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Potensic D88 Quadcopter Review

Potensic D88 Quadcopter Review

Potensic D88 Quadcopter Review

Most of you guys know people that own a drone. And I’m more than sure that you imagined at least once how should it be own a drone. Well, if the description is right for you then this is your lucky day. Nowadays they are more companies in the drone market then every. And because they all want you to buy their drone, not one from a rival they lower their price as possible. If you don’t want to spend more than 300-400$ for a drone that is perfectly understandable. There are many companies that offer you cheap drones with good quality. One of these companies is Potensic, and you should check out their newest product, the D88. It has a pretty good camera, some intelligent flight modes, and nice control. So you get everything you might need from a drone. If you’re interested and want to see all the good and bad parts of the drone in this Potensic D88 Quadcopter Review

What’s inside the box?

The drone comes in a really cool metal case, but I think that it’s a bit overpriced, so my advice is to try to buy it without the case. If you’re a bit careful a backpack is just fine to transport the drone.

  • Potensic D88 GPS Camera Drone
  • Remote Controller
  • Battery
  • Battery Charging Hub (Supports up to two batteries)
  • Travel Case
  • User Manual


We talk about a foldable drone, which is good for traveling or when you want to pack stuff in your backpack and then squeeze the drone right in. You also have some LEDs under the arms, and they are looking really cool.

This drone also comes with brushless motors, more exactly it has 1350KV motors. If you have been around the drone market you must know the benefits of brushless motors. First, they do not overheat that fast. They require minimal care and maintenance, they are more reliable and last, they are quieter and they last a long time. 

Potensic D88 Quadcopter Review with box


The camera of this drone is a 2K one, which is not that far away from a 4k. However, it has only a one-axis gimbal which is more than nothing but it could be better, like a 3-axis gimbal, which you can find on a DJI Spark. Anyway, it’s better to have a gimbal for stabilization than software to do the stabilization, it will never be that good. You also have FPV for the drone, so you are able to have real-time transmission, but for that, you have to download the app, and you must have a 5G capable phone.

The camera angle can be adjusted in a way that the propellers will no longer be in the image. Also, the camera has a fisheye effect. This gives you the feeling of a sports camera, but personally I’m not a fan of those. I like to have clear and realistic footage. But after the recording, you can modify of course the footage to get a perfect and flat image.


The transmitter is a key part when we talk about the drone. It has to look good, to be comfortable and to have a relatively long range. And the Potensic nailed all of this with this transmitter. Overall, the transmitter is quite small, so it doesn’t need much space in your drone case or backpack. However, it’s still pretty ergonomic and has a nice feel. It has all the main parts that it should have, like two throttles a small screen in the middle and the buttons for different operations. Also, it has a foldable phone holder as well. So basically you have everything you need.

Flight experience

Before the flight you will have to calibrate the drone, for this you will find all the details in the instruction manual. It’s just basic movement that you have to do with the drone and you’re all set. After this, you can connect to your phone, so you have FPV transmission and you don’t have to take photos blindly. Also, when you’re connected to the app you will see a nice interface with some useful information like how many satellites you have, distance, height, battery level on both the drone and the remote.

You might face some difficulties with the drone-like if for some reason it loses signal the aircraft will no longer be connected to the app, even if you are in range. In that case, if you started the recording on your phone you won’t be able to stop the recording. And you have to disconnect the wireless connection between the two devices, and then reconnect. 

With this drone, you also get some intelligent flight modes like a waypoint, return home, orbit mode or follow me mode. Most of these flight modes work pretty well no matter if the app is working or not, you still will have the footage saved on the SD card. And no matter the wi-fi connection the drone will always finish his course due to the GPS. The follow-me mode is also really uncertain, it looks like you have a low FPV game, because the movement of the drone isn’t really fluent. It follows you well and everything but the footage won’t be usable. 

Potensic D88 Package


The Potensic D88 Quadcopter showcased in this review is gifted with a lot of useful parts, inside and outside as well. The camera is pretty good, but the stabilization needs some improvement. However, the worst part is the app, which has trends to freeze sometimes. After a few times, this can get you a headache. But if you’re a calm and patient person then it shouldn’t be a problem for you.


  • The battery lasts a long time
  • Brushless motors give a high-quality flight time
  • Good camera quality
  • Nice charging hub that can take two batteries
  • Sold with a spare set of rotors
  • Nice packaging, aluminum case for storage and travel
  • Has a slot for SD card – up to 32GB


  • Long charging time as is common with high capacity batteries
  • Calibrating the gyro is hard for the first-timer
  • Bad app interface

You can buy the drone from Amazon and Aliexpress.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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potensic-d88-quadcopter-review Potensic D88 Quadcopter Review Most of you guys know people that own a drone. And I’m more than sure that you imagined at least once how should it be own a drone. Well, if the description is right for you then this is your lucky...


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