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Tomzon F185DH Racing Quadcopter Review


Tomzon F185DH Racing Quadcopter Review

Are you looking for a drone with an amazing modern look and also at an affordable price? Then, Tomzon F185DH Racing Quadcopter might be the right one for you as you’ll see in our review. It comes with a very interesting appearance, that offers it a natural and also a futuristic look. Also, if you are an inexperienced drone enthusiast and you are looking for a drone that you can practice on, F185DH is a great choice for you, because it is very resistant to impacts and also it is very easy to fly. 

Following this article, you get the chance to know information about the design, built-in materials, performance and every little detail about this fascinating drone before you are thinking about purchasing it. 


When you purchase the Tomzon F185DH Racing Quadcopter it will come in its great personalized box. Inside the box you will find the drone itself, along with its controller, 2 x 7.4V 500 mAh Batteries in order to offer you a longer flight experience, 4 x propellers protection guards, a 4GB TF card, 2 x landing pads, a USB card reader, a battery charger and the user Manual, that is gonna help understand the drone’s settings and features better. 


One of the interesting features of this drone is the controller itself. It is a simple controller but it comes with a screen itself, that helps you get the live stream of the drone very fast. Because of the controllers screen there is no need anymore for using your smartphone in order to control the drone. 

The controller has simple buttons on in, being very easy to use even if you are an inexperienced drone enthusiast. Also, it has a lightweight, so holding it in your hands for a flight session will not be a problem. 

Tomzon F185DH Package

Design and built-in

On the first look the Tomzon F185DH looks like a flying bird because of its interesting design, also it looks pretty solid due to its propeller’s protection guard.  One important thing about this drone is that it is made out of high quality ABS plastic, which makes it very resistant to impacts, so you don’t have to worry about the small hits you will have with it. 

It has 4 arms, each of them ending up with a rotor and its propellers, making it a great quadcopter. Adding on the propellers protection guards, the drone will be more secure and the inside and outside components will be better protected, in order to get a longer lifetime to your drone.

Another important design feature that this drone comes with is offered by the built-in LED lights, which are situated at each end of the motor arm, in order to offer you a better flight experience. They represent a great help especially in the night time, when it is hard to see the drone. Below the drone, you will find 2 landing pads in order to ensure a smooth and safe landing for the drone. 


Tomzon F185DH Racing Quadcopter comes with an impressive 5.8GHz 720P HD camera, that will help you create amazing video and photo footage at a great quality. It will not be a professional quality, like Walkera Voyager 4’s camera of course, but taking into consideration the price of this drone, the camera it comes with is amazing. 

Another important aspect that you need to know about this drone’s camera is that it is a 5.8GHz camera, which means that it already has a built-in receiver, that will transmit the video to the remote controller screen in real time, so you don’t need a smartphone to do that. Also you can find a very useful SD card slot in order to save and store the video and photos you take with the drone. 

Performance and flight modes 

The quadcopter offers a great flight experience, and it has a great flight speed comparing it with the drone at its price range. For sure this drone will offer you lots of fun, knowing that it can do 360 degrees flips. 

An important flight mode that this drone comes with is the Headless mode. It is a very helpful mode to use in order to control the drone. This mode is suitable for situations like when your drone is far away from you or when the visibility is low. 

It also comes with altitude hold technology, which is very helpful especially if you are trying to learn how to use the drone, making it easier for you to control it. Another important feature of this mode is that it helps create smooth and a better quality photo and video content.

This drone comes with 2 x 7.4V 500mAH Li-Po battery. Each battery offers an average flight time of 6 minutes, which is a good time for a drone at its price and taking into consideration the fact that it comes with 2 batteries, you can easily switch them, in order to get a longer flight experience. We consider it a great time for a drone and also taking into consideration its flight modes, this drone is a perfect match for beginners and first time drone users, in order to gain experience using it. 

Tomzon F185DH Racing Quadcopter Review


To sum up this review, we can say that the Tomzon F185DH Racing Quadcopter is an amazing drone with a very interesting look and with great features, that will offer you lots of fun and for sure lots of great memories. Taking into consideration its price and its specifications, we consider this drone to be a great choice for beginner drone enthusiasts, but also the more experienced one for sure will have lots of fun flying it. I hope this article was helpful for you and offered you all the information you needed in order to get a better knowledge of this drone.

If this drone captured your attention, and you think it is the right one for you, you can find it at a great price on amazon.   



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