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UpAir 2 Quadcopter Review

UpAir 2 Quadcopter Review

UpAir 2 Quadcopter Review

Today we will present to you a quite unique looking and special drone. Nowadays if your drone can’t do something special or doesn’t look unusual (in a good way) you’re lost. But the UpAir 2 drone nailed this quest. They added 2 more cameras to the usual one camera. Personally I like this concept very much, but I like more what this drone is able to do. If you want to find out as well, read this UpAir 2 Quadcopter Review


  • Total Weight: 1350g
  • Wheelbase: 355mm
  • Controller Communication Distance: About 4200ft
  • Image Transmission Communication Distance: About 4200ft
  • Propeller: 9450 Motors: 2212
  • Intelligent Flight Battery: Lithium, 5100 mAh
  • Flight time: 24 Mins
  • Remote Control Battery: Rechargeable 1500mAh
  • Video format: MP4 and MOV (SD card supported)

What’s in the box?

  • 1x UPair 2 Drone body
  • 1x Gimbal+Camera
  • 1 x Drone Battery
  • 1x RC battery
  • 1x Battery Charger
  • 1 x Remote Controller
  • 4x Propellers
  • 1 x Quick Start Instruction

Build and design

The first thing that you notice about this drone is the fact that it has 3 cameras (we’re going to talk about that later) and has a very stylish look. Also, the more experienced drone fans can observe that it look a bit like the Phantom 4. The dashing white color also helps in a decent look. The drone weighs quite a bit, more exactly 1.25kg.  Therefore you will need to register it with the FAA before you can fly it. It is a huge drone and it is quite tempting and impressive to everyone who sees it. It has 2 big bumpers to protect the precious camera from any damage.


Let’s talk about the best and most exciting part of the drone. It’s called a 3-eye camera drone because it has three lenses which look like 3 eyes. The main lens is 16MP, which is great for still photos and videos. The middle one is a 4K UHD lens that works best for videos, while the other two are 2K FHD lenses. Overall this is a 3D+4K camera and with it, you will capture 3D videos. All that is supported with a 3-axis gimbal which was made with high precision, you will capture high quality and sharp videos even when the drone is in mid-flight. The angle of the camera is also adjustable from -90 degrees to 10 degrees from the controller.

To unleash the full potential of the drone you can download the app caller UpAir. With that, you can enable the drones FPV feature so you may enjoy watching your videos in real-time. Still, on FPV mode, the advanced 5.8 GHz WI-Fi transmission makes it possible to transmit clear videos, but you will need a 5G capable phone for that. The video transmission has a pretty long distance of more than 2.5 kilometers. 

UpAir 2 Quadcopter Package Review


The UpAir 2 Ultrasonic 3D+4K drone has an intelligent battery. The battery has a capacity of 5100mAh, this battery is able to give the drone around 20 minutes of flight time.  Considering the weight of the drone it’s a really good time, with that battery the drone also needs to make some processing with the footage so that 20 minutes is great.

When we call this one an intelligent battery, it is because it is able to tell you the battery level through some LED lights. But when the battery will run critically low the UpAir 2 automatically comes back home, to the place it was launched.


Just like the drone, the controller also comes in white color. It has a smartphone holder to maximize your FPV experience. It is ergonomic in design so it fits perfectly in your hands. It has all the flight controls marked with small icons, so it’s very intuitive and beginner-friendly. But everything you see on the controller you can access it from the app as well. 

Flight experience

Now we know all the important info about the drone. But let’s see how well it flies. After all, this drone weighs more than 1KG. First of all, it has sensors so you will keep the drone as safe as possible. This works whether the GPS is available or not. It is a great feature for everyone to keep their drone safe, but more for the beginners. 

It also has some useful intelligent flight options as well, which will help you in the control but in the movie-making process as well. One of the most used and most useful features is the Follow Me mode, I guess all of you might’ve heard about this. Even the cheapest drones are able to perform this feature, but with a camera like this, you can do magic with it. The other useful feature is the Autonomous flight mode. You might’ve known this under the name of Tap Fly. For this, you will need the app, which will show you a little map, where you can draw the route of the drone. 


  • Long flight time from the battery
  • Intelligent features: auto-return, follow me mode and altitude hold
  • Excellent camera work – incredible videos and photos
  • Video transmission over a long distance
  • Comes with a nice storage case
  • Nice controller
  • Good customer support from the seller
  • Good outdoor flight


  • A bit hard to fly for beginners
  • A bit heavy


This UpAir 2 Quadcopter from our review has everything that you might need from a drone. The camera is really outstanding, not just because of his look, but because of its performance as well. The drone is also enabled with FPV, a good range and a medium flight time. But you can extend that time with some extra batteries. The only negative aspect, in my opinion, is the weight. I understand that you need a lot of hardware inside the drone to make the thing fly and to process all the footage but it makes it a bit harder for us to transport. Especially because you can’t fold it. But if that isn’t a problem for you and you want to check on the price you can do that on Amazon, Geekbuying, and Banggood.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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upair-2-quadcopter-review UpAir 2 Quadcopter Review Today we will present to you a quite unique looking and special drone. Nowadays if your drone can’t do something special or doesn’t look unusual (in a good way) you’re lost. But the UpAir 2 drone nailed this quest. They added...


  1. Doesn’t matter how good camera or drone is when the app fails you can only fly line of site and record to sd and view later. Camera has issues too.
    Overall no customer service reply after multiple attempts. The drone could be good if app and camera issues repaired otherwise just an expensive paper weight. Wouldn’t recommend


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