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Holy Stone HS370 Quadcopter Review

Holy Stone HS370 Quadcopter Review

Holy Stone HS370 Quadcopter Review 

The Holy Stone HS370 drone is a tiny but agile drone. Don’t be misguided by its appearance because for the price you can get it, it offers quite a lot. Holystone always did their best to create amazing customer level drones for low prices. Just think about HS110G which was an absolute success, it comes with an affordable price and it was so well built that it’s a competitor for the DJI Phantom series. And the HS370 is just as promising. It’s a well  built, small, high quality drone which suits every beginner or kids. The company is so customer-oriented that they even give you a spare battery. So you can record twice as much with the 720P camera given with the drone. But you can find out more in this review about the specs of the Holy Stone HS370 Quadcopter. 

Design and build 

The HS370 has black and red colors on it, which makes a great match.  The drone measures 7.0 by 6.7 by 1.3 inches and it weighs 171g only, so you don’t need an FAA registration. They managed to reduce the weight of the drone because they worked with light ABS plastic for the coating, so it’s lightweight and durable at the same time. Due to its small size and lightweight you won’t need a carrying case for it, you can transport it even in your backpack, but if you have a carrying case that fits the drone feel free to use it. 

The color of the drone has its own benefits, with this combination you won’t lose the visual contact while it’s in the air. The propellers on the front are red and the back ones on the back are black. You will get a set of propeller guards for the drone which will protect the propellers, which are the most fragile part of a drone. So if you feel like you don’t master entirely the drone and you might crash it, be preventive and put them on. 

Remote Controller 

The remote controller looks like a console controller, so it will fit just right in your hand. It’s one of the most intuitive controllers I’ve ever seen because every button or switch is engraved, so you will know which button does what. Just like the drone, the controller is well designed and put together, its light in weight and easy to use. The controls from the controller are responsive but not too sensitive, so you will just enjoy using them.

The controller also has a smartphone holder so you get a better FPV view. The remote control distance is 50 meters from the drone.  


The battery you will get in the package is a  7.4v 880 mAh lipo battery. With one of those, you get around 12 minutes of flight so in total you will get a full 24 minutes of flight time from the two batteries sold with this drone. But these 24 minutes is depending really much on the environment you’re using the drone in.

Holy Stone HS370 Quadcopter Package Review

These modular Li-Po batteries can be removed and inserted easily without any complicated installation. They are safe to handle even for kids, so they will be able to use and charge them without any worries. If the flight time given is not enough for you, you can also order a third spare battery if you like, for more flight time. The battery can be charged via a USB port. The charger is not capable of fast charging so it will take around 80 minutes to charge it fully. 


The drone comes with a 720P camera that is placed on the nose of the drone. The angle of the camera is placed at 60 degrees so you will get a nice field view. The drone also has an FPV option, this way you can see a live feed from the camera. However, for this, you have to download the manufacturer’s app and connect it to the drone. The FPV feed is around 30 meters on the HS370. 

Flight experience and features 

The HS370 it’s pretty easy to operate, it performs better indoors because the motor can’t handle the wind well. However, you can use it outside as well just, make sure that the weather is nice, there is no wind, and there are no obstacles. But the low range won’t let you fly too far anyway.  The drone can be flown easily by everyone, even the beginners. And to make sure your time is as enjoyable as possible Holy Stone placed some really cool features in the drone like: 

One key take-off/ landing, with this button the drone, flies in the air automatically and if you’re in the air it will land smoothly without any effort from your part)

Altitude Hold, with this feature, the drone locks in at his vertical height which could be a great opportunity for the pilots to take steady photos with the drone.

Draw trajectory flight, this is a very fun feature, which is advised to be used only outside. With this feature, a map will show up within the app, and you will have the ability to draw a path for the drone. Unfortunately, because the range of the drone is only 50 meters you won’t have so much freedom to fly with the drone.

Functions within the app. The app not only lets you see in FPV but at the same time after your recording session you can share videos and photos easily with the app. The Holy Stone app has built-in social share buttons that let you access all your different social media accounts. 

Gesture control, the best for the last. When the drone is facing you or another person, it can take control of a hand gesture. The only commands are to take photos and videos but it’s still a fun feature. For example, if you show your palm to the camera it will take a photo within a few seconds.


Holy Stone HS370 Size

The Holy Stone HS370 is a great quadcopter for beginners, as mentioned in our review. I say this because experts who already flown a better drone, maybe from DJI won’t enjoy the reduced aspects like the low flight range. The drone comes with two modular batteries which are cool and besides this, it has a lot of features like headless mode, altitude hold, auto-takeoff and landing, and other automated features, this drone is a good buy.  

If you want to purchase the Holy Stone HS370 you can check out Amazon.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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holy-stone-hs370-quadcopter-review Holy Stone HS370 Quadcopter Review  The Holy Stone HS370 drone is a tiny but agile drone. Don’t be misguided by its appearance because for the price you can get it, it offers quite a lot. Holystone always did their best to create amazing customer level...


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