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Eachine Tyro89 FPV Racing Quadcopter Review

Eachine Tyro89 Quadcopter Review

Eachine Tyro89 FPV Racing Quadcopter Review

The Eachine Tyro89 FPV Racing Quadcopter that we’ll review in here is a DYI 115mm toothpick with plenty of power and pretty easy to build. It is a 75 g fun locking drone with an interesting design.

The meaning of the number 89

Normally the numbers in the names of other models like Tyro 79, Tyro119, or Tyro69, represent the size of the drone, but its not the case here. The number in the name of Tyro89 represents the price that it cost you to buy one. It is not very possible for this price to change, even if it`s a sale.

What items will you get?

Components of this Eachine Tyro89 racing quadcopter that you will get in the package are:

  • 115 mm Frame Kit
  • 5.8G 48CH 25mW FPV Transmitter
  • 1204 6000KV Motors
  • Matek F4 Flight Controller
  • 20 amp BLHeli_S 4 in 1 ESC
  • Caddx Eos2 1200 TVL Camera
  • 2 full sets of 2540 3-Blade Propeller
  • Right-angle USB adapter

The package does not include a receiver, battery or a radio transmitter, but you get the rest of the components for this price, so it does not matter that much. You can easily use a 4S 350-450 mAh Lipo Battery that will keep the drone working for about 3.6-3.8 minutes.

Building the Tyro89 racing quadcopter

As I said before it is a DYI toothpick so you will need to have some fun and build it. It does not come with instructions, that can be bad news for some and good news for others. But no worries needed, there are many helping videos on the internet and this model is easy to put together even if you are a beginner, you only need some time and the tools needed. And if you became a fan of DYI drone kit then you can check out Tyro69 which is also a fun DYI toothpick. 

It is a great idea to learn how to build it by yourself and deal with the components as you assemble it because it helps you understand what the drone is, how it works and what contributes to its functioning.

Eachine Tyro89 FPV Racing Quadcopter Review

Eachine made us a favor and this model came with less soldering than before, you only need to solder the battery lead and capacitor. That`s wonderful news for beginners. Soldering is usually quite a hard thing to do for a beginner, but it is a great start learning on a battery lead. Plus, it doesn`t have sensitive components so you don`t need to be super precise and worry about this.

More about the elements of Eachine Tyro89

This model has a Matek F4 flight controller and something important what you should keep in mind is that the gyro is offset, which means you will mount it to the canopy on an angle, not like at most of the builds where you square it on the ESC.

The Tyro89 model comes with a 20 amp 4 in 1 BL Heli_S ESC and it is different than other Tyros, because of a super thing, which is that the Esc has plug-in motor connectors.

It has a Caddx Eos2 1200 TVL Camera connected to a 25 mW transmitter. The camera is a cheap one, not the best, still, you can work with it. Also, the camera angle is not that big but it also matters how you position it, you can get a bigger angle if you try.

About the motors, they are 1204 6000 kV motors, a little bit higher kV than usual, although not bad at all. This impressive big monster motors can handle 2-4S batteries and will provide a lot of power to the drone.

The canopy is a good one, not super fragile and it seems resistant, it is made of tough plastic so it can handle crashes quite well and it would not break easily. A tip that I can give you is that you will need a tiny receiver because the canopy does not provide much space for it, in fact, it is a PNP drone.

Eachine also added a 25mw VTX inside, but it is not the best choice because it will reduce the scope of the drone.

The frame is 3 mm thick, unibody one, made of not super quality carbon, but resistant in a crash and reasonable for this little amount of money.

You will also get 4 pieces of 2540 3-Blade Propeller which are transparent and have a unique design. They will work very well and you will be satisfied.

How does it fly?

Eachine Tyro89

If you are interested in how it flights, let me tell you that it flights good and very well outdoor and also indoor. But take care because it is a super-speed and a ripper in the air. Do not think that its a top performer, but for this money is a reasonable one.

It is worth it to buy an Eachine Tyro89?

Yes, the Eachine Tyro89 Quadcopter from our review it is definitely worth it! If you pay a good and accessible price you will get a DYI drone kit and have some fun making it. After your success building it, you can enjoy flying it, your powerful racing Quadcopter. It is like a little monster drone in the air so take care not to crash it, even if it has some resistant components. If you wanna have this incredible experience than definitely check out the Earchine Tyro89.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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eachine-tyro89-fpv-racing-quadcopter-review Eachine Tyro89 FPV Racing Quadcopter Review The Eachine Tyro89 FPV Racing Quadcopter that we'll review in here is a DYI 115mm toothpick with plenty of power and pretty easy to build. It is a 75 g fun locking drone with an interesting design. The meaning of...


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