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JJRC X15 Dragonfly Quadcopter Review


JJRC X15 Dragonfly Quadcopter Review  

The JJRC company has built all kind of drone throughout the years. They came up with everything from nano drones like the JJRC H20, to big and solid drones like the JJRC H68. The JJRC X15 Dragonfly from our review is somewhere in between, a middle size drone, with a foldable design and quality camera. 

Other things that make this drone a great choice is the electronic stabilization, long battery life and flight distance. It has flight functions that make it a lot easier and more fun to fly the drone. This way, even beginner will be able to create good videos. 


  • Frequency: 2.4G    
  • Channel: 4CH
  • Gyro: 6 axis
  • Motor: 1406 25.16W Brushless Motor
  • Quadcopter Battery: 7.6V 3000mAh 10C Lipo (Included)
  • Transmitter Battery: Built-in 350mAh Lithium Battery
  • Flying Time: About 22mins
  • Charging Time: About 6 hours
  • Gimbal: 2-Axis Coreless Stabilizing Gimbal
  • Adjustable Angle Camera: Adjustable camera by transmitter 170°
  • Camera: 4K Wide Angle
  • FPV: 5G WiFi FPV
  • FPV Range: 700m
  • Quadcopter Size: 22x8x26cm folded and 20x20x26cm unfolded
  • Quadcopter Weight: 350g (Without Battery)

What’s in the box?

  • JJRC X15 Quadcopter
  • Remote Control
  • 7.6V 3000mAh Battery
  • USB Charging Cable
  • RC Charging Cable
  • 2 x Spare Propeller
  • Screwdriver
  • Transport Bag
  • User Manual

Design and build 

The build of the JJRC X15 is one of the most practical build ever. First, it looks like a dragonfly, that’s where it got its name. But that’s not everything. The arms are foldable, which is a great feature. When you fold it, it measures 22x8x26cm, when you unfold it, it becomes significantly wider, with a size of 20x20x26cm.

The drone is built with high-quality ABS plastic. This is a perfect material for drones, it’s light and durable at the same time. Overall, the drone weighs 350g without the battery. This means that you’ll have to register it to the FAA. 

The quadcopter is built with brushless motors, more specifically with 1406 25.16W motors.  They are strong enough to lift the drone and to achieve high speeds. Also, this type of motors is the best for a drone. They make less noise, require less maintenance, and they don’t tend to heat up. 

JJRC X15 Dragonfly Package Review


You get 7.6V 3000mAh 10C Lipo battery. However, you can opt to buy the quadcopter with two or even three batteries for more flight time. One battery is going to give you about 25 minutes of flight time. So, with two, you can increase the flight time to 50 minutes.

By design, this is a modular battery. What this means is that you can remove the battery from the quadcopter when charging it. The charging time for the battery is 5 hours, a bit long, but it is worth it for 25 minutes of flight time. If you want a whole morning of flying this drone, order it with three batteries. The batterie is easy to remove or to insert, so don’t have to mess when you change the. Also, it’s safe to handle, so it’s one less thing to worry about. The only recommendation is not to leave it in the quadcopter if you are putting it in storage for a long time.


You get a 7.6V 3000mAh 10C Lipo battery with this drone. One battery will be enough for 25 minutes of flight time. However, if you would like you can get 1 or 2 more batteries. With just one battery you get around 50 minutes of flight time, which is more than enough for everything. 

The provided battery is a modular battery. What this means is that you can remove the battery from the quadcopter when charging it. The charging time for the battery is 5 hours, a bit long, but it is worth it for 25 minutes of flight time. If you want a whole morning of flying this drone, order it with three batteries.


The very first good news is that the remote controller has a built-in battery. The battery is rechargeable, which means that you don’t have to mess with cell batteries. Just make sure the batteries are always charged. The batteries in the controller are enough for around 5 hours of flight time. 

Just like the drone, the controller has a foldable design. The phone holder along with the handles are foldable. This makes the controller more transportable. There are a few buttons on the controller, but each of them is enabled with a small icon. This way you will learn easily the purpose of each of them. The controller works with a 2.4GHz band, which gives you around 1.2Km distance. This is depending on the environment. 

The remote controller has a small LCD screen that displays some information like battery status, distance, etc. If you want to have another screen on the controller you can connect your phone to the drone and you will get to see the same information, along with the FPV view of the camera. The phone can be placed on the adjustable phone holder on the top of the camera. 



The Dragonfly got an HD camera that can make photos in 6144 x 3456 resolution and record video in resolution is 2592 x 1920 resolution. The footage can be saved on an SD card, which has to be inserted in the drone. 

The support of the camera has great execution. First of all, it can move in a 160-degree field of view. And besides that, it’s a 2-axis stabilizing gimbal that can fix the motion blur from your footage. This way, you get clear, and crisp footage even if you have minor movements during the recording. 

And now let’s talk more in details about the FPV transmission. The video you get on your phone with the FPV will be streamed in a 1080P resolution, which is almost the same as the real footage. However, the maximum distance is only 500 meters for the FPV. That’s why it’s better to record your footage on an SD card. Also, make sure that you keep the drone in sight when you pass the 500 meters. 

Flight Functions

Flight functions make the recording and in general the flight more simple. With these features, you will be able to control your drone like a pro. They are like a self-parking feature on a car. It makes the work, so you don’t have to. The features on this drone are the following: Trajectory Flight, GPS positioning, Optical Flow Positioning, Barometer Altitude Hold, Gesture Shooting, Intelligent Image Following, Circle Mode. 

To make sure you know the purpose of each and how to operate them correctly read the users manual. 


The JJRC X15 Dragonfly is a drone that fit the needs of a beginner and a professional as well as shown in our review. It has excellent flight specs like the long flight time and the flight range. And not to forget that this pairs with a camera that can make photos in 6K and support with a field of view of 160 degrees. 

JJRC X15 Dragonfly Review

Before you become a content creator or a vlogger with this thing make sure to read the users manual. This way, you will know certain things like how to operate flight features, and how to calibrate the drone.  

If you’re interested in buying the drone, you can do it on Bangood or Aliexpress

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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