You just have to worry about its horizontal control. Lock the drone to the safest height so that your kid can always see it, and at a height, you won’t break anything.

  • Headless mode

Never worry about which direction the drone is oriented. Just engage headless mode and the drone will fly in orientation to the position of the pilot, this is a fun feature if you want to go freestyle.

  • Flight distance

The drone will only fly to a distance of 50 meters maximum, which might sound little, but if you don’t have a camera you don’t need a big range. That is quite safe for such a small drone because it means you can see it all the time. 

Others’ opinion about the drone

“I was looking for a beginner type drone to see how easy they are to fly. I did not want to spend a lot of money to crash or lose one the more expensive one. This one was surprisingly easy to learn to fly and once I got the hang of the controls it was fun and with 2 speeds, the higher was pretty fast. I flew it up and down my street that has trees on each lot and was able to keep it out of them. It comes with 2 slides in batteries that last about 6 minutes each. Cool little drone for the money. The picture is the drone flying at night in the middle of my street.”

“This is a great drone. My 7 year old loved getting it for Christmas and played with it throughout the day. It seemed very sturdy and strong and did not break when it hit the wall. Which will happen as there is a big learning curve and seems to be pretty difficult to get the hang of? However, we didn’t have very long to try as one time when it crashed on the carpet, one of the blades flew off and the screw went missing. Extra blades were included, however, the screw is really what is needed”

“This drone is amazing! I mean, I stink at flying it, but my husband is pretty good. We got it for our son and I think we have had more fun than he will! We tried it out though before we wrapped it and honestly I know he’ll love it. It’s small, and not obnoxious, but “cool” enough I think he’ll enjoy it. Definitely nothing professional, but he just wants something to fly around and crash into things, so this is perfect. User-friendly and definitely fun.”


  • Comes with two batteries for double flight time
  • Kids learn how to fly this drone easily
  • Battery charges fast – in 45 minutes
  • Folds and packs very small
  • Blade guards for the propellers
  • Nice remote controller


  • It is small and cheap so it lacks some important features
  • It is not a camera drone

Final conclusion

The Jettime JT63 from our review is a good Quadcopter, but it’s oriented for kids. So if you don’t have any idea what to buy for their birthday then you have the answer. You can fly it indoors and outdoors as well, just be aware that the weather is good and there won’t be any wind. It’s easy to use and with all the flight options this drone will give you a lot of joy.

If you’re interested you can buy it from Amazon.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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jettime-jt63-quadcopter-review Jettime JT63 Quadcopter Review Nowadays the drone market is full of camera drones, like the Poweregg X 3, which has one the best camera out there. These drones are of course more expensive because of the camera. But maybe you’re here and you don’t need...


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