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Hubsan Zino Mini Pro vs DJI Mini 2

Hubsan Zino Mini Pro and DJI Mini 2

The DJI MINI 2 is one of the greatest drones under 250 grams you can purchase since it was released. However, presently, another sparkling star from Hubsan, the Zino MINI Pro, has landed. They are both great drones, they have only minor differences in specs and price. But which is one is better for you? In this Zino Mini Pro vs DJI Mini 2 article, we will discover all the differences between the two aircraft. 

In this article, we will compare the two drones by the main factors of a drone: flight range, battery life, camera and specs. So after reading this article you’ll have a clearer vision of this drone.


Weight249 grams249 grams
Image sensor1/2.3″1/1.3″
Max Video resolution4K@30fps4K@30fps
Max bit rate100Mbps200Mbps
Digital Zoom4x6x
CommunicationOcuSync 2.0Syncleas 3.0
Range10KM FCC or 6KM CE10KM
Wind resistanceLevel 5Level 5
Max flight speed16m/s16m/s
Smart flight modesQuikShots modesATVT 3.0 AI Tracking and RTH
Obstacle avoidanceNoYes, Front/Back/Down
Internal MemoryNoYes, eMMC 64G/128G
Flight time31 minutes40 minutes
FAA registrationNoNo
Extended warrantyYes, Care refreshNo
Release yearNovember 2020April 2021

Without a doubt, DJI is the world innovator in drone innovation. Their items consolidate the most recent innovations accessible around then which brings about an excessive cost tag. They guarantee to have about 70% of the piece of the pie around the world. Conversely, Hubsan is a position of safety organization that objectives people who need spending drones with good abilities. Putting a 3-heading deterrent aversion framework on a super light-moderate drone can shake DJI’s mastery.  

Flight Range 

On paper, both have a distance of 10Km. The DJI MINI 2 uses OcuSync 2.0 correspondence and the Hubsan Zino MINI Syncleas 3.0 transmission. 

DJI gives distinctive force/range appraisals for the US and Europe. FCC release has 10KM territory and CE form just 6KM. Evidently, Hubsan permits working at full force paying little mind to your geological area. This could be an immense issue assuming you need to be consistent with your countries RF guidelines. 

Battery life 

Here is a big difference between the Mavic MINI 2 and the ZINO MINI. DJI stands that their smallest 4K drone can fly for 31 minutes. On the other hand, Hubsan displayed in their showcasing video that the ZINo MINI has 40 minutes of battery. Taking into account that both have about a similar size and weight, I’m interested in how they figured out how to acquire those additional 9 minutes of recess. 


While both are furnished with a UHD camera, there are huge contrasts between them. DJI Mavic MINI 2 camera’s 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor is equipped for taking 12MP photographs. Its Hubsan rival accompanies a 1/1.3″ sensor that gives a 48MP photograph goal. A bigger sensor ought to give better low-light execution and the capacity to take more extensive point pictures. 

Video goal savvy, both are fit for recording 4K recordings with up to 30 fps. Here is the distinction made by the higher video bitrate. The Hubsan Zino Mini Pro copies the MINI 2’s 100Mbps bitrate. The Zino MINI has a 6x zoom and the Mavic MINI 2 just 4x.


The Hubsan Zino MINI Pro’s comes with a 3 direction obstacle avoidance. This is an absolute necessity whether you’re a professional or a newbie. It also comes in handy when you’re using automated features like follow be. Without a doubt it won’t protect 100% from impacts, however, it is far superior to simply flying ‘indiscriminately’. DJI offers such usefulness just on drones valued at more than $799. 


Both of these two drones are great choices. Both accompany a 4K@30fps camera and weighs under 250g (.55lbs) permitting you to fly lawfully in many nations without exceptional enlistment.  However, while the MINI 2 comes from the most trustworthy brand, the ZINO MINI Pro packs much more features. You should choose whether you need a more trusty item or one with top specs. 

If you’re interested you can buy the Hubsan Zino Mini Pro from Banggood, and the DJI Mini 2 from DJI Store

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