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Holy Stone HS720 vs Ruko F11 Pro

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Holy Stone HS720 vs Ruko F11 Pro

Holy Stone and Ruko are two of the greatest consumer drone companies. It continues to amaze its customers with its large variety of drones. Due to their large variety of drones available on the market, choosing the perfect one for you might be difficult. Because of that, we have created the Holy Stone HS720 vs Ruko F11 Pro article. 

Both of these drones have to offer a large number of high-quality built-in components and impressive flying skills. They will offer you an unforgettable drone piloting experience. So, if you are curious about which one of them is better, you should read the article to the end. 


 Holy Stone HS720Ruko F11 Pro
Size14.37 x 12.19 x 2.4 inches17.51 x 15.94 x 3.15 inches
Weight459  grams520 grams
Camera4K FHD4K UHD
Range1KM1.2 KM
Transmitter LCDNoYes
Obstacle avoidanceNoNo
Control typeRemote controlApp control
Flight time26 minutes30 minutes
Battery typeLithium PolymerLithium-Ion


Talking about their designs, both of them are very beautiful and have a futuristic design. A great common thing about these drones is that they are foldable. Being foldable makes it it very easy for the user to transport them from one place to another. More than that both of the drones are available in black color, which offers them a professional look.

Holy Stone HS720

The Holy Stone HS720 measures 14.37 x 12.19 x 2.4 inches. HS720 weighs 459 grams, so it is not a very big drone and neither a heavy one. The drone looks pretty similar to the DJI Mavic Mini 2 Quadcopter which is a very popular drone and one of the reasons which make it so popular is its wonderful and efficient design. The Quad is made out of high-quality plastic. This plastic makes it resistant to the small crashes that occur while you are flying it.

Ruko F11 Pro

The Ruko F11Pro is a little bigger than the Holy Stone HS720, measuring 17.51 x 15.94 x 3.15 inches. It weighs 520 grams offering better control over it when you are flying it in windy conditions. Some as the Holy Stone, the Ruko F11 Pro is compact and easy to transport. A visual difference between these two drones is that the F11’s body has a more rectangular shape. You will not have to worry about small crashes. The drone will remain intact, due to abs plastic it is made of. 

Ruko F11 Pro Drone White Background

Battery and Flight Time 

Holy Stone HS720 

The Holy Stone HS720 is powered by an intelligent Lithium Polymer battery. You will get a continuous flight time of around 26 minutes. It is a really impressive time for a drone in its price range. It is a modular type battery, making it easy to add or remove it out of the drone, and is also safer to use.

In order to fully charge the drone’s battery, it will take somewhere around 5 to 7 hours. Because of that, we recommend purchasing a second battery in order to enjoy an even longer flight experience. 

Ruko F11 Pro

Ruko F11 Pro offers an even longer flight time, being powered by a 2500mAh Li-Ion battery. The great thing about this drone is that it comes along with 2 batteries that will offer you 30 minutes of flight time each one of them. So, you will get a total flight time of around 60 minutes. 

The charging time for the F11’s battery is 210 minutes which is slightly better than the HS720’s one. 

As we can see above in the HS720 vs Ruko F11 Pro article, the HS720 is slightly better than the Ruko F11 pro.


Holy Stone HS720

An impressive aspect of the HS720 is that it comes equipped with a 4K FHD camera. It will help you capture high-resolution videos at 3840 by 2160p and images at an amazing quality as well. More than that, the camera has a shock absorption holder in order to offer the camera great stability against vibrations.

You can choose the greatest angles of view because the camera lens can tilt 90 degrees. The amazing FPV transmission offered by the 5G connectivity. You can also share your footage on social networks by using the drone’s mobile app.

Holy Stone HS720 Drone Case accessories remote controller white background

Ruko F11 Pro

Ruko F11 Pro comes with a 4k camera as well, but it is a UHD one. You can capture amazing 4k images with it, but when it comes to recording, you will get only 2.7K videos. The drone offers a 120-degree field of view, enhancing the extent of details in your captures. 

Unfortunately, the Ruko F11 Pro does not have a shock absorption holder as the HS720 does. So, the footage might be a little bit shaky, depending on the weather conditions you are flying it.

As we can see here, both of the drones, HS720 vs Ruko F11 Pro, come with amazing 4k cameras. They will help you capture impressive footage. But, we can say that the Holy Stone HS720’s one is slightly better than the Ruko F11 Pro’s one.

Flight Experience

Holy Stone HS720

This drone offers an amazing flight experience, being a joy to fly. Due to its sturdy case, the drone gets great stability in light wind conditions. Its transmitter is very comfortable and easy to use, offering you great control over the drone with a control range of around 1600 meters. 

The Holy Stone HS720 also features intelligent flight functions such as the orbit mode, custom flight patch mode, return home, and the follow-me mode as well. By taking advantage of every mode you will not only get an easier flight experience but also a more enjoyable one. The drone is very responsive to the user commands and it offers a very quiet flight due to its brushless motors. 

Ruko F11 Pro 

Same as the HS720, the Ruko F11 Pro offers an amazing flight experience to its user. Due to its sturdy case and being a little heavier, the F11 Pro is even more stable than the HS720 in light wind conditions. 

It also features intelligent flight modes such as the follow-me mode, custom flight path, return home mode, and orbit mode as well, offering a pretty similar flight experience as the HS720. It features brushless motors as well, making it not only faster but also more efficient. 

Comparing the two drones HS720 vs Ruko F11 Pro we can say that they are equal when it comes to their intelligent modes.


As you saw above, both of the drones are amazing. They feature impressive built-in components in order to offer an unforgettable flight experience to their users. The Ruko F11 Pro offers a longer flight experience having a larger battery than the HS720. But, the Holy Stone HS720 comes with a better camera that will help you capture videos at a higher quality, and because of that we can say that the Holy Stone HS720 is slightly better than the Ruko F11 Pro. 

If you want to purchase the Holy Stone HS720 you can check the Holystone store or on Amazon at the following links: Link1 orLink2.

If you want to purchase the Ruko F11 Pro you can find on Amazon at the following links: Link1, Link2.

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  1. Up on top The holy Stone drown has 4K FHD when the Roku f11 pro has 4K UHD which UHD is better than FHD right so then why would you come to the conclusion that the holy Stone drone is better because of the camera when clearly enough up top it said that the Roku f11 pro on the chart said it was better


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