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H123D X4 Jet Racing Quadcopter Review

H123D X4 Jet Quadcopter Review

H123D X4 Jet Racing Quadcopter Review

Introducing the H123D X4 Jet Racing Quadcopter. It’s one of the latest released racing quadcopters which is a ready-to-fly drone built for both beginners and more experienced users. If you’re looking for a new hobby, which is tech or gadget related you should consider the racing drones. The H123D X4 Jet is an entry-level racing quadcopter that usually comes with the ready-to-fly kit, as you’ll see in the below review.

While the drone industry, in general, is gaining popularity more and more people are deciding to start buying racing drones as well. In this H123D X4 Jet review, you will see a detailed overview of its design quality, performance, camera, features. With his small price it’s not being packed with features, but that’s normal for a racing drone. If you are still reading this, you might be interested in the H123D X4 Jet racing drone so let’s find out what it’s able to do.


  • Configuration: H123D + HT012D new version transmitter
  • 2.4Ghz RC Control Series
  • 5.8Ghz Video Transmission
  • Real-time FPV image photo/video transmission
  • Flight time about 10 minutes
  • Flight distance about 100 meters
  • Charging time about 130 minutes

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Quadcopter
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1x Drone battery
  • 1 x Balance charger
  • 1 x Adopter
  • 1x Spare set of props
  • 1 x Spanner
  • 1 x USB cable

Design and build

The H123D X4 Jet Racing Quadcopter is made out of a durable carbon fiber framework that ensures long life. Not only does it make the drone more damage resistant but it also makes him more lightweight and so it’s able to achieve a higher speed. The jet black coating around the body framework is completed with green casing in the front and propellers for a unique appearance. 

H123D X4 Jet Racing Quadcopter Review

Thanks to the 5.8GHz receiver on the board, you will get a reduced radio interference that ensures a smooth real-time video. In addition to that, it also improves the responsiveness of the flight controls. And this is a needed aspect for a racing drone, so it can perform a split-second movement. It even makes it easier for beginners and first-time flyers to fly the H123D X4 Jet racing drone.

The H123 X4 Jet is a ready-to-fly drone,  which means that once you get the box, you can start flying the drone right away without any installation. The only thing you have to do is to recharge the battery.


Talking about the battery, the H123D Jet Racing Quadcopter comes with a 980mAh 7.6V rechargeable Li-Po battery. You will be able to fly the drone around for 10 minutes which is the decent time between the racing quadcopters, usually, a racing quad is able to fly for 2-3 minutes. However, it is recommended to buy more batteries, so you can double your flight time with this quad.

For the charging, you’ve got the specific Hubsan charger. It takes approximately 120-130 minutes to charge the battery fully. So plan ahead your flights and don’t wait till the last minute to charge your batteries. 

Inserting and removing the battery from the drone is quite easy and doesn’t require any special tool or skill. Also, there is a Velcro battery strap to ensure the steady placement of the battery. 

Remote controller

The Remote controller is quite bulky and has 2 big antennas, one for 5.8GHz and one for 2.4 GHz, so you will get a stable connection with either of them. As for the physical characteristics of the controller it has a grip on the sides and a quite big LED screen for useful telemetry information and FPV. The FPV transmission ranges up to 100 meters and the remote control distance is also around 100 meters. These numbers are pretty good for a racing drone. For the remote control, you will need four AAA battery cells to power it up. The controller battery shell slides open to help insert and remove batteries.  


The drone comes with a 720p HD camera that can be adjusted in 45-degree angles. Besides the FPV transmission, you can save the footage on an SD card. Also, you can use FPV goggles in order to see what’s on the footage and you get a feeling like you’re flying. 

H123D X4 Jet

Flight experience

The H123D X4 Jet racing drone has a two-speed function. It has a low-speed mode for beginners and a high-speed mode for the experts. It is not common for racing drones to come with speed modes, but this one has this feature, so if you wish to learn how to fly a racing drone, with this one you can take it to step by step to get yourself in the game. This feature makes the drone extremely user-friendly so even kids can use it with proper supervision. 

The drone also has some safety features like a low battery protection function that will automatically return the drone to the take-off point when the battery is low. As mentioned before, the drone has a built-in 720P HD camera that can be used for FPV or record via an SD card. On average, expect anywhere from 8-10 minutes, depending on the environment of the flight place and the weather conditions. This racing drone can also reach a speed of up to 25 m/s, which can be a dangerous speed if you don’t pay attention. The H123D can also perform stock acrobatic flips and tricks that can be done by a single press of a button.


The H123D X4 Jet Racing Quadcopter is a versatile, powerful, and quite a compact drone for an affordable price, as shown in our review. It’s also reliable in terms of both durability and performance. For a pleasurable and safe flight, make sure you choose the right flight environment and the right speed mode that suits you the most. The only bad thing is the small flight time, but this can be upgraded by buying more batteries. If you will have trouble flying the drone, be patient, and seek a professional tutorial, if you want to be better.

If you’re interested in the H123D X4 Jet Racing Quadcopter from our review you can buy it directly from Amazon.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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h123d-x4-jet-racing-quadcopter-review H123D X4 Jet Racing Quadcopter Review Introducing the H123D X4 Jet Racing Quadcopter. It’s one of the latest released racing quadcopters which is a ready-to-fly drone built for both beginners and more experienced users. If you’re looking for a new hobby, which is tech or...


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