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Yuneec Mantis G vs Parrot Anafi – Which One Should You Buy?

Yuneec Mantis G vs Parrot Anafi

Yuneec Mantis G vs Parrot Anafi

Nowadays more and more ultra-modern portable drones are launched in the market. In this article I will represent two of the most successful ultra-portable from different brands drones, comparing them in order to see which one of them is better. Comparing them in detail we will find out which one you should purchase, Yuneec Mantis G VS Parrot Anafi.

First of all, I will start presenting a short review of each model separately, and going through the article we will discover the small differences between these two ultra-portable drones. So, lets begin.

Yuneec Mantis G

The Yuneec Mantis G is a small, foldable drone with a 4k camera, it was built to be small in order to get quickly off the ground. It looks similar to Mantis Q model as design but it has a few important upgrades. The 4k camera is placed on a 2-axis gimbal that will stabilize electronically.

An important feature of Mantis G is the flying time and the range. The flight time of this drone is 33 minutes and it has a range of 2000 meters giving you a perfect opportunity to get fascinating video and photo content.

It is ideal for the travelers, due to the fact that it is small and foldable, weighting only 505 grams. It has many important features like voice control allowing users to give the drone commands. Its app is integrated with social media so you can upload your content directly from the app. It also came with new upgrades to its redundant de frequencies and its antenna design, offering a better and more stable communication between the drone and controller.

Yuneec Mantis G also comes with some interesting safety features like adjustable virtual fence and redundant control signals. Another important characteristic is the speed of this drone, which is 72 kph.

Yuneec Mantis G

Parrot Anafi

Parrot Anafi is a small, foldable and easy to carry drone, with a 4k camera. It can be controlled from your smartphone but it also comes with a remote control. It has plenty of tracking futures in order to help you get the best shots.

Its size is pretty small, measuring 9.6 x 2.6 x 2.5 , the rotor arms are foldable and it weights 320g. It has a monochromatic color and is very durable. It comes along with a skycontroller 3RC,  a battery, a 16GB micro SD card and a microSD adapter, a carrying case, a USB-A to USB-C charging cable, a mounting tool and eight spare propeller blades. 

Anafi max speed is 55kph at full power, which is comparable with most non competitive drones.

An important aspect to take into consideration is the eyeball camera at its heads. It is a 4k camera and it could be a game-changer for drone videography and photography. It can take shots directly upwards, which no other drone can do because of its 180 degrees vertical range. 

Yuneec Mantis G vs Parrot Anafi – Comparison 

It is almost impossible to say that one is better than the other, so we will take each feature apart and compare it in detail. We can say that there are a few small differences between them which might make a small difference in taking decisions of which one is better. So, lets begin.

Built and design  

Taking into consideration the sizes of these drones Yuneec Mantis G comes to be a little bigger and heavier, with a size of 249mm x 186mm x 57.9mm wide opened and with a weight of 505 grams, while Parrot Anafi comes with a smaller size of 175mm x 240mm x 65mm and with a weight of 320 grams. So here we can say that Parrot Anafi is slightly easier to carry.

Another important aspect related to the design is that Yuneec’s design looks very similar with Mavic’s, while Parrot Anafi comes with a more original design.


Talking about cameras, here we can see a difference between the two drones. The cameras are almost similar looking at all aspects, but the Parrot Anafi camera is slightly better, having a higher image resolution. Both of them have a video resolution of 4k with 30 fps. The Mantis G, despite recording in 4k resolution, comes with a smaller camera sensor, which means that clarity of the video will look more like 1080.

Parrot Anafi

The 21 MP equivalent sensor of the Parrot Anafi is clearly superior. Anafi’s comes with an auto HDR mode, but can also save the photos in RAW/DNG. It has a shutter speed of 1/10000.

Looking at these specifications Parrot Anafi could be a great drone for photographers or videographers.

Another important feature that gives a big advantage to Parrot Anafi is the Image and video stabilization. Anafi has a 3-axis gimbal 180 tilt image stabilization while Yuneec Mantis G has mechanical 2-axis Gimbal.

To sum up here, the difference between cameras is not too big. Both of the drones have great cameras which can be used for great professional content. The Parrot camera is slightly better than the Mantis G one, but the difference is barely visible. 


Yuneec Mantis G comes with a battery of 2800 mAh, which offers 33 minutes of flight. It is a surprisingly good time for a drone, and also that is the reason why Mantis Q is heavier than The Parrot Anafi.

Parrot Anafi comes with a battery of 2700 mAh, offering 25 minutes of flight, which is not a very good time, but neither a bad one.

So taking these into consideration, if you are looking for a drone that can fly for a longer period, for sure Mantis Q is the better option for you. 

Flight performance

The Parrot Anafi’s max speed is 50 Km H, which is a good speed for such a small size drone. It is slower than the Yuneec Mantis G, which can reach 72km H. So, here we can say is one point extra for Mantis.

Drifting, represents a problem for both models. Due to the fact that the Mantis is a bit heavier it is harder to control it at its max speed.

Both of the drones are equipped with GPS-GLONASS sensors, which is offering them return home function and flight stability. Parrot has 4 kilometers transmission range, while Mantis G has only 2km. 

An important feature, which represents a big advantage for the Mantis G is the obstacle avoidance coverage, which could be critical in specific situations for your drones protection. Unfortunately Parrot Anafi does not have this functionality.

Yuneec Mantis G vs Parrot Anafi - Which One Should You Buy


For the consumer drone market, Parrot Anafi is one of the best entries from Parrot. Recognizing the quality of its great 4k camera and also combined with the 3-axis gimbal 180-degree tilt, the Parrot anafi represents an important, extremely powerful drone for inspection services, but with the consumer friendly design.

Yuneec understands they have stiff competition in this portion of the drone market, but taking into consideration the 4k camera with the gimbal, the battery life and its speed plus all the other features like superb flight time, easy controls and the voice activated features, they became a great competitor for the Mavic brad.

Both of the drone models are great, the built in parts are almost identical. The design is a little bit different, but at performance Yuneec Mantis G is slightly better. But you will not regret buying the Parrot Anafi either, I can be sure of that. 

If you are interested in buying one of these models, you can get the Yuneec Mantis G here and the  Parrot Anafi here.

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