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JJRC H68 Quadcopter Review

JJRC H68 Quadcopter Review

JJRC H68 Quadcopter Review

Flying drones is always a good idea for having a lot of fun and nowadays it is more and more affordable to fly one. JJRC company produced some very successful drone models, taking an important position in the drone market. One of their successful models that we’ll review in this article is JJRC H68 Quadcopter, which is a great beginner’s drone but it is also suitable for more experienced users. It is an affordable drone with a great battery life that will help you the impressive video and photo scenes you are looking for.

JJRC H68 Specifics

The JJRC H68 comes with a 720p camera, GPS, WIFI connection and FPV. The camera also has an anti-shake stable, which offer high level quality video even in mid-flight. It also comes with a 6-axis stabilization twist for a constant quadruple drone flight and an adjustable of 45 degrees that will help you take good footage.

The drone comes in two colors, white or black so you can opt in for the model that suits you better. A big advantage you get firstly when you buy the JJRC 68 model is that it packed with 2 high powered 3.7 1800mAh batteries, that brings you 20 minutes of flight each. So, you can put the first to charge right away it runs out and start using the second one. The battery is easily rechargeable and it takes around 160 minutes for a full recharge.

The JJRC H68 drone also comes with property extra propellers in case of damage and also it comes with protection guards in order to protect people and property. Taking this into considerations any beginner can start to have fun and record all your great memories and places to your smartphone in a controlled and risk free of damaging environment.

JJRC H68 Quadcopter Package Review

The design

The JJRC H68 comes with a durable and elegant design, well built with good quality plastic. It looks. Its design is similar with the other JJRC drones. The dimensions of the JJRC H68 drone are 32.5 x 32.5 x 11 cm and it weighs 152.7g.

The Colorful LED lights gives is a shinny look and it provides necessary assistance during nighttime and daytime also. The drone has a classic quadcopter look and it has an amazingly large battery capacity.


Taking into consideration the price of JJRC H68 drone, you will not receive as many features as Autel EVO 2 provides, but it has plenty of important and useful features like “follow me”, real time streaming, gesture controls and multiple flight modes.

Follow me feature is very helpful in case your battery is low and you want to recover your drone. Real time streaming over WIFI, represents another fascinating feature that you can use to impress your friends with the great footage offer by the drone.

You can also change the flight speed, which is a very important feature for beginners to fly slower until they get used with it and become better.


The JJRC H38 Quadcopter presented in the above review is a powerful drone made not only for beginners, especially if you are looking for a great budget-quality. It is easy to learn and it will offer you all the aerial shots you are looking for. This drone represents a great investment for any drone enthusiast or for any person that wants to learn how to use one.

If you’re interested in purchasing the JJRC H68 you can check out Amazon and Gearbest.

Price–performance ratio
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Play time
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