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Wingsland X1 Quadcopter Review

Wingsland X1 Quadcopter Review

Wingsland X1 Quadcopter Review 

The Wingsland X1 is a racing-drone inspired quad, a small and handy drone that can be controlled by the R6 transmitter or WiFi FPV. It comes with a 600 mAh powerful battery that ensures a flight duration of more than 7 minutes. The drone weighs around 70 grams and the radio range is 50 meters.

The larger models, which have more power and capabilities, can not win over by the Wingsland X1, but it is a `close to their limits` type of drone. It can take pictures or capture video from a higher vantage point but does need some time to feel comfortable and to be used to it.

The quadrocopter comes in many colors and the design is very robust and appealing. The used materials and the strong construction, also the included protection to the propellers ensure the drone survives small crashes and to protect the sensitive parts of it.

The Wingsland X1 drone was made for fast-paced FPV races and sadly intelligent flight modes are not available on this model. The batteries are inexpensive and easy to swap over, yet they provide enough flight time for this drone. Not that much as of the larger models, but it is quite good for a mini drone.

The added propeller guards of the Wingsland X1 are a nice addition for beginners. The prop guards can be taken on and off depending on the flying conditions. If you are learning how to fly the drone or you fly it inside it is recommended to put them on, so this will protect the blades and will reduce the risks of possible accidents.

Cool Features

Wingsland took a standard-looking small race quad, added some amazing features and created an interesting micro racer. Their creation is called Wingsland X1 and it is a micro racer featuring three cool options that differentiate it from most micro racers. The options are WiFi FPV, optical flow, and a modular design.


To watch the live video feed from the quad you do not need a set of goggles and make WiFi FPV a cool feature. Unfortunately, there are two big disadvantages that are common at WiFi FPV. Those disadvantages are a limited range and the second issue is that it generally creates lag. 

Wingsland X1 Quadcopter Package Review

It is depending on how bad the lag is, but lag makes flying very hard via FPV. The limited range is not that big of an issue with micros than it would be with a big racer. You can fly it indoors or outdoors on a smaller course. 

Optical Flow

You can enjoy perfectly stable indoor flights with the Wingsland X1 optical flow feature. The downward-facing camera helps the drone to keep its position. This feature is seen on photography drones because it helps to create a very stable drone and optical flow is paired with altitude hold or GPS in this case.

The optical flow sensors added on the underbelly of the drone tell the processor how far the drone is from the ground. This is helpful for landing and auto take-off, and is a great feature for beginners and learners in flying and it is usually not found in racing drones. You only need to click the auto-landing or take-off button on the smartphone app.

With this feature, the drone can hold its hover position without GPS, for this reason, the flyer can let go of the controls at any minute and the Wingsland X1 will float over on-the-spot, making it a perfect drone for indoor or outdoor flight.

It is important to know that the drone was not made for amazing photos or video, but for playing and speed. That’s why it does not have an onboard SD card and data will be stored on the smart device. 

Modular Design

The modular design is definitely a plus. It permits the pilot to switch out parts easily, whether he is doing some repairs or customizing the drone. This can be considered a helpful addition to the Wingsland X1 quadcopter.

Included in the box

You will get 2 sets of all black propellers and 1 set of blade protectors, to ensure a safe experience. The quad also comes with a 3.7 v, 600 mAh flight battery and a battery charger. Added in the package are also a micro USB cable and a user manual which will give you some help.

The Camera

The Wingsland X1 drone comes with a camera including FPV function. Sadly, the resolution of the camera is not big, just 640 x 368 pixels, which is considered a bit low. After all, the camera wasn’t made for high-resolution aerial photography, it was designed in the beginning for FPV racing. So, the low quality is understandable. 

An FPV function is also available. You will get sent in real-time to your smartphone the live image of the camera. So, from a pilot compartment perspective, you can control the drone thanks to the FPV function. The recordings will be stored directly on the smartphone of the flyer and not on an integrated SD card. 

Wingsland X1

The Pros

  • It has a nice flight time, around 7-8 minutes, and more if you are not flying it fast. 
  • Regardless of being via WiFi, it has a great range and low latency live feed. 
  • Good build quality and design. 
  • Optical flow works very well indoors and outside. 
  • Despite the app interface, it is very controllable. 
  • The propeller guards can be taken off and also folded, which is a nice feature.

The Cons

  • The battery latch is designed poorly and weirdly. 
  • For advanced pilots, it requires faster sensitivity mode.
  • There is no on/off switch mode on the drone, which is not very handy. 
  • Video and photo quality is really low, but it’s understandable from a racing drone. 

Full Technical and Feature Specification

  • You are capable of experiencing and enjoying the fun of competing drones. 
  • Indoor optical flow assisted positioning,so it will be easy to achieve indoor hover and barometric altitude hold
  • The lens can be calibrated up or down 15 °, perfect for crossing the standard configuration
  • It has an amazing flight control system
  • HD camera with angle adjustment and WiFi FPV, able to capture 640 x 368 video recording of the wonderful moments at any time 
  • Small and light, it weighs only 70 grams, easy to carry around and it can fly for more than 7 minutes
  • The drone has a modular protective cover to guarantee a safe flight experience
  •  It is made of high-strength material to make the body solid and durable, and also has included propeller protectors for safe indoor flights
  • Very easy to maintain and can be quickly installed or you can even replace parts
  • Smartphone APP remote control and compatible R6 remote control. 
  • Constantly updated firmware system, to provide more great functions
  • It is available in 4 different colors

Should You Buy a Wingsland X1?

The Wingsland X1 Quadcopter from our review will definitely give you an interesting experience of micro FPV drones. The optical flow and modular design features make a difference between Wingsland X1 and other drones but a better camera signal for FPV is always preferred over WiFi. The big brushed motors look nice and strong, yet they can not go up against the micros with brushless motors like the EMAX Babyhawk. It is worth giving the Wingsland X1 a try if you want something unique and special. But it is more of a learning drone than a competing one, so do not expect to win first place in a race with it.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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wingsland-x1-quadcopter-review Wingsland X1 Quadcopter Review  The Wingsland X1 is a racing-drone inspired quad, a small and handy drone that can be controlled by the R6 transmitter or WiFi FPV. It comes with a 600 mAh powerful battery that ensures a flight duration of more than 7...


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