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Potensic T35 Quadcopter Review

Potensic T35 Quadcopter Review

Potensic T35 Quadcopter Review

The Potensic T35 Quadcopter is a brilliant drone stuffed with a good quality camera that is simple enough for beginners to fly right out of the case. His amazing double GPS/GLONASS system is stuffed with great features and its performance makes it very mainstream for first flyers and recreational pilots. 

When it comes to picking a great drone at a moderate price, we are truly ruined for a decision, there are such a large number of good choices now and one of those options is the Potensic T35. This drone is sold for under $250 even if it has a great and incredible 1080P HD camera.

At this sticker price, the quality of this quad is essentially a major deal. Not just because the camera works superbly at catching high details. The Potensic T35 is good at conveying smooth and responsive flight execution that beginners will cherish. On account of the added GPS/GLONASS systems that help keep the quad stable.

The Potensic T35 is a medium-sized quad, it estimates 16.5×16.5×7.6 inches and weighs around 900g, so it is an overwhelming drone and is not extraordinary to go travel with it except if you have a carry case. Like the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, it has an all-white shading and is worked from top quality plastic. It doesn’t seem to be a cheap quad, it really has an excellent vibe to it which is the thing that I think Potensic is going for. 

It has a control distance up to 300 meters and a smart come back to home feature, so guiding a Potensic T35 drone has never been that simple before. A single battery charge on normal gives you a flight time of 15 minutes which is better than average for a drone under this price.

In the package you will get a set of propeller guards which I strongly suggest you install particularly if you are a beginner as you may crash with things and these guards will help limit any harm to the drone. 

One of the cool highlights of this quad is that it comes with some decent LED lights that are arranged underneath every rotor arm. These are enormous lights and they will assist you with flying the Potensic T35 around evening time and they likewise make for a decent display. The lights additionally fill another need and that is to indicate when the drone compass has been completely aligned, something that should be done before flying any quad. 

The Potensic T35 is fueled by 7.4v 2500 mAh lipo battery, this is a cool looking modular battery that saves its charge for more and gives around 15 minutes of flight time. It has some LED lights that indicate its capacity level and takes around 5 hours to completely recharge, which is quite a while. 

Potensic T35 Quadcopter Package Review

Another cool element of this drone is it’s incredibly structured remote controller which praises the design components of the drone. It is not excessively significant as long as they work however it’s ideal to have a controller that works well as well as looks great also.

It’s a big controller yet not all that huge that it feels awkward to hold, it has a bent design and buttons that are effortlessly identified by their symbols.

There is a smartphone holder that can hold a huge smartphone however not a tablet and it is controlled by an inside powered lipo battery. It has a transmission scope of around 300 meters yet this is just in ideal conditions, anticipate something around 250 meters and for FPV, the range is even lower at around 150 meters which is practically standard for drones at this value.

To utilize its FPV and smart flight modes, you should download the official application which is known as the Potensic G. It’s perfect with both Android and iOS gadgets and has a really good rating on both application commercial centers. It’s simple to utilize the application with a spotless interface and has some pleasant beginner instructions to assist you with maintaining a distance from any issues with flying the drone.

Potensic T35 Camera

One of the main reasons a drone wins its popularity is because of the incorporated HD camera which allows you to see the world with excitement and fun from the air. The ultimate tool for entry-level aerial photographers namely the built-in 1080P HD camera of the Potensic T35 is set to give you high-quality images and videos.

With the Potensic T35 camera you can take some great recordings and pictures with its wide-point focal point that can be remotely balanced 90°. The camera comes with a micro SD card opening on the back that can take a memory card of up to 32gb. To get the full 1080p HD video goals, you should record it on the memory card. The live spilling quality is just 720p, it’s still better than average and as long as you fly in great climate conditions, there ought to be no problems. 

As the quad has no feature for stabilizing it, you will see a touch of distortion and jello impact which is normal from a camera of this quality. It is not a big problem as you will not utilize the recordings and pictures for any sort of business reasons, so a little twisting will not be an issue.

Features of Potensic T35

Like most current quadcopters, the Potensic T35 has incorporated some cool features that will assist you with flying the drone more effectively and have a great time with it.

The features of the are the Potensic T35 following:

Dual GPS – With this feature the drone can lock on to more satellites which will give you a greater flying experience and responsive and accurate flight navigation.

Waypoint – This feature permits you to draw a course on the application and the quad will fly along that way consequently. This flight mode works just in the regions which have a solid GPS signal.

Follow Me – Quite clearly said, the drone locks on to the remote controller and tails you any place you go.

9-Axis Gyroscope – This amazing feature permits the Potensic T35 to keep up a consistent altitude during flight.

Automatic Return Home – The quad will automatically get back home in the case that you lose connection or if the battery is almost over. This feature can likewise be used manually through the controller or application. An extraordinary feature that decreases the danger of losing the drone.

Flight Performance

It comes prepared to fly out of the box and you simply need to introduce the propellers and battery. There are landing legs that will secure the camera when the quad lands, in addition to it causing you to land securely. 

Potensic T35

The Potensic T35 is a nice drone, it is easy to pilot and holds up pretty well even when a moderate wind blows. This quad comes with three-speed modes and it is a really quick and fast drone. In case you are a beginner, it is better if you fly in its default speed mode because it is the slow one. With the help of the incorporated GPS module, if you let go of the control stick, the Potensic T35 will float in the air and it will give you the chance to take greater images and videos.


  • The drone has a great flight time that gives you enough time to pilot the drone in the air and take beautiful aerial shots.
  • The Potensic T35 has built-in GPS/GLONASS systems that bring accurate positioning and it ensures a quick-reacting and easy flight experience for beginners.
  •  It is a great choice for outdoor activity because of its brushless Motors which give high performance and agility.
  • With its added 1080P HD camera you can capture high-quality level images and videos in every situation.


  • The only con about this drone is that you need to wait quite some time for its batteries to get charged.

Final Thoughts

The Potensic T35 from our review is a professional-grade quadcopter that is suitable for everyone including beginners and recreational pilots are crafted with care. It is a good drone made of resistant materials that provide protection against the wind or in dangerous situations when it could break or crash, but still be careful because it is not forever lasting.

Overall, its resistance is one of the most important qualities that any advanced GPS drone like the Potensic T35 should come with. While flying this durable GPS drone, you can take some cool shots with its good camera and test several of the fun and fancy features that this drone is introducing you. On account of implicit GPS mode, this quad is sufficiently good to perform Orbit Mode and Follow Me mode. 

The control distance of the drone that goes up to 300 meters and its decent flight time of 15 minutes make the Potensic T35 the best travel drones which are good enough to make your solo journey memorable.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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potensic-t35-quadcopter-review Potensic T35 Quadcopter Review The Potensic T35 Quadcopter is a brilliant drone stuffed with a good quality camera that is simple enough for beginners to fly right out of the case. His amazing double GPS/GLONASS system is stuffed with great features and its performance makes...


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