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PowerEgg X 3-axis AI Camera Quadcopter

PowerEgg X 3-axis AI Camera Quadcopter

PowerEgg X 3-axis AI Camera Quadcopter

This drone will be the ultimate support for you to take amazing pictures. If you take photos with this drone the reactions on your photos will be doubled. Basically this is not even a drone, this is a professional selfie camera with its own AI which can be used as a drone. It’s just amazing the technology in this quadcopter. Maybe you’ve seen drones which were made only to take photos, like the Hover Camera, but this PowerEgg X 3-axis AI Camera Quadcopter, which was presented in the CES 2020, takes your photo game to a whole new level. With the built-in AI you will never be out of frame or out of focus. And besides all of that, you will be able to take aerial and watery photos.

Pricing and availability

The PowerEgg X is currently available with two options. The PowerEgg X Explorer kit, which is basically the basic kit costs $899 and includes the drone, the controller, one battery, a charger, and a set of rotors. With this option, you won’t be able to use it in the rain. And there is the PowerEgg X Wizard kit which costs $1,249 and includes all of the above plus pontoons for landing on water, a water-resistant shell for the drone, an extra battery, and three sets of rotors, this set for the real players. With this second option, you will be able to take epic photos in the rain. But after all, I don’t think that it’s a big loss if you buy only the Explorer kit.

Design and build

First, the drone has a simplified look, without any sportish or aggressive detail. It’s basically like an American football ball or as an egg, from its name. The white color gives the drone a stylish elegant look. All the accessories are matching really well, both technically and aesthetically as well. The drone measures 50×63.5×13 cm and it weighs 860 grams, therefore you will need an FAA registration for this aircraft. And you won’t be able to use it anywhere, the rules about drones differ in each and every country, so before you use it abroad check out the rules about the usage of drones.

PowerEgg X AI Quadcopter

The drone has a flight time up to 30 minutes, which is a bit more than the average flight time of the drones with a camera. The drone can achieve a speed of 60 km/h which is pretty impressive, but if you fly it constantly at this high speed the battery time will be reduced significantly. However, if you use it only as a camcorder the battery can resist around 4 hours, which is a decent time.

Water resistance

Now,  let’s talk about the water-resistance because with this a flying camera you can take incredible photos on and in the water as well. For this, you have a pair of pontoons that you have to strap to its arms, and it will work like seaplane so you can safely land it in the water. You also have a clear and transparent shell for water. I don’t recommend you to put that underwater, but you will be able to take photos in the rain for sure. The manufacturer flew the drone under a curtain of water, without any negative effects. So no matter where you are going to travel, in England where it is always raining or on an island where there is a beautiful sea, you will get your desired photos to show off before others. 


In the front of the device, there is a gimbal-mounted 3-axis camera that can take video at an incredible resolution of 4K/60 fps.

You’re not amazed yet? Alright, let’s continue, because there is more! As I told you in the introduction this is not just a drone, this is basically a camera that can fly. Which means you can use it it’s camera handheld as well. You can detach all the arms and everything that might disturb you and clip on a hand strap, turning the drone into a camcorder. But if you feel insecure holding the camera in your hand because you think all the photos will be blurry then don’t worry because there is a place on the drone for a tripod so you can even film yourself.


Due to non-identifiable global big data the company improved the cameras AI to lock precisely on a single face, even in a crowded place. Also, after the camera has locked on you you can move in a 170-degree field of motion and the camera with the 3-axis gimbal will follow you. I’m sure that you already saw videos on social media and platforms where the speaker went out of the frame and when they came back they weren’t centered and the focus was bad. Well, with this camera this won’t happen. You also can attach a phone to serve as a monitor so you can follow the live feed of the drone.

PowerEgg X AI Quadcopter Egg design

The drone’s smart camera recognizes hand gestures as well. You can make different hand gestures in order to command the drone to do different actions. Therefore you can just put down the drone and it will start recording whenever you’re ready, without having to set different countdowns or to have any remote controller in your hand. But that’s not the only thing that helps up the editing process. There’s a feature called SyncVoice, which lets you speak into your smartphone to narrate a video while the drone is recording. Your voice will then be combined with the video track, this is a great feature for all the vloggers out there. This will overwrite whatever the drone’s microphone is recording, so it will save you from the annoying sound of the motors. 


This PowerEgg X AI Quadcopter Egg design can be a real game-changer in the drone market. The only disadvantage of the company is the fact that they are not as well known as the GoPro and the DJI. I believe that the quality and performance of these drones are equal, however, being an underdog in the drone industry is a hard thing.

However, the drone has everything a drone might need, stability, good camera, good control, improved features, etc. The only disadvantage might be the fact that it doesn’t have as many intelligent flight options or sensors that other drones in this price range. But on the other hand, you have the water-resistance which gives it a big plus. One thing is sure, video makers are living in a golden age concerning all the gadgets out there, and this is just the beginning.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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poweregg-x-3-axis-ai-camera-quadcopter PowerEgg X 3-axis AI Camera Quadcopter This drone will be the ultimate support for you to take amazing pictures. If you take photos with this drone the reactions on your photos will be doubled. Basically this is not even a drone, this is a professional...


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