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Syma X22W Quadcopter Review


Syma X22W Quadcopter Review

Are you looking for a small size affordable drone that also comes with a great camera and it can fit in your pocket perfectly? The Syma X22W Quadcopter could be the right one for you as you’ll see in this review. It is a small drone with an amazing look created by symatoys, which is one of the best drone companies you can find on the market. They succeeded in creating a great reputation among their users due to their high-quality products for beginners and recreational drone enthusiasts. In their large variety of drones, you can also find professional drones like Syma X25 Pro Quadcopter and Syma X8 Pro Quadcopter. 

Following this article you will find out all the information you need to know about this pretty small quadcopter, in order to get a better knowledge about its features, design, built products and flight modes, so you can decide if Syma X22W Quadcopter represents the right choice for you. 

Design & built-in

Syma X22W quadcopter comes with a very interesting but also joyfull design, that offers a great first impression look. Being small, compact and because it is made out of ABS plastic we can say that this small drone is very resistant, so if you are looking for a shock resistant drone that you can practice your flying skills on, X22W will be a good choice for you. Its propellers are also protected in order to not break them easily, being also a safe drone to use even by kids.

It is a fixed wing craft that measures 5.7 by 5.7 by 1.2 inches and weighs only 70g. Taking this into consideration you should be careful flying it outside when it is windy. Being so small the wind might take it away. We recommend you to fly it indoors or when not a windy time for a great flight experience.

In front of the drone we can find the built-in 720HD camera that will help capture your great video and photo footage easily. 

Syma X22W

Finally, another important aspect of this quadcopter is that it comes with a power button that can be used in order to start the drone in a safe mode, representing again a great choice for the beginners, kids and first time users. 


The Syma X22W quadcopter is equipped with a great camera, able to capture great aerial shots and videos at very good quality in 720P resolution. It also comes with lots of interesting flight modes that will help you capture great footage, but are going to talk about them in the next section of this article. 

Unfortunately, you can not see under the drone using the camera, because it is situated in front of the drone, but it still gives you a wide view to enjoy. This camera offers you a great opportunity to capture amazing photos and videos of you and your friends in order to remember the beautiful moments in your life. Also you can download the SYMA FLY app to your phone in order to get a first person view experience. 

Remote controller 

The drone comes with a simple beautiful looking controller that is also very easy to use and very solid. It is made out of a high quality material being very resistant. The remote controller also comes with a space design for your phone in order to offer you a pleasant experience. 


 Taking into consideration its price the SYMA X22W quadcopter comes with a great battery that offers a 9 minutes of continuous flight experience. It is a great time for such a small drone. The battery of this drone is a modular one, being easy to add or remove and it has a charging time of 60 minutes.

Performance and flight features 

A critically important feature of this drone is offered by its built-in barometer that helps the drone detect even the small changes in the air pressure level. This is an import feature because it helps the drone stabilize its height. It also comes with a 6-axis gyroscope in order to ensure small and precise flight controls.

The X22W comes with a large variety of  interesting flight modes. Usually you can find this amount of flight modes on the more expensive drones, and because of that we can say that SYMA X22W is a great competitor at its price range.

Syma X22W Quadcopter Package Review
  • Flight Tracking mode 

This is a very useful flight mode and very good for focusing  on the photographic angles. In order to use this mode you have to draw a path at your choice and the drone will start following it. 

  • Headless mode 

Headless mode represents another useful mode to use. When you are using this mode the drone will always head the right way. 

  • Altitude Hold

Altitude hold is great for creating video content, because the drone will not lose its altitude anymore, while you are using this mode. It is also a good mode to use if you are trying to learn how to pilot the drone. 

  • Take off and land 

This is a great feature that will help you take off and land the drone in a safe way in order to not hurt you and also hit the drone too bad. You just have to pair the drone with its controller and press the button. The drone will start taking off by itself and also when the flight session is over it will land by itself. 

  • Speed modes 

One of the greatest features of this drone is the different speed modes, making it perfect for beginners, offering them the opportunity to start slow and to increase the speed as they become better at flying it.

  • Gravity sensor mode 

Another important feature of this dorne is the gravity control sensor, that offers you a great control over the drone. You can fly the drone horizontally or vertically simply using your smartphone. 


To sum up this review, we can say that Syma X22W Quadcopter is an amazing drone and at a great price. It comes with lots of interesting features in order to offer a great user experience and a large variety of flight modes that you can take advantage of in order to get the best flight session. The battery is great, offering a good 9 minutes flight time, and because it is made out of high quality ABS plastic, it is also a very resistant drone. We consider that SYMA X22W is a great drone for beginners and kids, being very easy to use and also very resistant.  I hope this article was helpful to you and if you are interested in buying  the SYMA X22W, you can find it on Amazon.

FAQ: Syma X22W Quadcopter

  1. Question: What is the range on this drone?

Answer: I haven’t taken it more than 30 feet away from me yet due to its size. I don’t want to lose sight of it in the sky.

2. Question: Can a 5 year old play with this one?

Answer: Depends on their experience with controllers, my 3 year old had little experience and could do back flips, but he has had RC cars and drones for a few months now.

Syma X22W Quadcopter

3. Question: Does the hover control function well on this model?

Answer: I’ve bought two so far and the hovering control was off on both out of the box (one more than the other). The instructions weren’t super clear on trimming it to the correct hovering position. On the left joystick you click down and hold. If the drone is naturally drifting forward you push the right joystick down quickly and back to center. If it’s still drifting forward you do it again. Repeat until the drone is hovering without drifting. Then release the clicker on the left joystick.

4. Question: Can we use an iPad mini to control it?

Answer: Yes, no problem

5. Question: Do the drone & controller communicate at 5.8ghz?

Answer:Hello, it’s 2.4G

6. Question: How do you get this drone to return home? My 8 yr old just lost it and we are not able to find it. Thank you in advance.

Answer: if it is lost and cannot be found your auto home isn’t going to work in this case because it has already depleted its power on the drone and probably on the remote as well.

7. Question: Can I buy extra propellers?

Answer: You can buy from other seller.

8. Question: Fly time

Answer: Hello, I would say that about 20 mins each battery; it will depend on your level of continuous accelerations; but overall is pretty decent, having in mind that you will have two batteries, so while you are playing the second one is charging.

9. Question: Where can get extra (replacement) batteries for the syma X22W mini drone

Answer: Try Syma Website / customer service

10. Question: How far can this drone fly with FPV?

Answer: Clear and smooth within 30 meters, about 100 ft

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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syma-x22w-quadcopter-review Syma X22W Quadcopter Review Are you looking for a small size affordable drone that also comes with a great camera and it can fit in your pocket perfectly? The Syma X22W Quadcopter could be the right one for you as you'll see in this review....


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