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Holy Stone HS165 Review – Affordable Quality Drone

Holy Stone HS165 Review

Holy Stone HS165 Review

Are you interested in buying an affordable drone with a good camera that can take 1080p videos and great photos? You should read this article about this Holy Stone HS165 Quadcopter review and maybe your search will stop here.

Holy stone is a great drone company with a large variety of products like Holy Stone HS120D 

Holy Stone HS510 Foldable Quadcopter, and many more. They have a large variety of incredible quality products at affordable prices, and be sure that Holy Stone HS165 is one of them. It has plenty of great and interesting features that we will discover in this article. 

The design and built quality

First impression counts, right? Of course. The Holy Stone company knows that too, so they are offering you a great package well designed to make sure that you will get your drone with no damage. 

Inside the box you will find HS165 drone, the usb cable for charging the battery, extra propellers, 4 extra screws, a screwdriver, a battery 7.4 880mAh and the user manual. 

The way they designed the package layout is fascinating, because everything inside has its own place which makes it satisfyingly easy to pack and unpack whenever you want. The box itself is very helpful because it is great for carrying the drone with you everywhere.

The design of the drone is professionally crafted , and there should be no problem carrying it with you everywhere, due to the fact that it is foldable. It also is very resistant to impacts, drops and crashes because of its high quality materials.

The size of the drone folded is 10 inches x 6.5 inches x 2 inches, so you take it with you in your backpack, and because it weights only 177g sometimes you may think that you forgot it at home. 

The drone’s camera

 You can experience the world from above at a great quality, due to the fact that Holy Stone hs165 is fitted with a 1080p HD camera. The drone has a 90 degrees wide angle field of view which will allow you to capture more details in your shots and video recordings.

Holy Stone HS165 Quadcopter Review

There is image stabilization gimbal on the camera , but the drone does come with a 6 axis gyroscope in order to minimise any sort of distortion in your photos and videos. Taking into consideration the price of this drone, the camera features and quality are more than you would expect.

A great feature of this drone is Live Streaming, so you can surprise your friends from social media with your wonderful HD footage straight to your smartphone using the drone’s WIFI, making the experience even more fulfilling. Using the drones app you can also share the photos and videos straight to your social media accounts with just a few clicks.

Flying experience

Flying this drone is a pleasure and it is very easy. Because it is very easy to learn and to fly, it is a perfect match for both beginner and advanced drone enthusiasts. Using the drones app, you will be surprised to see how good the video footage looks while using its flight modes:

Orbit mode – using this mode, the drone will orbit a point of interest from a specific distance and height chosen by you. The selfies captured with this mode will impress your family and friends for sure.

Follow me mode – it is another great mode of this drone, especially if you are passionate about hiking, cycling, running or other sports. Turning on this mode, the drone will start following you wherever you go, in order to offer you a great video footage of your activities which will become wonderful memories as the time passes.

Tap fly mode  – represents another interesting and useful mode for creating great content. In order to use this mode you have to draw a custom path on the drone’s app. After you are done with this step, the drone will follow the path on autopilot and return to its original starting point.

Automatic Return Home B – this mode is very important, reducing the risk of losing your drone. On the drone’s controller you will find a return home button and by pressing it, the drone will come to you using its GPS. This mode will automatically turn on if your battery is low or if you lose your connection with drone. 

Holy Stone HS165


The maximum horizontal distance that you can achieve with the HS165 drone is 400m as long as there are no obstacles and 120m vertical, using the remote controller. The remote controller has an ergonomic and also stylish design. It is not heavy at all, so you don’t have to worry about feeling tired of holding it in your hands. The signal loss does not represent a problem for this drone, because it is using the 2.4 GHz frequency.

The controller is powered by a 3.7 300mAh Li-po Battery which can run for 30 minutes. You don’t have to worry about buying extra batteries because it has its own pre-installed. It also comes with an attachment in the middle of the controller, to place your phone.

The flight time

The flight time of the Holy Stone HS165 is 15 minutes for a full charge. It is a great time for a quadcopter at its price range. It is enough for you to take a few selfies, or to capture an impressive video footage. The charging time for the battery is 120 minutes. So, if you are a beginner in flying drones you should take into consideration the option of purchasing an extra battery to fully enjoy, learn and discover the features of the HS165.


The Holy Stone HS165 from our review is a great model. It has a great 1080p HD camera, plenty of smart modes to discover and to use, despite its size it has high quality materials in order to be resistant. So, even if you are a beginner or a more advanced drone pilot, HS165 will offer you a great experience and also taking into consideration its price, I consider it a great deal.

If you are interested in purchasing HS165 you can find on Amazon.

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holy-stone-hs165-review-affordable-quality-drone Holy Stone HS165 Review Are you interested in buying an affordable drone with a good camera that can take 1080p videos and great photos? You should read this article about this Holy Stone HS165 Quadcopter review and maybe your search will stop here. Holy stone is...


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