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Eachine Tyro 129 Review

Eachine Tyro 129 Review

Eachine Tyro 129 Review

Eachine is a famous rc drone brand which is committed to combining the creativity with technology to produce the top-quality rc drones at the best possible prices. It keeps in step with the times to produce the products meet the needs of the market. One of the best products is the Eachine Tyro 129 which is an all-around awesome drone. It‘s compact, very responsive and comes with many features. There is a lot to like about this drone. Here is a look at the Eachine Tyro 129 Review.

The Eachine Tyro 129 is a low-cost drone and very exciting to play with. But, depending on capabilities, prices can vary widely from several hundred dollars for amateur models to tens of thousands dollars for professional drones, which can be configured and subsequently modified for various types of applications, not just for photo and video production.

Considering these price differences it is normal to be informed when you have decided that your future gadget will be a drone or when you want to give a gift to a passionate.

No manufacturer can guaranty that their drone is indestructible. Many toy drones end in the trashcan due to lack of spare parts. Luckily, Eachine offers wide range of parts for most of their drones. If something goes wrong with your Eachine Tyro 129, you can find replacement parts from body frame to flight controller board. Of course, spare motors and propellers are available as well.

Talking about specs, Eachine offers the Tyro129 280mm, a large format camera equipped with 7 inch propellers. The frame is made of carbon with 5 mm thick arms. The motors are brushless 2507 to 1800KV driven by a 45A 4 in 1 ESC!

There is an Eachine controller based on an F4 processor, with an altimeter barometer and a GPS and Glonass receiver. It is flashable in Betaflight or iNav, with an active OSD. The video part is provided by a Caddx Turbo F2 camera, 1200TVL, associated with a 5.8 GHz video transmitter compatible with 40 channels, with a power of 25 mW, 200 mW or 600 mW. The Tyro129 280mm is delivered with two sets of DALProp Cyclone T7056C three-blade propellers. The weight, excluding receiver and battery, is 356 grams.

Eachine Tyro

It obviously consists in knowing if this configuration is subject to vibrations, since the principle is to equip the camera with a Go-Pro sports camera to come back with beautiful images. TPU support for GoPro Session 5 is provided in the box. To take-off? A radio receiver must be added, preferably TBS Crossfire or FrSky R9M. You also need a battery. Eachine recommends a Lipo 5S between 1600 and 2200 mAh, but the equipment is compatible with 6S batteries.

The Tyro129 280mm is available at a reasonable price (around 100 $) only at https://www.best-quadcopter.com/?s=eachine . Why this super light price? Because, like Eachine’s other Tyros, the device is delivered in a kit to be assembled. Prepare the soldering iron, be patient.


  • Brand Name: Eachine
  • Model: Tyro129
  • Item Name: 280mm F4 OSD DIY Version 7 Inch FPV Racing Drone 
  • Version: PNP ( Without Receiver, Battery , Radio Transmitter)


  • Wheel base: 280mm
  • Frame arm thickness: 5mm
  • Upper plate thickness: 2mm
  • Bottom Plate Thickness: 2mm 
  • Side plate thickness: 1.5mm
  • Frame kit material: 3K carbon fiber
  • KV: 1800KV
  • Lip cell: 3-6S
  • Weight: 39g 
  • Motor Resistance: 0.0586Ω
  • Maximum pull: 1488g (4S 7inch propeller)
  • Maximum power: 840W
  • Motor Stator Diameter: 25mm
  • Motor Stator Thickness: 7mm
  • Configuration: 12N/14P
  • Motor Diameter: 30.8mm
  • Motor Length: 20mm
  • Whole shaft length: 35mm
  • Mounting holes distance: 16*16mm
  • Mounting holes: φM3
  • Recommend propeller: 6-7 inch
  • Long distance flight
  • Aerial photography tool
  • Continuous current: 40A
  • Burst current: 45A (10S)
  • BEC output: 5V @ 2A 
  • Input voltage: 2-6S
  • Main control chip: 48mhz EFM8BB2
  • Firmware upgrade: Supports Dshot150-600/Multi-shot/One-shot/PWM
  • MOS: 5X6
  • Current Sensor: NO
  • Size: 37.5×37.5mm 
  • Mounting Hole: 30.5×30.5mm
  • Weight: 15g
  • Case size: 19x19x16mm
  • Weight: 5.5g
  • Signal system: NTSC / PAL (Switchable)
  • Resolution ratio(horizontal center): 1200TVL
  • Video output Signal: cvbs
  • Image: 16:9
  • Synchronization method: inter-sync
  • Camera lens: standard 2.1mm
  • Lens operating voltage: DC 4.5-40V
  • S/N Ratio: >52dB (AGC OFF)
  • Audio: YES
  • Transmitting power:0/25/200/600mW switchable 
  • Channel: 40CH
  • Full video format: NTSC/PAL
  • Input voltage: 7V~24V
  • Power dissipation: +12V@260mA/600MW
  • Transmitting Distance: ≥0.5km@25mW, ≥1km@200mW, ≥2km@600mW
  • Size: 36×36×5mm
  • Weight: ≤7g (except antenna)

In The Box

  • 1x Tyro129 DIY Drone PNP
Eachine Tyro 129 Blue Review


• Price – Eachine drones range in price considerable depending on factors including size, quality of materials and features. The more expensive drones offer more features as well as longer operating range and flight time.

• Camera – If you are buying a drone for photography or videography purposes, ensure it has a decent on-board camera or an action camera mount. When it comes to camera, consider factors such as imagine stabilization technology, FPV system, frames per second, angle of view and digital media storage options.

• Control option – Depending on the make and model of the drone you choose, you can control it either with a dedicated remote controller or with your smart device.

• Battery – Some drones come with removable batteries while others come with non-removable battery. At the same time, battery life and charging times vary across the board. Ideally, you should choose a battery with a high milliamp because it will last longer between charges.

• In-built flight modes – Eachine drones typically come with in-built automatic flight modes designed to make flying easier for inexperienced pilots and fun for experienced pilots. For instance, the Headless mode would allow you to fly without worrying which direction your drone is facing. On the other hand, the one-key return function would allow you to find your drone easily in case you lose it.


The Eachine brand is renowned for producing high quality budget drones. Despite their relatively low price tags, Eachine quadcopters like the Tyro 129 featured in this review come with all the features you would expect to find in entry-level drones, as well as some features you would expect to find in premium drones.

The drone is pretty easy to fly. It would be strange if it was otherwise, considering the many features the drone has. It is obvious that the engineers did an excellent job. This drone will unquestionably provide much fun to its users, and it will not cost them dearly. Once you feel confident about your drone flying skills, you can take it with you to a hike or a mountain bike ride, and start your own adventure.

As a conclusion, if you are looking for a stable and easy to fly a drone, look no further. Everything about flying this drone is easy. When you hit the “take off” button it will go up 1.5 meters for you and hover, then you can take control and fly to your heart’s content.

Price–performance ratio
Build quality
Play time
Remote controller
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eachine-tyro-129-review Eachine Tyro 129 Review Eachine is a famous rc drone brand which is committed to combining the creativity with technology to produce the top-quality rc drones at the best possible prices. It keeps in step with the times to produce the products meet the needs...


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