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CSJ S167 Quadcopter Review

CSJ S167 Quadcopter Review

CSJ S167 Quadcopter Review

Watching the world with new points of view can be done with a rarity named CSJ S167 Quadcopter with its 4K Camera, as you’ll see in the below review. In this CSJ S167 Quadcopter Review you will see the greatness of this RC quadcopter focused on beginners, which have creative flight features and can fly at your will. CSJ S167 is a 4K aerial photography RC quadcopter outfitted with GPS area system and V/R mode. The performant camera gives a sharp picture of catching your important moments.

The CSJ S167 is a modestly estimated quadcopter with wind resistance and amazing design. The quad has many cool highlights and great flight time, has numerous programmed capacities, and simultaneously, it has security safeguard highlights. 

The quad is made of top quality material, and that material is ABS plastic. This is the best material choice for quite some drone makers due to its capacity to resist against accidents and drops. This doesn’t mean that the drone can’t tear separated so take great care of the drone with the goal that you don’t harm it. 

The S167 quad is very remarkable in structure. It is likewise foldable, which makes it a serious dear for voyaging and when you won’t fly it excessively far from home, you can simply put it into your pocket.


CSJ S167 drone is an amazingly functional RC quadcopter with a remarkable appearance and foldable design. The CSJ S167 can be taken anywhere because it is foldable so once you are finished utilizing it you can fold it. The drone`s size when it is folded is 15 x 14 x 4.5cm and when unfolded it measures 22 x 22 x 4.5cm, which permits you to carry it around easily. 

The CSJ S167 has a mini and delightful appearance that makes the foldable drone increasingly attractive and looking incredible. The design is special and exceptionally effective. This makes it simpler, more space-saving, and more secure to transport. Foldable drones are at present exceptionally mainstream, so it isn’t amazing that an increasing number of folding drones are available. 

This is a little and greatly manufactured drone. It is smooth, excellent, and in vogue. The frame is a matte-dark shading with white stripes on the foldable arms. Under each engine, there is a LED light and afterward there are an extra two lights on the head. It weighs 206 g, which implies you don’t have to enlist it with the FAA before you pilot it. 

This drone has 8520 Coreless Motors. There are not so many great things behind such engines, yet basically, they are cheap, delicate, and short-lived. Along these lines, you are guaranteed of magnificent flight execution from the drone.

The Camera 

The CSJ S167 is a camera quad that comes with a 1080P/4K camera. It offers outstanding photographs and recordings and you will appreciate your moments with it. This is a wide-point camera at 120 degrees FOV, so you can catch recordings and photographs with a great background. You can also store your recording in a microSD card of class 10 or more. 

CSJ S167 Quadcopter Foldable Review

You will likewise get a decent first-person view experience with the quad. You should utilize your cell phone for this because the remote controller doesn’t accompany an LCD. Also download the CSJ GPS application on Google Play in case that you are utilizing an Android gadget. That way, you will appreciate a decent first-person view constantly.

Remote Controller

It looks like CSJ has outdone themselves with regards to this GPS quadcopter when it comes to the remote controller. It is made of similar ABS material utilized for the body of the drone. It is a top-quality, lightweight remote controller with practically all the capacities on the application. 

On the top at the right side, you will discover the keys for photography and video, GPS on/off, and take off/landing. Directly under these keys, you discover the throttle and afterward the button for headless mode and also one button for coming back to the route. 

Moving onto the left side, at the top, you will discover the keys for speed control, alignment, and geomagnetic. You likewise discover the gyroscope and the guiding bar. This is a completely prepared remote controller and you can utilize it to fly the automaton. In any case, when you utilize the application, these highlights and more are available. The most extreme remote control distance is 500 meters while the application control separation is 150 meters.

Battery Life

The quad utilizes a 1300mAh limit battery. It can give you a flight time of 18 minutes, which is exceptionally great. Contrasted with the Drocon U31W drone which has a great limit battery for just 7 minutes of flight time, this is a little battery, yet better. That 18 minutes of flight time gives you sufficient opportunity to have a ton of fun as you need with the drone. 

This battery is secure to utilize and modular in the plan. It is not difficult to remove it and insert it in the quad. In this way, you can purchase an extra battery and appreciate a longer flight time. In any case, the charging time for the battery isn’t long, it is just 2.5 hours. 

