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DJI Air 2S Combo vs DJI Air 2S Standard

Combo accessories

As you might have already learnt, the DJI Air 2S was a total hit when it launched. Many were left impressed by its features, and agreed that it is an updated version of the Mavic Air 2. Now, like all the models launched before, the DJI Air 2S is available in two options: either the Standard or the Combo one. If you thought about getting the Combo, but you were not really sure if it would be worth it, in this article you will find all the information you need about the DJI Air 2S Combo vs DJI Air 2S Standard to make a decision.

As an introduction, it would be only fair to mention that the Fly More Combo pack is mostly fit for more experienced people that use their drone commercially, or at least regularly. Therefore, you will find two extra flight batteries, a lot more spare propellers, a charging hub that can charge all three batteries in a sequence, ND filters, and a stylish bag. The main advantage here is that thanks to the extra batteries, you get a much longer flight time, considering one battery offers you 31 minutes. Also, with the stylish shoulder bag offered, you can take your DJI Air 2S and the required accessories with you basically anywhere. This is why this pack is a great choice for the people that depend on their drone for a living.

Included parts and accessoriesDJI Air 2S StandardDJI Air 2S Combo
DJI RC-N1 Remote controller11
Flight battery13
Battery Charger + AC Power cable11
Low-Noise Propellers (Pairs)36
Camera Gimbal Protector11
Type C cable11
RC Cables (Lightning, Type C, and Micro USB)1/1/11/1/1
Pair of Spare Control Sticks11
ND Filters Set (ND4/8/16/32)1
Shoulder Bag1
Battery Charging Hub1
Battery to Power Bank Adapter1
Shoulder Bag1

ND filters

The set includes the ND4, ND8, ND16, and ND32. These filters make it easier for the camera to regulate the amount of light coming into the 1-inch CMOS Sensor. This way, when you capture shots during the day, they are not overexposed.

Battery Charging Hub

This is definitely a handy accessory, as it allows you to charge multiple batteries, at the same time. Therefore, it is great for any long trips or even shooting sessions that you have got planned.

Battery to Power Bank Adapter

What is the most annoying thing that you can think of when you are shooting on the road? One of your devices is running out of battery, right? Well, this adapter has you covered, as it can turn your battery into a power bank instantly, and therefore saving you time from searching for a charging space.

Is the DJI Air 2S Combo pack worth the money?

As you noticed in the previous table, the price difference between the two packages is $300. Now, let’s see if this sum actually represents the cost of the extra things included in the package.

DJI Air 2S Combo extra accessoriesQuantityPrice (total USD)
Intelligent Flight Battery (3s/3500mAh)2$230
Low-Noise Propellers (Pair)3$33
Battery Charging Hub (3 batteries in sequence)1$59
Battery to Power Bank Adapter1$19
ND Filters Set (ND4/8/16/32)1$99
Shoulder Bag1$89

A quick math lesson tells us that the total cost of all the extra items included in the Combo pack are actually worth $529. As a result, yes, it looks like the pack ends up giving you a great deal: paying only $300 extra for items worth almost $530, and therefore saving $229. Pretty great!

I would like to know…

How can I connect my phone to the DJI Air 2S?

First things first, you will not need 4G or 5G connectivity, your WiFi will be just enough. Even the WiFi will only be needed for any Firmware upgrades. Other than that, the phone will connect with your controller and your controller to the drone. Therefore, there is no Internet connectivity needed during flight.

Can an iPad be used in order to benefit from a bigger screen?


Do the DJI FPV goggles work with the DJI Air 2S?

According to DJI, yes, they do.

Are the batteries the same as the Mavic Air 2?

Yes, this version uses the exact same batteries.

Will this model pair with the V2 goggles?


Does the camera have a zoom?

It does, but digital zoom only.

Does the DJI Air 2S have the ability to come back home automatically in case it gets disconnected from the remote device?

Yes, it does.

Is there any chance for the Smart Controller to be included in any future bundles?

To be honest, we do not know yet. But, considering the Smart Controller is $799, we would say that there is a very slim chance. Do not be disappointed though, as the original controller is just as good. It can even be similar to the Smart one if you can pair with a large screen smartphone, like the iPhone 12 Pro Max, for example.

Does this package come with a memory card?

No, but the DJI Air 2S does have 8 Gigabytes of internal storage.

As a conclusion, who is it for? Well, for anyone who plans to use its camera abilities to the fullest. This means professionals, travelers that want to capture the best views, or even students that are on a break and want to document their memories in the best way possible. As a result, if you can identify with one of these people, then the DJI Air 2S Combo might be just the right thing for you. Otherwise, if you are just a beginner, we would say that it is not worth investing $300 in extra accessories that you might not end up using. Therefore, the DJI Air 2S Standard should be just enough. These are available on Amazon, but you can also find them on the DJI Store!

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