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Walkera QR Y100 Mini Hexacopter Review


Walkera QR Y100 Mini Hexacopter Review

A drone that is designed for beginners while also being packed with features? It might be possible, but most of the time, the price is a factor that cuts your enthusiasm a little short. This is not the case of the Walkera QR Y100 Mini Hexacopter, as you can have a complex, but at the same time easy to use drone without breaking the bank. Make sure you stick with us throughout the article to see why this model can be a great teacher, while also having a lot of fun. 

Size222 x 252 x 90 mm
Weight146 g (battery included)
Battery3.7V, 1600mAh 
Flight time15 min.


The first thing we can notice about this drone is the pretty unique and almost futuristic design of it, that stands out a little bit from all of the rounded-edge styles we see everywhere, especially in the case of the mini models. The body is made of durable, molded plastic, that will be able to take a couple of hits, but not too many or too harsh. If the limited durability of the material has created you second thoughts about how fit it is for beginners, you should know a couple of facts.


It has a built-in altitude control system, and 6-axis gyro stabilization which make the drone extremely easy to maneuver, while also hovering smoothly.  On top of this, if you ever happen to crash, the motors will stop automatically, so no further damage can be caused. It is a Ready to Fly model, which means you don’t have to make any extra settings, you can just fly it as soon as you take it out of the box. This is also a helpful feature for beginners, as they do not have to face the complicated settings before they can even enjoy their very first flight.


Not only will this drone teach you the wonders of flying, but it will also initiate you in the world of FPV, thanks to its built-in camera. The images sent from it can be seen either on your smartphone or tablet, through the free app, fir for both Android and iOS. You can view them in real time, from the driver’s seat, during the flight. The quality is not something out of this world, but it is great for people who just start out in this domain and want to have a little bit of fun. 

Flight modes

This version of the Walkera QR Y100 Mini Hexacopter comes with a DEVO 4 transmitter. You can control the drone either with this one or just your phone with the app that we just mentioned. The transmitter uses a 2.4Ghz frequency and while using it you can still hook up your smartphone to the drone in order to record videos. 


With this model, you have a variety of functions that make using the drone both easier and more fun. For example, you have automatic take-off and landing, which means that with just pressing a button you can either start up the drone and let it lift up by itself, or you can make it land on its own, leaving out the possibilities of damaging it while doing these maneuvers. Also, you can benefit from the Follow Me mode, which will make the drone follow your direction whenever you go. This is a great feature if you want to snap a few photos of videos of yourself in some great instances.

Helpful Features

Another helpful feature is the Headless one, which will make the drone consider its position from your point of view only. This means that even if the drone is facing backwards, if your command is to go to the right, it will go to your right and not its right. This is great for beginners until they learn how the hexacopter moves and which is the position. One you gain a bit of experience, you can use the Gravity Mode on your smartphone, that lets you control the drone by just tilting your phone up and down. It can be an incredibly fun feature once you gather up some confidence in your moves. 

With all of these features and also considering its size, this drone is fit for both indoor and outdoor flying. So, if you are worried about the weather conditions being too windy and possibly taking your Walkera away, you can exercise safely in your house. 


The battery that comes with the Walkera QR Y100 Mini Hexacopter is a rechargeable, 3.7V, 1600mAh, LiPo one that guarantees a 15 minutes flight time in ideal conditions. The two-blade propellers found on each of the six arms do a great job at maximizing this time, in connection with the power of the engines. 

Always pay attention to how much power you have left in your battery, as you do not end up drying it out or overcharging it, as both these handlings can create damage. 

The package of the Walkera QR Y100 Mini Hexacopter includes:

  • The drone itself
  • The DEVO 4 transmitter
  • 1600mAh, 3.7V LiPo battery
  • USB battery charger
  • Instructions manual


All in all, this is a great starter drone for beginners. Even so, it does not mean that more experienced flyers can not have just as much fun with it. If you plan on getting this model for a kid, please be aware of the fact that adult supervision is needed, and that it is also recommended for protection goggles to be used. This is because the blades can be quite powerful and can even cause cuts. Better safe than sorry!

Other than that, this is a great model that guarantees tons of fun for whoever decides to fly it, thanks to all of the amazing features. You can find this Ready to Fly model for a great price on HobbyKing. Go ahead and spoil yourself or make a great gift for someone! Either way, you will not regret it!

Price-performance ration
Build Quality
Play time
Remote controller
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walkera-qr-y100-mini-hexacopter-review Walkera QR Y100 Mini Hexacopter Review A drone that is designed for beginners while also being packed with features? It might be possible, but most of the time, the price is a factor that cuts your enthusiasm a little short. This is not the case...


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