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Simrex X300C Drone Review

Simrex X300C Drone Review

Simrex X300C Drone Review

Micro drones are some interesting gadgets that can lead to a great hobby. Drones come in all shapes and sizes and that’s why it is so beautiful. In this review, you will have the privilege to meet with the Simrex X300C Drone, a cheap drone with a lot of functions.

What’s in the box?

  • 1×SIMREX Quadcopter.
  • 1×Controller.(AA batteries not included)
  • 1× Phone Holder.
  • 1×Charging Cable(Adapter not included)
  • 1×Lipo Battery.
  • 4×Spare Propellers.
  • 4×Propeller Protection Frames.
  • 1x Product Manual.

Design and build

The SIMREX X300C mini drone is an incredibly tiny and compact quadcopter. It will comfortably fit your palm. Thanks to its foldable design, you can easily fold the drone and carry it even in your backpack. It has a reliable build, which is very useful for beginners. The SIMREX X300C mini drone has ABS plastic that provides quality protection for long service. 

In the package also comes four propeller guards that you can be installed on the drone. The guards act as a shock absorber that reduces damage in the case of an impact and provides an additional layer of stability. Even though the SIMREX X300C mini drone is tough and portable, it’s better to fly it only indoors. Mainly because there isn’t enough power in the motors to resist the wind. You can choose between white and yellow colors that suit your preference. In the middle and bottom, the body framework has a fixed jet black color


In front of the drone, there is a built-in 720P HD camera. For the price, it is quite impressive how this camera works considering the quality of the image that the drone has to offer.  It doesn’t claim to take professional quality footage, but at this price, we can forgive them. The field of view of the camera is not too wide. But at least you get an FPV for the drone on your phone. For that, you have to download the app onto your 5G capable smartphone and once you install it, you will get to see what the drone is seeing as it flies.

Simrex X300C Drone Package Review

Remote controller

The drone can be controlled via the basic controller or a smartphone, they both can use gravity sensor mode. This means that when you swing the controller to the left, the drone starts moving to the left a bit. It will follow every movement of your hands.


The quadcopter comes with a modularized battery that gives the drone an average flight time of 9 minutes. This is the average time for a drone like this, so it’s not good, but you won’t find any better.


Due to some features, it’s really easy to fly this quad. For example, it has a headless mode, which means you do not have to worry about where the drone is orienting. Just engage the headless mode and the drone will face the controller (this feature is more useful if you have a drone with a wide range and it can fly out of your field of view). Also, it has one key take-off and landing which simplifies these basic operations. 

It also has a different speed setting so it’s perfect for beginners, and it makes it easier to use it indoors. Also, this way your FPV experience will be better. If the Simrex X300C is your first drone then I suggest you start at low speed. No matter how small this drone is it can cause a lot of damage inside your house if you don’t pay attention. 

Just like every other more expensive drone, this one has altitude hold function as well. This way you can hower in a single place in the height and place you wish.

Others opinion about the drone 

“This little drone is fantastic. I’ve never flown a drone before and it was immediately easy to use right from the start. The instructions are very simple to understand and it has features I never imagined a drone could have at this price point. For starters, it has removable batteries so you can swap them out and keep on flying! It charges really quick and can be charged with a battery bank out in the field, the app is really really easy to connect to and use and it takes photos and video.

It has a crazy cool 360 flip feature where the drone does a backflip or a front flip or side flips, whatever you tell it to, it has three different speed modes level1 for beginners level2 for intermediate and level3 for racers. When you put it on level three the drone just simply takes off. Crazy fast and will keep you entertained for hours! Surprisingly it holds its ground really well in low wind environments.”-Matthew 

“This is a great way to start with drones. It handles well and it flies a good distance away from the control. It’s important to understand it is not a DJI drone. It is a good quality toy drone. It has a camera (again, not DJI) that transmits great to a phone. The battery lasts longer when you are not recording of course. There are additional batteries available for purchase if you want to fly longer.

Simrex X300C

I think it is a fantastic RC you. On mine, the camera was mounted upside down but it does not bother me and I wouldn’t expect all of them to be the same. The remote controller has great reach and you can attach your phone to it. However, only the regular size phones work.”-Libo

“First things first, my son would give this thing 10 out of 5 stars if he could. He has been playing with it every day for about a week. I would say that the total playtime so far is about 10 hours. I definitely need to get another battery cause it breaks his heart when it dies and I have to charge it. With all this hands-on time no problems have come up that would warrant any questions to the quality of the build.

I still have all for 4 original propellers connected to the drone, none have broken or chipped. They also give you an additional 4 backup props just in case. The drone itself is well built and has survived full speed collisions into a wall numerous times. My son loves the flip feature where he can make it flip in the air automatically. He thinks he is the one doing the trick and constantly trying new ways to flip the drone in and out of objects.”-George


Coming at a very affordable price and with many useful features, as shown in our review, the Simrex X300C Drone can be your favorite gadget soon. It has a good value for money and it can do everything that the manufacturer says it can do. If you are a beginner or just enthusiast about drones this one will have a special place in your heart. You can buy the Simrex X300C from Amazon.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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simrex-x300c-drone-review Simrex X300C Drone Review Micro drones are some interesting gadgets that can lead to a great hobby. Drones come in all shapes and sizes and that's why it is so beautiful. In this review, you will have the privilege to meet with the Simrex X300C...


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