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Eachine EX5 Quadcopter Review


Eachine EX5 Quadcopter Review

The Eachine EX5 Quadcopter, is a very small, easy to carry and at a very low price drone. It is a foldable drone with a very beautiful aspect, almost exactly the same as the popular DJI Mavic Mini

The drone comes with many decent features like, dual GPS system, a HD camera, autonomous flight modes and an optical flow sensor. An interesting feature of this drone is that you can stream live footage to your smartphone. It has a great battery that offers you a total flight time of 30 minutes and a big transmission range of 1km.  

Before we start diving into more details related to this drone I want to mention an important factor that everybody should know about before purchasing the Eachine EX5. Even if this drone comes with a 4k camera, the resolution of the videos are not 4k. 

Design and built-in

As we said before the Eachine EX5 Quadcopter comes with a design similar to the DJI Mavic mini drone with a size of 85mm x 140mm x 57mm and with a weight of 229 grams. Having this size, weight and also being foldable, it is easy to carry anywhere you want and you don’t have to worry about the space where to place it, because it can fit perfectly in a small bag.

The exterior of this small drone is made out of high quality ABS, offering it a great protection and you can be sure that the interior parts are well protected. You can purchase the EX5 in white or silver color, both of the colors look great on it, giving it an impressively shining look

This drone is using brushless motors, so you can fly it for 2 or 3 times and the motors will not overheat. 


It comes with a good camera that can take high 4k photos with resolution of 3840 x 2160 and it captures videos at 25 frames per second with the FPV resolution of 1080P. It is a pretty good resolution taking into consideration its small price. 

The camera also comes with a FOV of 150 degrees. This wide angle represents a great advantage for the camera, offering you the opportunity to choose different angles in order to get greater photos and videos. Also, the camera adjusts vertically with an angle of adjustment of 90 degrees that you can adjust from the remote controller.

Eachine EX5 Package

Another impressive factor of this drone is the transmission range, which is 1000 meters. A pretty impressive range that is very useful for the user.


Surprisingly this drone comes with a 7.5V 2200 mAh battery, which will give you around 30 minutes of flight time. In order to get longer flying experience we suggest purchasing another battery in case the first one is running low, you can switch it quickly and start flying again. The aspect of buying a second battery is important because the charging time of this battery is 300 minutes, which seems to be a bit long. 

Flight modes 

Flight modes are very important for a drone, because they will help you create better footages, they are very helpful and also give you lots of fun.

Gesture shooting mode 

You can take fascinating selfies and video footage using this mode. Showing the palm to the drone, it will start recording video and showing the victory sign it will take selfie photos for you.

Follow me mode 

Follow me mode represents another important mode for a drone especially if you are a sport enthusiast and you would like to see yourself in action. In order to use this mode, the drone has to recognize you and it will lock on you. After this step is done, the drone will start following you wherever you go. You can lock it even on your car if you want a video footage of you driving.

GPS System and the Optical Positioning System

Having these two important modes, you don’t have to worry anymore about losing your drone. Due to its GPS System you will always know where your drone is as long as it is connected to the GPS on your smartphone

Way point mode 

Just draw a path on the phone app and you the drone will follow it and after that it will come back. It is a very helpful mode for a drone  in order for you to focus on the quality of the photo you want to take.

Orbit mode

It is one of the best modes that a drone can have. Simply choose a subject on the drone’s app and the drone will start making a circle around it, facing the subject, offering you a great photo and video footage. 

About the app 

Talking about the drones app, we can say that it is a pleasure to use, due to its simplicity. It also brings you a lot of fun using it in commanding the drone. It also comes with impressive features like photo filters to use and video effects, that you can use for a better and more interesting video and photo content.

Also, on the drone’s app you will find all the flight modes that you can use for this drone, a large variety of songs to use for your video footage, camera tilt features and many more.


To sum up, based on the information presented in the above review, the Eachine EX5 Quadcopter is an incredible drone to start with as a drone enthusiast. All the features and the quality of the built in materials show us that the drone is worth its price and is a perfect drone to start with. Using this small, compact and resistant drone for sure you will have lots of fun and it will offer you the photo and video content you wished for, in order to remember the best memories. 

If you are interested in buying this drone, you can find it on aliexpress or banggood.

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eachine-ex5-quadcopter-review Eachine EX5 Quadcopter Review The Eachine EX5 Quadcopter, is a very small, easy to carry and at a very low price drone. It is a foldable drone with a very beautiful aspect, almost exactly the same as the popular DJI Mavic Mini.  The drone comes with...


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