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Hasakee Q8 Quadcopter Review


Hasakee Q8 Quadcopter Review

If you are looking for a great camera quadcopter, that comes with amazing features and is also at an affordable price, the German manufacturer Hasakee released a great drone model that might catch your attention. Hasakee Q8 Quadcopter that we’ll review in this article is a great drone with an amazing playful design for kids and beginners. It comes with several fun and useful flight modes, in order to create lots of funny moments while flying it. It is also pretty safe to use by kids. 

What makes the Hasakee Q8 Quadcopter special is its playful design, but it also comes with high-quality built-in products and that is why it is usually compared with the great Eachine E511S. Having such a great competitor we can also say about the Q8 quadcopter that is a very good drone. 

Following this article you will find out more information about the design, built-in products, features and many of the amazing Hasakee Q8 quadcopter.  

Design and built-in quality

Firstly, I would like to start reviewing the design of this drone, because I consider it as a very important factor especially when it comes to the Q8 drone. It comes with an impressive compact design, small enough to carry it from one place to another with no problem. It has a beautiful yellow color that offers a great first impression and it also helps you identify it easily in the darker places. An important aspect that offers a better and more stable flight experience is that, the propellers of this drone are splitted in 3 blades

The drone’s controller has a great look, matching the drone’s color, being also yellow and black. It also has a built-in resizable phone holder, so you can place your smartphone on it and start flying the drone without worrying about dropping your phone.

One thing that makes this drone special is that it comes with a protective frame that makes it very resistant to crashes and impacts. It also makes it more secure for kids. Also, this drone is made out of high quality ABS plastic, making it even more secure.

Hasakee Q8 Quadcopter Package Review

You can find its built-in 720P HD camera in front. Is a great camera to use for capturing and recording great footage. Because of its sturdy design the camera is well protected in case of any sort of impact.


When you purchase the Hasakee Q8 quadcopter, you will receive it in its box. Inside the box you will also find its remote controller, a battery, the drone itself, a screwdriver, its USB charger, a set of propellers and the user manual in order to get informed about the way it works. After you take the drone out of its box you can start flying it, because it is already charged. But to be sure, you get the full flight experience, charge it before you make your first flight. 

Drone’s application

In order to get access to all the drones features and also for a better flight control experience you should download the Hasakee Q8 app. The drone’s app is the WIFI image transmission of an aerial photography vehicle. The biggest advantage of using this app is that it uses WIFI, in order to receive the images and videos of the drone in real time. You can also control the camera of the drone and its flight attitude, getting a much better flight experience. 

If you want to download the drone’s app, you can find it on Google Play if you are an android user, or on Apple Store if you are an IOS user.

Flight experience

When we are reviewing a drone, one of the most important parts is the flight experience chapter. The Hasakee Q8 Quadcopter comes with a modularized flight battery that offers up to 9 minutes of continuous flight. It is a good flight time for a drone like this and is enough time especially for taking group pictures, short videos or for quick fun. It offers a smooth flight and a decent flight range of 100 meters away. 

The comes with some interesting flight modes like altitude hold, and headless mode. Altitude mode represents an important feature of a drone, especially if you are trying to capture or record footage. Using this mode will help you get the best results out of it.  The headless mode is a built-in ability of a drone to remember the orientation with which it took off. As an example, if you will press left on your controller, the drone will also move to the left, in relation to your view. It is another great flight mode, very useful for piloting the drone and also to offer impressive video and photo footage. 

Hasakee Q8

Another important feature of this drone, that represents a big help in controlling the drone is the automatic takeoff and landing. The flight experience of this drone is impressive, but we suggest you fly it outside only in good weather conditions. Due to its small size and light weight it can be easily blown away by the wind. 

If you are a beginner or a non experienced drone pilot, with this drone you will have a great opportunity to practice. It is an easy drone to fly with and because of its resistant built materials you don’t have to worry about the small impacts. 

Customer experience 

It has a great 4.2 out 5 stars review on Amazon, that means that more 65% of the reviewers gave it five stars. It is an important aspect to take into account before purchasing it. Many users said that it is the best drone you can find at this price range and many of them said that they love it because it is very strong build and crash resistant. 


To sum up, the Hasakee Q8 quadcopter is a great drone for beginners and kids as showcased in this review. It is also a good drone practice if it is your first time flying a drone. Even if it does not have as many features as other more expensive quadcopters, taking into consideration its price, it represents a great deal.

Hasakee Q8 Quadcopter

It offers a great flight experience and because it comes with a 720P HD camera, makes it much more better. The video and photo footage is great and for sure you will have lots of fun flying this drone and also you will create many great memories. 

Taking into consideration the customers reviews, it is a great drone to have at home, especially if you are rarely using it. Using it for photos and for fun, the Hasakee Q8 will do its job properly and at its price range, the Hasakee Q8 quadcopter represents the for sure one of the best drones you can get. 

If this drone captured your attention and you are interested in purchasing it, you can find it on amazon at a great price.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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hasakee-q8-quadcopter-review Hasakee Q8 Quadcopter Review If you are looking for a great camera quadcopter, that comes with amazing features and is also at an affordable price, the German manufacturer Hasakee released a great drone model that might catch your attention. Hasakee Q8 Quadcopter that we'll review...


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