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Swellpro Spry Plus Quadcopter Review

Swellpro Spry Plus Quadcopter Review

Swellpro Spry Plus Quadcopter Review 

If you like to try out sports or activities in all of the elements this drone is the perfect choice for you. Because in this article we will present to you the Swellpro Spry plus which isn’t only a waterproof quadcopter but a one that can survive salty or freshwater barrages and remain intact in one piece, as you’ll see in our review. If you read this quadcopter review you will see why this quadcopter has been creating sizzles in the market. 

Everything about this drone is well engineered and designed. If you surf, swim, or just spending some time at the beach with this drone now can record all your exhilarating moments even from the water. 


  • Battery – 3600mAh LiHV
  • Charging time – approximately 90 minutes
  • Camera – 4K video, 12MP still images
  • Flight time – approximately 15-17 minutes
  • Max flight range – 800m (2625 ft) from remote control
  • Max flight altitude – 200m (656 ft)
  • Positioning – GPS/GLONASS
  • Max flight speed – 18m/s
  • Max ascend speed – 3m/s
  • Hovering accuracy 0.5m
  • Wind resistance 10m/s
  • Working temperature -10C -40C
  • Waterproof level – surface buoyant
  • Size – 233.5 x 249 x 90 mm
  • Weight – 538g (without the battery)

What’s in the box?

  • Spry Plus Drone
  • Remote Control
  • 4x Propellers
  • Battery Charger with cable
  • 1 Flight Battery
  • Small miscellaneous accessories bag
  • Carrying Case

Design and build 

This is a small and solidly built drone that can combat all the elements, except fire. You might not think that this drone can survive underwater but is so well built and isolated that it’s able. However, it’s not featuring comfort and practicality in his design, because it’s not foldable. But with the carrying bag, you will be able to transport with Swell Spry plus easily.  It measures 9.2×9.8×3.5 inches with a weight of 538g (battery included). Also, I think that the color was a good choice from the manufacturer because this way you’ll be able to see the drone even under the water and it won’t blend into his environment.

Swellpro Spry Plus Quadcopter Orange Review

The drone is equipped with 2206 1400KV brushless high thrust motors. They are really powerful and light in weight. With them, the drone will be able to move quickly in the air or in the water. Brushless motors are also quieter and they don’t overheat. Due to the fact that this is a waterproof drone, the motors are coated with waterproof material to keep them corrosion-resistant. 

Remote controller

The remote controller matches the drone in both design and build. I say this because the RC is also waterproof just like the drone so if you throw it on the weather it will float. The joysticks respond really well and you can feel how high quality is. Each button, joystick, and even the antennas are completely waterproof.

The remote controller has a built-in Lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable. With a single charge, it can last around 2 hours. The max range of the remote controller is 800 meters and the maximum height is 200 meters, which is a pretty decent number considering that it’s this small and can do so much. 

You don’t need a phone for the FPV, but you can download the manufacturer’s app if you wish to control the drone via your phone.


With the drone, you will get a 3S 3600mAh Li-HV battery. With a full charge, the battery can do up to 17 minutes of flight time. When you order the drone you’ll have the option to order multiple batteries with the drone, which is not a bad idea if you want a longer flight time. The battery has to be inserted on the bottom by removing the shell. The charging time for one battery is 90 minutes, which is a good time. 


Now let’s talk about real magic because this drone isn’t just a well built one but it has a really good camera as well. The drone comes with a 4K video camera that will take care of your high-quality videos and photos. The hardware is a Sony camera with a CMOS ½.3 sensor. For experts, the main benefit of having this sensor is that it reduces the fisheye effect so your videos will be more real. 

The photos will be taken in 12MP with the camera and the video camera records footage at 30fps. The camera is protected by a waterproof glass shell. It is also scrapes resistant so you won’t see any scratches on your footage. The drone has a slot for an SD card so all the footage will be saved on the card, without having any glitch is due to the connection difficulties. It can support SD cards of 64GB max.

 For stabilization, there are two options in the drone. One of them is the hardware option which is the mechanical gimbal. But this is a software one as well because inside the camera there is an electronic stabilization. So even if you put the drone on waving water your footage will be smooth.

And last but not least there is an FPV option with the drone. And you don’t have to download any app on your phone, because the remote controller has an LCD viewing screen which is also waterproof. The screen displays all the important telemetry info such as battery time, flight distance, the height of the drone, and many more. In this case, it’s a good thing that you don’t need a phone for the FPV because you don’t have to worry about getting your phone vet.

Swellpro Spry Plus


Now let’s talk about what this aircraft can do in the air. First, due to the relatively low weight and the powerful motors, the drone can fly with a speed of 65km/h in racing mode. Overall it performs really well in the air and in the water as well, but you will have to get used to using it in the water. It has some intelligent flight options like the Return home, Follow me, Orbit mode, One key landing/take-off, and last but not least ACRO Flight Mode, this is a cool function for professional drone pilots. If you enable this, all the basic functions like altitude hold, GPS, gyroscopes, and others will be disabled and you will be entirely on your own.


I hope you like the Swellpro Spry Plus Quadcopter because we surely do as mentioned in the above review. This is a small and easy to carry drone which has its own carry case. Apart from all the high-quality parts, the drone also has some serious flight functions as well. The price is a bit steep but talks about a really special and waterproof drone. Before you can fly it, read the user manual so know the drone’s limits, controls, and calibration procedure. 

If you’re interested in purchasing the Swellpro Spry plus you can check out Amazon, and Wellbots.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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swellpro-spry-plus-quadcopter-review Swellpro Spry Plus Quadcopter Review  If you like to try out sports or activities in all of the elements this drone is the perfect choice for you. Because in this article we will present to you the Swellpro Spry plus which isn’t only a waterproof...


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