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HOBBYTIGER H301S Ranger Quadcopter Review

HOBBYTIGER H301S Quadcopter Review

HOBBYTIGER H301S Ranger Quadcopter Review

This quadcopter is one of a few mainstream drones that utilize GPS mode for exact floating and smooth flight controls. Alongside notable drones, for example, the IDEA7 and Visuo XS812, the HOBBYTIGER H301S Ranger quadcopter makes its entrance into the drones advertise with a huge amount of highlights and predominant characteristics as you’ll see in this review.

More often when it comes to picking the correct drone, you will need to choose a quality one that is not difficult to fly, can withstand impact, and is packed with highlights. While drone innovation is advancing at a quick pace. More drones are getting more advanced and the H301S Ranger drone isn’t an exemption. 

It is easy to utilize a beginner drone that comes with some cool features. It’s dark shading strong body with various LED lights make it appear as though a very good quality drone. It has all the fundamental features that a learner needs in his first drone, which incorporates altitude hold, RTH, follow me, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Flight execution is astounding, and it can likewise do a truly great job in low wind conditions, which makes it reasonable for open-air flying. 

Design and Build Quality

As a matter of first importance, the H301S drone is built with resistant ABS plastic which gives the best insurance against a crash. It is also packed with a slight weight that is an extraordinary decision for both indoor and outdoor activities. In the box you will get propeller monitors that give an extra layer of protection, a remote controller, landing cushions, a lot of propellers, a battery, a USB charger, and a pack set to repair it. 

If you have never piloted a drone, the guards will fill a significant need in securing your drone. It goes about as a safeguard that monitors the drone and reduces the effect when you skip the drone against the object. Furthermore, the landing legs can be handily introduced to give a safe arrival to the drone. It diminishes the effect, yet it likewise gives a good distance from the camera to the ground. With the goal that the dust doesn’t get into the camera. 

Related to its design, each engine’s arms are accompanied by LED lights that give clear visual positioning. This is a significant component that will keep an unmistakable sight on the drone during the daytime and evening time. Besides, the H301S quad is furnished with a 720P HD camera. The quality of the camera is kind of good so it can deliver the great quality of pictures and recordings from the drone to your cell phone easily. Generally speaking, the design and build quality of the drone is extraordinary. 

Camera Quality

With regard to the camera, I think HOBBYTIGER H301S Quadcopter should have improved it as we’ll review in here. All things considered, numerous drones that retail at the cost of the H301S accompany better cameras. 

HOBBYTIGER H301S Ranger Quadcopter Review

So there is not much to say about this 702 P camera.

A 1080P camera would have been vastly improved. The saving quality is this is a 120-degree camera, and such a wide field of view makes for a good foundation for photographs and recordings. With the 720P goals, you should just utilize the camera in the daytime.

There is an opening for a microSD card. The drone additionally accompanies a 4GB microSD card and card reader. You can utilize the card reader to move the video and photograph film to your drone. Utilize your iPhone or Android cell phone for continuous video transmission. 

Remote Controller

This remote controller will strike something very similar to playing games on the console. It looks like a PlayStation 4 controller from the outset. Be that as it may, it is a remote controller for the H301S drone. It accompanies a built-in LCD screen that tells you the status of the drone. 

The controller itself is basic. Not actually that mind-boggling as you suspected it would be. It comprises two switches, a power button, two buttons underneath the LCD screen, and another two buttons on the shoulders. Most of the highlights, for example, intelligent flight modes can be got to by utilizing the application built for the drone. To catch pictures and recordings simply push on the portable screen to begin recording. 


To begin with, it accompanies an implicit GPS module and it is particularly significant. Since all the drones that are equipped with a GPS module bring a totally different flight understanding. Not just you can activate the quad’s intelligent flight modes, for example, Follow Me and Smart Return to Home capacities, but you can improve the quad’s presentation in regards to strength and exact flight controls. 

Since the H301S utilizes GPS mode to speak with the satellites in return for an exact floating position and smooth flight understanding. Besides, it permits you to adjust the camera remotely which is a colossal dealbreaker on the off chance that you need to have a smart camera drone. Not simply just that, the GPS drone regularly has a greater control distance of up to 180 meters. 

Learners who are searching for a quality camera drone will discover the H301S quadcopter, both unbelievably superior and overly simple to fly. Since it accompanies a three-speed mode which guarantees a smooth and steady expectation to learn and adapt. This GPS camera drone will show you how to fly and ace your guiding aptitudes. Just as how to catch excellent shots with mounted cameras. 

Advanced Features

The drone is learner-friendly and accompanies some incredible highlights which make flying advantageous. The following are some of those highlights. 

  • FPV (First Person View): It gives you a glitch first-person view transmission that permits you to watch what the drone sees. The video that you see is extremely sharp, yet you may see some slack now and again if you fly past the specific range. You’ll likewise figure out how to make and frame flying shots. 
  • Return to Home: This mode is useful during a crisis when you lose the association or some other specialized glitch. You can press the RTH button, and the quad will come back from where it began. 
  • Follow Me Mode: This mode adds a true to life look to your video and permits the drone to follow the moving subject. At the point when you are utilizing this mode, ensure that the drone has just locked the attention regarding the subject, and the subject isn’t moving at extremely rapid speed. 
  • Headless Mode: If you are a learner, at that point you may get mistook for the drone direction at the beginning. You should remember where the front is facing. In any case, with headless mode, you don’t need to stress over its direction, the controlling will continue as before. 
  • Altitude Hold: This drone has excellent altitude hold too. You just leave the throttle, and the drone will remain in a similar position. In this mode, you can take some great pictures. The altitude hold won’t be exceptionally exact in a windy circumstance. 
HOBBYTIGER H301S Quadcopter Package Review


  • Minimal assemblage required 
  • The drone is sleek and well built
  • SD card storage – provided with a 4GB card
  • Has LED lights for low light flights
  • Easy to pilot even for the beginners
  • Its little weight makes it great to carry around
  • Has many automated flight capacities 


  • Short flight time of 10-11 minutes 
  • Can’t fly in the wind
  • It isn’t foldable 


While the HOBBYTIGER H301S Quadcopter is useful for beginners as shown in our review, you can get it in the event that you simply need to make some great memories flying it around without stressing a lot over the quality of recordings and photographs. This doesn’t imply that the recordings and photographs that it catches are nothing more than trouble. Simply get it for the sake of entertainment and for your leisure activity. 

A most praiseworthy aspect concerning this drone is the client manual. It is very detailed and it is written in acceptable English. Read the user manual cautiously before you set up the drone and pilot it. Also, don’t fly the quad in the strong wind, pick a fully open space, and fly it during the day. You may likewise arrange a few additional batteries from Amazon or the manufacturer to appreciate a longer flight time with your HOBBYTIGER H301S quad. 

It is an advanced drone reasonable for the novices and advanced clients too. It has a lot of intelligent highlights also, which makes it extremely simple to utilize. In spite of the fact that the drone has a few cons also yet thinking about its positive side, it merits the investment.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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hobbytiger-h301s-ranger-quadcopter-review HOBBYTIGER H301S Ranger Quadcopter Review This quadcopter is one of a few mainstream drones that utilize GPS mode for exact floating and smooth flight controls. Alongside notable drones, for example, the IDEA7 and Visuo XS812, the HOBBYTIGER H301S Ranger quadcopter makes its entrance into the...


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