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SANROCK X105W Quadcopter Review

SANROCK X105W Quadcopter Review

SANROCK X105W Quadcopter Review

If you want to get a drone, there is no better time for you. You can get a cheap drone with a variety of features, a good camera. You can have extended flight time, fast charging time and a long flight range. The time when you wanted a drone for just to fly it is over. A drone should have so much feature than this. And to be honest, to have only a 420p camera its’ also pretty lame. A drone should be able to make fantastic footage, have autonomous flight modes, and to give you an experience that you should not forget fast. And all this in a drone under $100. Well, you might think that all this is a fairy tale, but if you read till this review of SANROCK X105W Quadcopter, you will see how available and useful is this drone. 

Design and Build 

The first thing you observe about the drone is the pleasing design because this is a very stylish looking drone. The landing gear is a high one, and it looks okay on it. Also, it practical because the massive landing gears will protect the body and the camera. Which is a good thing regarding the security, but it’s a bad one when you wish to travel with it.

Also, the drone has a lovely colour combination (red and black). The casing is made out of strong ABS plastic which is strong enough to offer protection the interior parts and for the outside. So in the first crash, you can be assured that the drone won’t crash down and be unusable. Overall, the quality of this drone both in the design and build is good. With good care, the drone could last a couple of years at your service. 


The battery that comes with this drone is a 1500mAh one which can assure you a 17 minute long flight time. This is a pretty decent flight time, but if it seems that it’s not enough for you, you may also buy extra batteries to multiple your flight time. The storm also can be charged relatively fast, but for that make sure always to use the charger provided in the package. 

SANROCK X105W Quadcopter Package Review


The controller provided in the package is a small and stylish piece. It has a good weight a standard size and an organic touch, so it’s just perfect for a more extended flight. And it has other design features as well, like the foldable smartphone holder that will keep your fixed on the top of the controller when you use the FPV feature. 

The drone has a maximum flight range of 100 meters, which isn’t that much but should be enough for smaller projects. The remote also has two joysticks and some switches. The joysticks are stable, and they are very responsive. 


The camera on this drone is a 720P one, and it’s positioned on the front of the drone. This camera is supported by an anti-shake table to have a more stable image. The camera on the nose is adjustable by 45 degrees, so you can adjust the camera as you like to have the best possible view. 

You can see the live feed from the camera through the app. FPV enablement is one of the reasons we love camera drones. Also, if you have an FPV glasses, you can connect that to the drone, and you will have a real First Person view effect like you’re the one flying. The camera is also removable, so you can take it down and put it in one place. Also, if your kids want to use the drone, you can remove the camera, and you’ll be sure that it won’t be damaged.

Flight experience

Maybe this is the one area where the drone has it’s the best performance. It does not just have a responsive flight, but it also has a lot of flight functions that will make the drone flight more enjoyable like: 

Headless mode

With this, you don’t have the worry about the orientation of the drone when you cannot see it. Just enable the headless mode, and the drone will automatically turn his face to the remote controller, and you can bring it home more efficiently.

One key landing and takeoff

This is one of the most useful and most used features. With this you just have to press the corresponding button and drone will automatically start the propellers and go in the air, or during a flight, you can bring it down without struggling the landing.


Speed modes

Because this is a beginner drone primarily, you have different speed adjustments on this drone. You will find three different flight modes like high, medium and low. If you’re a drone rockie, you should start on speed mode and then as you evolve, try faster speeds.

Altitude Hold

With this just lock in the height that you would like the drone to fly at and The altitude hold function will do the rest and keeps the drone flying at the size that is locked-in.

3D Flips

This is another fun function, it’s not the most useful, but it’s fun. To make a 3D flips, you press a button dedicated to this and then give it a direction.

Draw Flight Route

With this feature touch the function on the app, and then a map will open up where you can set a flight path for the drone.


The SANROCK X105W is a perfect quadcopter for beginners as showcased in this review. You can get it for a low price. But for that price, you can get a lot of functions like a 720p camera, a 17 minutes flight time and lots of intelligent flight options. 

IF you would like to check out the price for the SANROCK X105W go on Amazon.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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sanrock-x105w-quadcopter-review SANROCK X105W Quadcopter Review If you want to get a drone, there is no better time for you. You can get a cheap drone with a variety of features, a good camera. You can have extended flight time, fast charging time and a long flight...


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