The transmitter likewise accompanies its battery. It utilizes a 300mAh battery so you don’t need to purchase AA or AAA batteries. You should also check the status of the remote controller battery before flying the drone.

Flight Features

The flight performance is incredible, at any rate at this cost. To begin with, the quad has a level-3 wind resistance and a top-flight speed of 20km/h. Also, it accompanies such huge numbers of automated flight features, which make it a delight for the beginners and advanced clients to fly.

Built-in positioning sensor – GPS and Altimeter sensor

You will get numerous things with the GPS module. To start with, the drone will get back if the battery is low or if it loses signal with the controller. The GPS and altimeter sensors are additionally responsible for precise drifting at a level exactness of around 1.5 meters. The vertical float exactness is around 0.5 meters. All the safeguard highlights of this automaton work on account of the GPS. 

GPS Portrait Following

This is the thing that we call follow me mode with facial acknowledgment. The drone remembers you and locks onto you. That way, it tails you any place you go, keeping a good separation and catching video and photographic film. 

Route trajectory

Open the application, go to the guide and draw spots along the points where you might want the drone to pass. Come to an obvious conclusion with a line and afterward dispatch the drone. It will follow that course, catching video and photograph film on the route. Simply ensure you pick a decent course.

Take off and landing

At the point when you don’t have experience flying a quad, take-off and landing can be quite difficult. In any case, it is not the case, not with the auto take-off and landing key. At the point when you press the key, the automaton either takes off or returns home and floats at a given height anticipating your best course of action. 

Surround Mode Flight

In this mode, the drone flies around the picked subject around and around, taking a film from all edges. This mode is accessible just with the application. 

Headless Mode

With headless mode, the drone can be piloted without you stressing a lot over the course. Simply connect with this mode and the drone flies so that it adjusts itself to coordinate the situation of the pilot. 

Speed Modes

The CSJ S167 comes with three-speed modes, which are low, medium, and high. You should fly it as per your degree of experience. Start on the low-speed setting and after you have known how it flies, attempt a higher speed mode. 

CSJ S167 Quadcopter Package Review

Night flight

There is no preferred drone for night flights over the S167. It accompanies all of 6 LED lights, which makes it simple to see it in low lighting.

CSJ S167 Pros

  • It has a long remote controller scope of 500m 
  • The decent camera takes a great film 
  • It does not require much assemblage
  • This drone is not difficult to fly, even for beginners
  • Diverse speed modes 
  • You can appreciate wind-resistant flights 
  • Excellent development and work for this drone

CSJ S167 Cons

  • The most extreme flight speed of 20km/h is excessively low 
  • Short WiFi control distance of 150 meters 
  • The CSJ S167 Drone has no propeller security on the propeller arms


The CSJ S167 Quadcopter makes shooting a lot simpler and greater and is a decent decision of aerial photography specialists, as seen in our review. There are a couple of significant things to note when you purchase the CSJ S167. To begin with, although it has wind resistance, this isn’t for solid breezes. All things considered, the level 3 wind obstruction is only for a breeze. 

Something else that you should do before you can pilot the quad is to read its manual and start your first flights on the low-speed setting and once you have some experience, go for the quick speeds. 

Generally speaking, the drone is a wise choice and with great consideration, you can have it for quite a while. Regardless of whether you are competent at flying automatons or you simply need to begin this nice activity, this drone is such a decent purchase. This drone will give you a great value for your cash.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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csj-s167-quadcopter-review CSJ S167 Quadcopter Review Watching the world with new points of view can be done with a rarity named CSJ S167 Quadcopter with its 4K Camera, as you'll see in the below review. In this CSJ S167 Quadcopter Review you will see the greatness of...


  1. The motors, unlike the review, are not brushless made, the motors are normal coreless 8520, cheap, delicate, and short-lived … too bad

    • Do you mean how to change the speed setting? There is no beginner setting. If you want to change the speed there should be a button on left side of the controller to change the speed.

  2. To change from beginer go to settings on app, adjust to what you want.
    I had complete loss of signal due to faulty? Charge connection, I dissmantled remote control, desoldered connector and soldered wires from charger direct, it now charges, fantastic drone for the price.


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