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XK Detect X380 vs Cheerson CX-20

XK Detect X380 vs Cheerson CX-20 Featured

XK Detect X380 vs Cheerson CX-20: Intro

The Cheerson CX-20 has been around for quite a while now. While the XK Detect X380 hasn’t been on the market for as long, it has confirmed to become fairly popular among intermediate pilots. However, if you, like many others, are in a fix as to which of the two drones you should go for, this article should help clear things up a bit.
So, if you’re looking for your first drone, head over to any of our buying guides. On the other hand, if you already know how to fly a drone, keep reading.
Let’s check out what sets apart the 2 drones. XK Detect X380 vs Cheerson CX-20, let us go!

XK Detect X380 Quadcopter

It’s simple to set up and a joy to fly straight from the box to the sky!
The X380 will inspire confidence with its rock-solid performance, accurate handling and very good stability, allowing you to get on with the job in hand whether that’s serious videography and camera work or simply playing around.
XK Detect X380 vs Cheerson CX-20 - X380 Quadcopter Image
Both, aircraft’s and transmitter’s build quality is surprisingly good, no cheap material as It was expected.Everything in the box was well arranged to prevent any damages during the overseas shipment.The airframe has a modern carbon style painting that makes it look a bit different from the majority of 350mm sized drones. Somehow the design of the X380 tries to imitate a UFO with long landing legs.The aircraft comes with the landing legs installed but, in order to make the first flight, you have to install the propellers yourself. Both the blades and the arms of the drones are marked with the order of the propeller installation which can’t be made any easier. A big multicolor LED light in the rear of the quadcopter marks the status of the flight controller. In the X380’s user manual there is a table that explains the meaning of all the possible color combination. It’s recommended to consult this table before and during every flight. In the front part of the airframe, there are two bright LEDs that look just like a vintage motorcycle’s headlights.

XK Detect X380 Quadcopter Features & Specs:

    • Ready to fly, multifunctional quad-copter
    • HD Action camera
    • With 2-Axis and brushless gimbal mode selectable transmitter
    • Precision flight and stable hovering
    • GPS positioning with an barometric altimeter which enables super headless mode
    • Automatic return home when the signal is lost
    • Easy one-key take-off and landing functions
    • 1000 meter range
    • 30 minute flight time
    • Diagonal Length: 376mm
    • Height: 210mm
    • Flight Time: 30mins
    • Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz
    • Range: 1000m
    • Flying weight: 945g

Cheerson CX 20 Quadcopter

The Cheerson CX-20 also know as the Quantum Nova, is pitched as a cheap, easy way to get into theworld of UAVs.

Despite the CX-20’s GPS connectivity, there is no potential for autonomous flight and the lack of a camera makes it impossible for this unit to be considered a tool rather than a toy.
CX-20 comes disassembled in a rather big package, the component parts being very well packed in the individual boxes, including the Manual, Tools and the CD. Out of the box you see Battery, Balance Charger, Aircraft support, Remote Controller, Camera Mount, Propellers and the pretty big white CX-20 Quadcopter itself, with the motors, with prefixed removable propeller caps on top.
XK Detect X380 vs Cheerson CX-20 - CX-20 Quadcopter Image
Connect the Cx-20 battery to the terminals and secure the battery compartment cover, make sure you double check the cover to be sure that it’s locked. I am insisting on this point because my battery compartment door was opened during my first flight and one-fourth of the battery was out and I had to land it safely as fast as I could.
Once the drone is powered On, as instructed in the manual, let the GPS Light Turn Green and do a Compass calibration before your first flight and I did this, this actually makes your quad calibrate and align properly for a stable flight.CX-20 Auto-Pathfinder Quadcopter is an absolute stable flier with smooth forward, backward and sidewards transitions and absolutely this is not a fast quad to thrill speedsters. On the flip side, aerial video enthusiasts will love flying CX-20.  The better you care and understand the CX-20, you will have a extraordinary flight experience.

Cheerson CX 20 Quadcopter Specs &features

        • Size: 30×30×20(CM)
        • Battery: Li-po battery 2700Mah
        • Flight Time: Approx 15 Minutes
        • Radio Control Distance: 1.5KM
        • Built in 5.8G Antenna
        • GPS One Key Auto Pilot Return To Home and Land
        • GPS Lost Signal Auto Pilot Return To Home and Land
        • GPS One Key Altitude Height Position Hold
        • IOC Head Lock Function
        • Low Voltage Protection

XK Detect X380 vs Cheerson CX-20 Conclusion

Looking at the price Cheerson CX-20 ($207) , XK Detect X380 ($207) there is no difference at all .

The real difference is the quadcopter itself, the CX-20 having a more limited set of features but it is a lot more popular worldwide so you will have a lot of community support for it. On the other side, the X380 isn’t quite as popular but it has more features and the battery life is amazing. So choosing between them really depends on what you expect from a drone from this price class.

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