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Holy Stone F181W vs F181C Quadcopter

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Holy Stone F181W vs F181C Quadcopter

As the drone industry is getting bigger and bigger as the time passes, choosing the perfect drone for you, might be difficult. In this article we are going to compare and review two of the most epic budget friendly drones,Holy Stone F181W vs F181C Quadcopter. So, we will help you understand which one of these two models is better and why. 

First of all, we are going to start presenting to you each one of the drones apart. In order for you to get a better understanding of their features and specifications. We will end up comparing them so we can conclude which one of these two popular drones is better. So, let’s begin. 

Short Review of the F181W

The Holy Stone F181W has a beautiful design that offers it a futuristic look, similar to the UDI 27 quadcopter. It is made out of high-quality plastic. Also, due to its propeller guards and its landing feet, we can say that you will not have to worry about the small accidents that might occur. The camera is situated below the drone. It offers a great field of view for capturing great footage.

This drone comes with a 720HD camera that will help you capture great photo and video footage. More than that, you can enjoy the FPV experience which is an amazing feature to have on a drone. It will offer you an unforgettable experience. 

Holy Stone F181W camera

One of the greatest things about Holy Stone drones is that they have really impressive features. They will help its users obtain not only a great control over the drone, but also lots of fun. The drone can perform the headless mode feature, it has one key take off and it also comes with the safety feature, return home, which will help you from not losing your drone. That is not all, if you are a beginner, then the 4 speed option is the feature that will help you become a professional drone pilot. You can start flying the drone slower and as you become better you can increase the speed. 

The flight time of this drone is around 10 minutes. It is a great time for a drone at its price range. The F181W offers a smooth flight, being easy to control and it has a range of control of 100 meters. 

Short Review of the F181C

The design of the F181C is pretty similar to the F181W, measuring 12.2 x 3.5 x 12.2 inches. The drone also comes with some built-in LED lights that will help you find its location more easily. They represent a great help when you are flying it in darker areas.

The 6-axis gyro will help the drone deliver a smooth and easy to control flight. By using the altitude hold mode, you can capture your photos and videos at a higher quality. You can also use the altitude hold mode, in order to learn how to control the drone better. By using this mode the drone will maintain a certain altitude. So you can focus better on flying it around without worrying about its altitude. 

Holy Stone F181C HD camera

This drone is very durable and well protected compared with other drones on the market. Its propeller guards will keep the drone’s props safe and its landing feet will protect its bottom side and its camera as well. The flight time of this drone is somewhere around 10 minutes with a flying range of around 100 meters. 

Holy Stone F181W vs F181C

As we saw above these two quadcopters are almost the same, whether we are talking about their design or about their specifications or flight modes. Both, the F181W and the F181C come along with 2 batteries that will offer you a total flight time of around 20 minutes and both of them will offer you an amazing flight experience as well.

Holy Stone F181W drone Accessories remote controller box

The main difference between these 2 quadcopters is that the F181W can offer to its user the FPV experience. In order to enjoy the FPV experience, you will have to connect the drone to your smartphone. By doing that you can also control the drone without using its remote control anymore.


To conclude, we can say that both of these drones are amazing. Both of them have many interesting features to offer, but the Holy Stone F181W is a little better. The F181W will offer you an amazing FPV experience. The F181C Quadcopter will offer you help you capture amazing footage. So, the choice is yours.  

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