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JJRC X1 Quadcopter Review


JJRC X1 Quadcopter Review

The JJRC X1 from this review is a quadcopter with amazing design, great flight features and it also comes at an affordable price. It is a perfect choice for every beginner who is trying to improve his flying skills, but it is also a great match for more advanced drone enthusiasts who are looking for fun. One of the most important things that makes this quadcopter suitable for any type of user is that it has brushless motors, offering a faster, smoother and easier to control flight experience for its users. 

Following this article you get an opportunity to know everything you need about the JJRC X1 Quadcopter in order to make sure that purchasing it will be a good choice. We will discuss in detail every important aspect starting with its design, built in component, flight performance and many other important features. So let’s begin.


The drone’s packaging and the accessories that come along with it represent an important aspect when you are thinking about purchasing a drone. The JJRC X1 Quadcopter offers many extra accessories that will be very useful for you in the long term. The drone comes in its beautiful personalized box. Inside its box you will also find its transmitter, 4 x propellers, 2 x landing bars, 4 x propellers guards, the drone’s charges and the user manual. 

Design and built-in 

Talking about the design, you can be sure that JJRC X1 Quadcopter excels at this chapter. The quadcopter has a very beautiful eye catching design, pretty similar to the Blade 200 QX Quadcopter. Watching this drone flying will make you fall in love with it for sure. The drone measures 21 x 21 x 11 so carrying it from one place to another will not represent any kind of problem. 

The built-in quality of this drone is amazing and holding it in your hand offers a great feeling. Its black color offers it a professional look and it matches perfectly with the drone’s remote controller. The exterior of the drone is made out of high quality plastic, making it shock resistant and also because of its propeller guards, you don’t have to worry at all about the small accidents that will occur while flying it. 

JJRC X1 Quadcopter Package Review

The great advantage that this drone has to offer comparing it with the other drones at its price range is that it features brushless motors. Brushless motors are the best you could have on a drone, being more resistant, at the same time they offer much more power and they are also more efficient. 

Battery and flight time 

The JJRC X1 Quadcopter features a 7.4V 1300mAh battery , which is a great one for such a drone. The battery will offer you an impressive flight time of around 15 minutes. Comparing it with the other drones on the market the X1 offers an amazing flight time. If you are looking for a longer flight experience we recommend you to purchase an extra battery in order to switch it with it with the first one when it runs out of power. By doing this you will double up your flight time and you can practice your flying skills better.  In order to fully charge the drone’s battery it will take somewhere around 90 minutes. 

Flight performance

This quadcopter is an amazing one to start your flying experience with because it has amazing flight autonomy, a great control range and also it is very fast. Flying it a couple of times will make you get used to it easily, after you get used to it you can enjoy a great flight experience.  Another great advantage that this drone has to offer is that it offers an excellent control range even if it is 400 meters away from you. 

But you should keep in mind that being a lightweight drone, you should check if the weather is proper for flying it. The strong winds will make the drone harder to control and also it might blow it away, so make sure you check the weather before you are flying the drone. 

Being easy to control, it can also be controlled by kids. It is recommended for kids with the age above 14. One thing is sure, flying this drone will offer you lots of fun and also an amazing flying feeling.



Nowadays, there are many drones on the market and because of that choosing a good one might be a hard choice. Taking into consideration the aspects presented above, we can say that the JJRC X1 Quadcopter represents a perfect choice for any beginner who wants to learn how to pilot a drone without spending a fortune on it. Also it can be a great choice for the more experienced users who are looking for a great flight experience at a friendly-budget. 

If you are interested in purchasing this drone you can find it at a great price on Gearbest.

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jjrc-x1-quadcopter-review JJRC X1 Quadcopter Review The JJRC X1 from this review is a quadcopter with amazing design, great flight features and it also comes at an affordable price. It is a perfect choice for every beginner who is trying to improve his flying skills, but it...


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