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Akamino S6 Quadcopter Review


Akamino S6 Quadcopter Review

Looking for a performant drone at a very affordable price?  The Akamino S6 Quadcopter could be the right drone for you. With great reviews on amazon, Akamino S6 is an amazing small drone perfect for beginner drone enthusiasts, but also for the ones with more experience in flying drones. It comes with lots of interesting features and the biggest advantage of this quadcopter is the fact that it will not cost you a fortune to get your hands on it.  

Following this article you will find out important information about the design, built-in materials, features and all you need to know about this brand new Quadcopter in order to be sure that you are doing the right choice purchasing it. So, lets begin. 

Design and Built-in 

Firstly, I would like to start presenting the aspect of this interesting quadcopter. The Akamino S6 Quadcopter comes with a fascinating design in two colours, blue and black which gives it an interesting appearance, pretty similar with the Eachine E58 Quadcopter. The drone is made out of high-quality Abs plastic in order to be resistant at shocks or crashes. 

It has 4 motor arms with brushed motors and propellers, that you can change in case they get destroyed. It comes with a power button on top of it, so you can simply push the button and start flying the drone. Underneath you will find its LED lights, that will help identify the drone when it is darker outside and you will also find the landing pads that offer a great and soft landing for the drone.

In front of it, you will find its great camera, that will help you create the best memories and lots of high-quality pictures and videos.


Akamino S6 Quadcopter Yellow Review

The Akamino S6 Quadcopter, comes with a good built-in camera. It is not a professional camera, but taking into consideration its price, the specifications of the camera are amazing. The camera features 1080HD resolution for photos and videos, which is a great performance, so you can create impressive high-quality video and photo footage in order to impress your friends and your family.  It records 1080 HD resolution videos at 30 FPS.  

So, if you are interested in capturing good pictures and videos at a low price, for sure Akamino S6 Quadcopter will be the right choice for you.


This small Quadcopter offers a large variety of features in order to get a great experience flying it. It comes with integrated safety functions, for a longer resistance, it can capture and record amazing footage in order for you to create wonderful memories, it can also do 360 flips offering you lots of fun flying it and many more. It can perform smart flight modes, like the other more performant drone, but for sure it will offer you a great experience and lots of fun flying it. The built-in safety features will help you never lose your drone. When the drone is out of range or its battery is low it will let you know and it will come back to you in order to not lose it. 

Another great feature of this drone is the flight control mode that this drone comes with. You can simply draw a random path on your smartphone and the S6 quadcopter will start following it. This is a great way of taking interesting videos and also having lots of fun. 

Flight performance 

The Akamino S6 Quadcopter offers a great flight experience, being easy to control. Even if it is your first time flying a drone, you will find it very easy with the S6 Quadcopter, due to its performant integrated 6-axis gyroscope and its optical flow system that offers a smooth and precise flight control.

Talking about its flight time, the S6 can fly for 12 minutes continuously at each charge, but the time doubles up, because when you are purchasing this quadcopter you get another extra battery with it. Taking this into consideration you will get a pretty long flight experience. 


Akamino S6

After this review, we can easily say that the Akamino S6 Quadcopter can be one of the best low-cost drones you can find on the market. As we saw in this article, it comes with plenty of interesting features that will help its user get an amazing flight experience. The camera of this drone is great for capturing good quality photos and videos. And taking into consideration its price it represents a great deal even if you are a beginner or a more advanced drone enthusiast. 

If you are interested in purchasing this great quadcopter, you can find it on amazon.

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