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BetaFPV 85x Flip-chip: Ultimate Cinewhoop Review

BetaFPV 85x Flip-chip

You most likely have learned about many cinewhoops before, but we assure you that none is like the one we are talking about today: the BetaFPV 85x Flip-chip. This is because the model represents an unique take on this kind of drone. It is built to carry a lightweight HD camera- this means that you have the opportunity to create smooth, one-of-a-kind footage. Therefore, it is a great tool for photo and video enthusiasts. If you are curious about the other specifications and details of this cinewhoop, you will find them down below!

Weight78 gr (without battery)
CameraEOS, 25-45° angle, adjustable
Battery450mAh 4S 75C
Flight time4 to 5 minutes


This model has a rather interesting design, with the propellers directed downwards, surrounded by big, round guards, while the motors and camera sit on top. Speaking of which, you will find a tiny TPU camera mount, angled at 15 degrees. This allows for interesting points of view whenever you choose lift it up. You will also notice that there are three light blue isolation mounts made of rubber that will help smooth out any vibrations.

The whole body is made out of black TPU (a cross of rubber and plastic), that is somewhat resistant to light crashes, but not very reliable.

BetaFPV 85x Flip-chip: Camera

The manufacturers had two things in mind when building this cinewhoop: first, it had to be small, second, it had to be able to capture good HD footage. When we think about high-quality HD cameras, they are usually big and heavy, something that is definitely not compatible in our case. Thankfully, the Insta360 GO comes to the rescue. It is a tiny (18 grams) camera with a 180 degrees field of view and built-in specular stabilization. Compared to professional ones, it has lower frame and bit rates, but it is more than enough for aspiring photo and videographers.

Another good option here is a naked GoPro. Features like the quality of the footage and level of stabilization will differ depending on what model you choose, the recommended options are either a Hero 6 or 7. The only downside in this case would be that you will need to take apart the GoPro and make it fit in a very small case. Good news is that BetaFPV was kind enough to include a kit for this.

Of course, you also have the included, standard, FPV camera, a Runcam EOSI. Unfortunately, for many it is simply not enough. This is why the mount is included, so you can easily add your camera of choice.


As we mentioned in the beginning, the 1105, 5000KV motors are inverted. Their power is used to put in motion 2″ Avan 4-blade propellers. The commands are made through the F4 flight controller, that has a built-in 12 AMP ESC. As for the batteries, the recommandation that comes from BetaFPV is to use 3 or 4S LiPo rated ones, at 450mAh. Also, the VTX is switchable up to 350mW. One disappointment we have in this department is that the filght time is quite short. 4 to 5 minutes is simply not enough with such a fun cinewhoop! Guess good things come in small flight times, right? Other than this, we can not complain about anything else.

BetaFPV 85x Flip-chip: Flight performance

From experience, flying this model on a 3S battery can be a little tricky, as you might notice that it becomes slightly sluggish. Therefore, a small 4S might be a better option. Overall, it is a fun experience, especially because you can capture interesting footage. It is recommended to use this cinewhoop inside, as the body is lightweight and fragile. In this case, even a slight breeze could cause permanent damage. Also, it is highly responsive, so you can make all kinds of moves with it. There is not an angle that the 85x Flip-chip can not capture!

If you are curious to find out more about the naked GoPro or see some flight footage, you can check out the video below:

The package of the BetaFPV 85x Flip-chip includes:

  • The cinewhoop itself
  • Insta360 GO Camera Mount
  • Customized Naked Camera Mount
  • Case for Naked Camera V2
  • BEC Board
  • EMAX Avan 2″ 4-Blades Props (2CW+2CCW)
  • Screw Pack

Overall, this is a great cinewhoop for anyone who is passionate about FPV flying or taking amazing photos and videos. We would not recommend for it to be used by beginners, not because the controls would be too complicated, but simply because it is so lightweight and fragile that it can easily get out of control. Even indoors, if it is not flown by an experimented pilot, it can quickly crash into things and either crack the prop guards or bend the propellers. Therefore, if you wish to get this for yourself or a passionate friend, you can find it on BangGood for a great price. Hurry up though! It looks like many would like to get their hands on the 85x Flip-chip!

Price-performance ratio
Build Quality
Play time
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betafpv-85x-flip-chip-ultimate-cinewhoop-review You most likely have learned about many cinewhoops before, but we assure you that none is like the one we are talking about today: the BetaFPV 85x Flip-chip. This is because the model represents an unique take on this kind of drone. It is...


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