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iFlight Alpha A75 Tiny Whoop Review


iFlight Alpha A75 Tiny Whoop Review

Technology is a key element in our modern life. We are trying to build an appropriate environment for artificial intelligence development in every field that it operates. Besides that, the drone industry keeps on growing faster and better. As a matter of fact, this has become a huge industry where products are developed even for racing. Racing drones are very popular nowadays since you can participate at competitions. These drones are flying fast and have a tiny constitution not being heavy at all. One of them is The iFlight Alpha A75 model which is one of the favourite choices when it comes to racing drones but this time we are talking about the latest version of it. Let’s get straight into details and see what this is about. 

About the The iFlight Alpha

The iFlight Alpha A75 is a perfect choice for those who are passionate about whoops but were disappointed that there were few digital options to the old models. This type is a  75 mm tiny whoop with Caddx Nebula unit onboard. It has some similarities with the While this BetaFPV Beta75x HDwhoop but with more improvements.

The iFlight Alpha A75 carries the DJI digital FPV system. This one uses the Caddx Nebula and without the battery on it weighs 67 grams. It uses  a 20 amp ESC and a AIO F4 flight controller. You can fly on a 2-3S battery but we highly recommend a  3S 450 mah battery .

The iFlight Alpha A75 has XING-E 1103 8000KV brushless motors and uses 40mm propellers. You’ll get to test out two pairs of HQ and Gemfan 1635 tri-blade props. But if you want more props make sure you note the 1.5mm propeller shaft.


You can choose between a FrSky XM+, R-XSR, or TBS Crossfire Nano receiver. But this will require both cost and weight. If you have the DJI remote controller we recommend you bind it with that. Don t forget to update the firmware on the Caddx Nebula unit before you fly as DJI routinely pushes out improvements via the updated firmware.

The quad for smooth cinematic footage and included a nice albatross antenna for better signal is representative for IFlight. This is a nice entry into the emerging digital whoop universe. The Beta 75x is lighter ( because it uses a de-cased or naked Vista) but is much less durable than IFlight. 

Alpha A75 HD Quad BNF Components and Parts

  • Prebuilt and tested Quadcopter
  • Alpha 78mm Frame
  • Caddx Nebula Digital HD System Kit
  • Albatross LHCP ipex 5.8g light antenna
  • 1set x Gemfan 40mm 1.6inch 1635 3-blades ( Color May Vary) set of 2
  • 2x 10x130mm iFlight Lipo Strap

Alpha A75 HD Features:

  • 66.9 grams (without having the battery on) 
  • Butter smooth XING 1103 8000KV,is more torque and efficient
  • Ducts that helps to protect the sensitive environment or yourself
  • Pre-tuned with smooth cinematic settings
  • iFlight Albatross 5.8G light antenna upgrade (included)
  • iFlight Albatross 900mhz light micro antenna upgrade

Alpha A75 HD BNF Specs:

  • SucceX-D 20A Whoop F4 AIO Board
  • XING 1103 8000KV FPV Micro Motor
  • Wheelbase: 78mm
  • Body size: 102.9*102.9mm
  • Ducted propeller size: HQ 40mm 1.6 inch
  • FC pattern: 25.5*25.5mm
  • FPV cam spacing: 14mm
  • Weight: 66.9g (without battery)
  •  Battery: 3S 450mAh (not included)


Also as a recommendation, The DJI Remote Controller  is useful for beginners since you won’t need to set up another receiver, but it is also optional in this BNF drone because it is not necessarily required in order to use the FPV system. You can choose a receiver option for your transmitter and then bind to your own radio as usual if you don’t want to use the DJI Remote Controller. 

If you want to buy iFlight Alpha A75 we give weight to get on Banggood for convenient price and quality of course. Also, you can find it on getfpv website. 

According to this review, you can use iFlight Alpha A75 Tiny Whoop for training and improvement of skills. If you follow the competitions programs I think this is a perfect model to start with. Among Beta FPV Meteor 65, Eachine UK 65 / US65, Happy Model Mobula6, iFlight Alpha A75  is one of the greatest whoop for practising. Take a look and try them. 



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