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Wltoys XK X1 Quadcopter Review

Wltoys XK X1 Quadcopter Review

Wltoys XK X1 Quadcopter Review

In this drone review, we will analyze the Wltoys XK X1 Quadcopter, with all his pros and cons. Also, we will try to help you to decide whether or not this should be your drone of choice in 2020. At first look the Wltoys XK X1 is similar to the Phantom 4 Pro Drone. Unfortunately, the other specs inside the drone might not be just as good as a DJI product. But there is some good in every bad because you can get this drone much cheaper than the P4. This drone has some good features like the 2-axis gimbal which can provide steady shots for the 1080p camera.


  • Camera: 1080P camera
  • Frame rate: 30 fps
  • Len angle: 108°
  • Sensor: CMOS
  • Max Expanded Memory Card Capacity: 64G
  • Battery: 7.6V 2200mAh Li-po battery (included)
  • Charging time: 3h
  • The motor of the quadcopter: 1806 Brushless Motor
  • Max flight speed: 8m/s
  • Diagonal Wheelbase: 250mm
  • Drone Size: 210x210x140mm
  • Remote controller: 2.4GHz
  • Remote controller distance: 500m 

What’s in the box?

  • Wltoys X1 RC Quadcopter
  • Remote Controller
  • Drone Battery
  • Battery Charger 
  • Propeller Set
  • Propeller Guard
  • Screwdriver
  • Instruction Manual
  • Travel bag

Design and build

Just like the P4 from DJI this drone has a steady build that can’t be folded. But you will get a bag in which you can keep the drone if you want to travel with it somewhere. But that’s not all. First, it has a really sturdy and strong build, the build features a landing gear which protects the camera when you perform a landing. The exterior casing is made of high quality and resilient ABS plastic which is light in weight and durable in case of a crash. In the case of this drone, the camera is not on the nose, but under the body to give it the best angle possible.

The drone is powered by 4x 1806 brushless motors which are a great choice, because they are super powerful, and can lift this 338g drone easily. Also, these brushless motors are more quiet, reliable and they require less maintenance. The motors can give the drone a maximum of 8m/s speed.  

Wltoys XK X1 Quadcopter Package Review


For all the drone enthusiasts we have good news because you can buy this drone with one, two, or three batteries. The battery typer for this drone is a Li-po 7.6V 2200mAh one. One battery will get you 20 minutes of flight time, but this time is depending on a lot of things like weather, electrical devices near you, your flight style. So if you can’t get out all the 20 minutes from the quad don’t be upset. The battery is safe, it can be removed and inserted easily. The charging time of the battery is around 3 hours, so if you plan a longer flight, charge all your batteries ahead of time. 


The drone is just as good as it’s the controller. And I can assure you that this controller will make you fall in love even more with the drone. The controller is made out of the same material as the drone. All the buttons and switches are responding quickly to the commands, and gives you a smooth control, without being too sensitive. Overall, the remote controller is light in weight, and it will not cramp your wrists, so it fits just right in your hand. This means that you will feel comfortable even if you buy more batteries and you have to hold the controller for around 40 minutes.

You can adjust things on the remote controller like videos, photos, GPS return, take-off, etc. The controller needs 4×1.5V AA batteries in order to power it up. However, you have to buy those separately, and make sure that they always have power. The max distance between the remote controller and the drone is around 500 meters.


As you saw in the introduction this drone has a 1080p camera, which is less than it’s a clone, the P4. This camera works in 1920x1080p resolution, and with 30FPS. It takes really good videos and photos regarding its price. The camera is supported by a 2-axis gimbal that keeps your footage distortion-free and clear. In calm weather, and daylight this camera is going to capture nice photos that can bring out the color in vivid details. 

And just like every other new drone, this drone also has FPV features that you will surely enjoy over the 5G Wi-Fi transmission. The app that gives you the FPV is available for both Android and iOS. The video transmission is clear and enjoyable. The FPV range is somewhere the same as the full range of the quadcopter which is somewhere between 400-500 meters, depending on how crowded the place is.

Intelligent Flight Features

The real value of a high-quality drone stays within his features which makes it more enjoyable to use it. This is a big benefit for both beginners and experienced users because both groups need some assistance from the quadcopter.

Wltoys XK X1

Camera adjustment: With the help of the controller you can adjust the angle of the camera by 90 Degree. With this function, the drone rolls up or down as required. This way you can set the absolute best angle for your footage.

Follow me mode: This is an intelligent following mode. With this feature activated, the drone will follow a selected object (which can be anything from a vehicle to an animal or a person). This makes it possible to record yourself without holding the controller in your hand.

Orbit mode: You may find this feature under the name of Circumferential Flight. This function enables the X1 quad to lock on a certain object and to make circles around that thing. Videos with this feature can look really cool and cinematic.

One key take-off and landing: This is a really important feature on the drone. It can launch the drone with a single press of a button. Or if you’re done with your flight session, you can press again this button and the drone will land automatically. 

Low Battery Alert: I bet you don’t want your drone to crash when it runs out of battery. With this feature, your drone will send you signals when the battery is going to run out of power. So you can land safely.

WayPoint Mode: This mode is for those videos when you know exactly what you want to record. With this feature, a map will open up to you within the app, and you can select a path for the drone, and he will go on that exact line. This feature works best for nice landscapes.


Maybe this drone looks like the Phantom 4, but on the inside, it’s something really different. However, buying the Wltoys XK X1 Quadcopter might still be a good idea as showcased in the above review. You can purchase this drone for way less money than the P4, and maybe you can have more fun with it. If you’re a beginner, take your time and read the user manual to understand how’s and why’s of the drone.

If you want to purchase the drone you can check out Amazon and Banggood.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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wltoys-xk-x1-quadcopter-review Wltoys XK X1 Quadcopter Review In this drone review, we will analyze the Wltoys XK X1 Quadcopter, with all his pros and cons. Also, we will try to help you to decide whether or not this should be your drone of choice in 2020. At...


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